Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Celebrating Four Gorillariffic Years!

Today marks the fourth anniversary of Gorillas Don't Blog - the blog with the dumbest name on the internet! Little did I know when I published the first post that I would still be at it in the year 2010; the only real difference is that I now blog from my flying car. I've written nearly 1400 posts and shared well over 3000 images, which is some sort of accomplishment. I guess. And with roughly 15 readers worldwide, it's nice to know that I'm making a difference.

I have five nice photos for you today to celebrate the occasion, starting with this awesome, moody shot of Tomorrowland as the last warm rays of sunlight make the Rocket to the Moon gleam on this winter day (January 5, 1957). The signs to our left point to a number of Tomorrowland's sponsored attractions... I wish I could visit each one with a good camera and plenty of Kodachrome slide film.

Ooo-eee, Skull Rock at night - in focus! From April, 1966. There are the eerie glowing green eyes that made such an impression on me when I was a tadpole. I can still hear the sound of the waterfalls. And I could swear I saw the silhouette of a person inside the skull once! This is a prime example of a Disneyland feature that didn't really "do anything", and yet it is such a big part of what made the park great for me.

Now we'll jump back to 1959 and this photo of the Matterhorn (taken from the Disneyland Railroad?) in the final stages of construction. There's still plenty of scaffolding on the lower portion of the mountain. See the tiny pipples?

This is a pretty fantastic shot of Tomorrowland as seen from a 1957 Skyway photo. I've done my best to restore it from a magenta slide, which explains why the color looks a bit odd. Still, you've got the fabulous Viewliner down below (practically no line, let's ride that one!), and the Skyway buckets adding an almost 3-D quality to the picture. To see a similar (but much better) photo, check out Daveland's example here.

I can't ignore Frontierland, so here's a nice image of a Stagecoach, also from 1957 (my unofficial favorite year at Disneyland!). It's possible that this was shot from a Keelboat, considering the low vantage point. That little girl inside the coach is giving us the eyeball. Photos of the Stagecoach always appeal to me; the ride only lasted four years, and it is a great representation of the western craze that swept the 1950's.

There you go! I still have some good stuff to share; a box and a half of Disneyland images anyway, and maybe only 60% of those are worth scanning. But by padding those out with other amusement parks and World's Fairs, we should be good for a little while. If I want to continue beyond that, it would be necessary to widen the scope of the blog to include more general vintage Americana. Las Vegas, folks hanging out in their kitchens, old cars, small towns... you get the idea. Do you have any thoughts about a change like that?

Thanks to everybody who continues to follow GDB in spite of the endless Mark Twain, Matterhorn, Castle, Columbia and Skyway photos. Special thanks goes to those of you who regularly leave comments, I really do appreciate it. And finally, a tip o' the hat to my fellow bloggers who inspire me daily!


Anonymous said...

thanks for all your posts major!

TokyoMagic! said...

Congratulations of your 4th Anniversary, Major....and THANK YOU for sharing with the rest of us!

You can never post too many Mark Twain, Matterhorn, Castle, Columbia or Skyway least not in my book! I love your World's Fair posts and other amusement park posts as well. I think posts of "regular folk" just hanging out at home could be a hoot too!

Chiana_Chat said...

Congratulations Maj! Wow. Don't know how you do it but very glad you have! I'll be back to comment more later on, when I'm more awake... but had to post some props first!

Pegleg Pete said...

Congrats on reaching four years, Major! Your witty and informative posts are very much appreciated.

Jeff Hopkins said...

Thanks for four years of posts! This is my first stop every day! Keep it up.

The Viewliner Limited said...

Congratulations Major. 4 YEARS... How time flies when your having fun. And I do mean fun! You got me started on blogging and I am a better man because of it. I HOPE!

And look at those pix... Tomorrowland, Skull Rock and of course the Viewliner, it don't get better than that.

You have brought back a lot of great memories for me, of a period of time in my life when things couldn't be better. And I thank you for it.

About posting Americana other than Disneyland.... post it all. Whether you know it or not, you are creating an historic archive for future generations.

Thanks again my friend, all is appreciated, Richard.

stu29573 said...

This is one of my first stops every day!!!
Keep up the great work!!! (please!)

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

WOW!!!! Congrats on 4 years and 3000 images!!!! Can't wait for the next 4 years and 3000 images :-)

There is so much eye candy in this post I need an insulin shot before examining them!

THANK YOU MAJOR - You inspire us everyday!

Thufer said...

Four years! Amazing job and I do thank you for your efforts. Wishing you the best going forward and I for one hope for many more years of the 'gorilla'!
I have to say (once again), that is probally THE best picture Ever of skull rock. Part of my rotation of 'desktop' pictures I rotate thru each day.

Matterhorn1959 said...

Congratulations Major! Keep up the images...Here's to another 4 years!

Jimmy said...

You've made yourself necessary!

DKoren said...

Hi there - I'm one of the lurkers, and I just had to say THANK YOU for this wonderful blog. I found you originally when I was looking for any information on the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea exhibit, which my mom always talks about. What I found was so much more! I love checking in every morning for my dose of Disneyland pictures. It may sound cliche, but seeing these just plain makes me happy. They've also been great for prompting my mom to tell me stories of the various rides no longer in existence.

So thank you for creating and maintaining this blog! May you have many many more years of happy blogging!

thepicklebarrel said...

wow! congrats! you sir, are a stronger lad than I!!!

Daveland said...

Congrats, David—Great job!

Caspian said...

Thanks, Major. And congrats.

I'm hoping you find a huge cache of slides somewhere. Maybe we could become your agents, searching for slides we could send to you for a guest appearance on GDB?

Your fun commentary can make even the most 'boring' slides interesting.

