Friday, April 23, 2010

Subba Bubba, April 1966

I have heard that, at some point, the concept of a glass-bottom boat ride was considered for Disneyland. The idea evolved into the beloved Submarine Voyage, which after all really is a kind of glass-bottom boat! But way cooler and much more clever.

Here's a nice shot taken from the Skyway, a view which includes the Motor Boat Cruise, the Autopia, and a Monorail beamway. Even from this height you can see at least three sea turtles (none of them named Crush).

This is probably the worst abalone infestation that I've seen in a long time. This lagoon will need to be tented and fumigated.

Here we can see some of the colorful fish that inhabit the reef, and I even know their names. Bob, Trudy, and Albert. Pleased to meetcha!


Nancy said...

...what a nice view of the Patrick Henry we are gettng here...

it surprises me that no one is looking over the railing there. its not often you get to see a sub up so close!

nice detail as well on what's under the sea :-)

Jason Schultz said...

If only the trees weren't there, you'd be able to see Tim's beloved "Three Fences" area when it was "One Fence"!

Katella Gate said...

These are three really professional quality images. Very nice composition on the first one, and the undersea shots look great.. all the more remarkable in the age of film, taken through a tiny window.

stu29573 said...

I remember my fisrt ride in those powerful gray subs! I was convinced we were diving every time the bubbles went past the window. It was a great illusion!

Thufer said...

I have said so often, I loved the 'grays'. It was a time when being proud of your country's strength wasn't a bad thing. Oh, if Walt was still with us today.
Sorry, it's that kind of day for me.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Great overhead sub shot, YUP I was looking for three fences the instant I saw the pic! I did recently discover that part of that low concrete wall behind the benches still exists (on the other side, near Fantasia Gardens).

The Grey subs Rock!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Thufer, those Disneyland subs ("the grays") made me proud to be an American! Every time I saw them, patriotic tunes would go through my head! Even Main Street did not have the same patriotic effect on me, and that is saying something. Children today are getting a whole different message, what with Nemo and yellow (yellow!) explorer-style subs! How can a child be proud of a sub devoted to scientific exploration the same way he or she could with a military-style sub, one that might even be designed to launch nuclear missiles! I must be getting very, very old because all this "progress" is making me stressed!

Connie Moreno said...

I am so lost...someone please enlighten me...what the heck are you talking about: 3 fences?? I must know now!

Katella Gate said...


The "Three Fences" is kind of a running thing from Vintage Disneyland Tickets. There's a spot on the north side of the submarine lagoon where three different fences from built in different eras come to a point. Because it's such an out of the way place, Disney never addressed the miss-match.

It's become something of a tourist spot for DisneyGeeks, like having your picture taken at "four corners" where Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado all come together.

Here's a pic:

Chiana_Chat said...

Must be the clearest vintage underwater sub pics I've seen. Infestation? lol!

That's a cool thing about Disneyland. There could be the biggest freakin' aquarium you've ever seen with big ole submarines puttering around in to right behind you while you take 5 on a bench and munch some popcorn. Just another day hehe

Now that's a Turtle. Maybe someone thought it was called a "see turtle" and made sure everyone would see it. ;)

Anonymous, perhaps you're being glib and don't mean more than a jibe it's hard to tell sometimes. If so ignore, if not... Subs were gray. Including scientific subs. Scientific expeditions such as to the North Pole, in gray subs, being a point of public interest and pride too. Walt didn't make them gray to promote nukes. Disney didn't change it to yellow to de-militarize and it doesn't promote childrens' pride in scientific exploration. It's yellow because it's rethemed to tie in with their movie franchise Finding Nemo. Still I suppose a further distancing from the disconcerting complexities of reality could make it more comfortable for some including perhaps some at Disney.

Anonymous said...

What Thufer and anonymous said.

I think I'm having those days too, occasionally.