Saturday, April 24, 2010


Periodically I have to do a bit of cleanup when going through my scans, and I usually find a few orphaned images. Here are three of 'em.

This is a nice picture (1963) of Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Oh yes it is, how dare you contradict me! Go to your room! Some guy is waving to us in the distance, while the little girl in the pink top is crying because her mom wouldn't buy her a balloon. Happiness; sadness. It's all about balance.

Remember that story of how the Disneyand Band was staying in that hotel and they totally trashed it? Musicians! They're all crazy. Hey, see if you can find the Secret Service agent in the crowd.

Looks like this sub is ready to take on a fresh load of passengers. Funny how we never see passengers exiting. Oh well, I'm sure there's a perfectly logical explanation. Let's go have another hamburger!


The Viewliner Limited said...

Hummm! A Soylent Green Sub maybe? I wondered where the finger nail came from in my Big Mac.

Nancy said...

aww, its so nice to get 'dopted

the DL Band had better play real good, coz the Secret Service is everywhere, just lookie all those sunglasses. the man in red jacket makes no secret of his mission (prolly has a little hand-held tape recorder smoking in his pocket), while the one in the Hawaiian shirt and camera is going all the way to blend in with the rest of the tourists!!

great photos today! :-)

Anonymous said...

Another "I'm in the picture" with that SB castle - PLUS I can see (and hear in my head) that King Arthur Carousel just ahead.
All good.

Thufer said...

Nice left-overs Gorilla. Good stuff as always.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I wonder who that guy is waving at in pic#1? Excellent leftovers, I'm full :-)

Chiana_Chat said...

hehe Nancy's onto 'em.

Yin and Yang in one nice Castle pic. I feel so... balanced.

Perhaps we never see 'em exiting because at the park they call it "disembarking" and that sounds like something you just didn't take pictures of those days.

OK let's go get that hamburger, got tired of sittin' in my room!