Here's to another four plus.


Andrew said...

Great job on a wonderful blog, Major! I am game for Americana as well as Disneyland! It is your commentary on the subject matter, and your commentators that keep me reading your blog everyday. Thanks for all the fun!

Matt said...

Wow, four years of a post every single day...I can only hope to aspire to your greatness.

Connie Moreno said...

So much to say, so little time. I am quite sure you have MORE than 15 followers, LOL! The pictures AND the commentary you share with us are wonderful! Why do you think we keep coming back day after day. (Well, at least I do, LOL!)
I have to go back and look at these pictures again because they are amazing! Congratulations on four years of blogging. One day when I'm home sick, I'll have to start reading your posts from the very beginning. I can only hope I make it to 4!

Nate said...

Congrats! I use you your blog all the time when resaearching for my podcast. Thanks for all you do.

Anonymous said...


Always read your blog.


Kyle said...

Congrats, Major, on hanging in there these past FOUR years! Great photos today, especially the Skull Rock grotto! That photo is so crisp, I feel like I could almost step right into it! Actually, I could really go for a nice tuna sandwich right now. I wonder if they offered albacore tuna there back in the day?

I don't comment very often but believe me, checking out your blog(along with many others)is a daily ritual for me. I fully agree with the other commentors that both your images & hilarious comments always add something to my day. Thanks so much for all your dedication & hard work; it really does make a difference! Looking forward to more awesome future posts.

Nancy said...

so many congratulations on four fun years.

you always bring a smile and often a laugh with your sometimes silly commentary and always informative posts.

thanks so much, David, for such a great way to start the day, and im looking forward to everything youll be bringing our way....

Americana...i like that word. keep it coming!!

Nancy :-)

Regions Beyond said...

Congratulations on four years of awesome! Great photos every day, and always a pleasure and see what you've got to share. Plus, something to be said for posting regularly for that amount of time and always keeping it fresh...greatly appreciated. All of us who blog do owe you, I am sure, for your inspiration to what we do as well. Cheers, and a toast to your health (in a Tiki Room glass, no less!)

jedblau said...

Congrats! You are an intimidating inspiration, indeed.

Chiana_Chat said...

Boy set me up one o' those chairs, get me a (real, only kind they had!) Coke and I'm ready to take in the Flight Circle! "Dutch Boy Paints"? And why didn't they sponsor the Painted Desert? ;) The pic has a "realness" that shows how relatively simple it was yet has that touch of gold to accent the wonderful things it does have for us.

I remember you said we'd have to wait for the Skull Cove at night - wow was it worth it! I never, ever expected I'd see a night shot that superb. The silky waters, the eyes, even the sign on the right... A huge thanks to the photographer, wherever he may be, and what a find! Superb scan too Maj.

For all we know Walt is one of them pipples supervising on the mountain he's making. Awesome super rare shot!

Like Pollyanna, I'm glad for both your Viewliner pic and Dave of Daveland's - it's not like there's any too many! I'm sure Dave of Daveland agrees, it's wonderful to see. Lookit those 50's pipples down dere. Soon as my bucket lands out of this sparkling Anaheim air, I'm headed straight for the Space Bar. Then I'll ride the rockets 'round to... mix it well. Then it'll be time for that marvelously mid-century modern little station for a go on the Viewliner... for the view. :)

Darn if that isn't the purtyes' blonde hoss and yeller wheeled 'coach you ever done seen. Odd that Cowboy Anderson driving has sunglasses on; the girl on top behind him is watching him like a hawk, trying to discern if he's a real cowboy or what.

Suitably fantastic selection to celebrate your fantastic blog! I hope you do find or are lent all the slides you could want. Regardless, working more attractions and other stuff sounds fine with me. If you're willing to blog it, I'm in nooo hurry to wrap up with this blog. It may sound corny but like others said, it's a highlight of the day for me.

Major Pepperidge said...

Thanks for all of the very nice comments, everybody!

Smee said...

Hey - slightly more than 15. I lurk quite a bit, but I'm here. I assume there are more lurking as well!
Never miss a day.

Master said...

Just came across your blog while blog walking and I am stunned to see such a magnificent blog with quality posts and of course a UNIQUE yet Weird name.
I absolutely adore your blog.
Congrats for completing 4 years on the blogosphere and by seeing some of your posts (so far), I can say that your years have not been wasted.
Best of luck for the future as well.
You can also visit my humble collection blog at
Best Regards and Greetings from Pakistan

Okie said...

Congratulations for running a fabulous blog, even if the name does lend to confusion. ;)

I love the posts and am glad to have found you.

Keep up the good work. Here's to many more wonderful years.

walterworld said...

Your's is the Gold Standard of Disney blogs! Always fun and interesting, and love the humour in your commentary.

While it's true that Gorilla's Don't Blog, I'm sure glad that you do!

P.S. That Skull Rock shot is now by computer desktop, replacing another one of your earlier amazing entries...

Take care!

Chris Merritt said...

I juts lit a banana in your honor, sir. Thank you for all that you do!!!

SundayNight said...

Reader #15 just checking in to say thanks for making my daily visit to "this happy place" such a delightful experience.

Todd Franklin said...

Your blog has always been neato cool! Thanks for making your time machine available for all of us. Congrats on four fantastical years!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Major, for taking me back to a good time and place in my iife.

I check your blog every day when I have a computer.

Best regards.


WmTodd said...

Well, I'm new here as of the last few days, so I must say that I've had a blast reading the entries and comments and looking at all the pics here and plan on staying as well as turning the link on to others as well! I got here on a Google search for "attraction posters", and have stayed for the trip looking back in time.

Congratulations Major, and thank you more than I can say!