Sunday, April 18, 2010

Knott's Photos

Well, if all has gone according to plan, I should be at Knott's Berry Farm today! It's the big "Knott's Preserved" event, and the first time I've been to Knott's in so many years that I don't even want to say. I expect it to be drastically changed, but look forward to revisiting whatever remains of the old Knott's. And who knows, maybe I'll even meet a few of you while I'm there.

Here's a nice vintage photo of one of the trains; I sure wish our photographer had panned a bit to the left, because we would probably be looking at the Calico Mine Train ride still under construction. I'm sure they thought that they wanted to avoid all that ugly scaffolding!

If you're gonna ride the train, you have to have a ticket. Just like in real life! Just head on over to the ticket office and pick up a few (one for you, one for your pal, and one to keep in unused mint condition). Even though this slide is dated June 1967, it is clear that it was taken about six months before that. There are Christmas wreaths on the building, and folks are wearing sweaters and jackets to ward the chill off.

And finally I have this undated slide showing the old General Store. It might date from the 50's, or even the late 40's (the slide itself looks old!). It amazes me to see how dilapidated the upper stories are, but it is a ghost town after all.


Nancy said...

have a great time at Knott's today! congrats to Chris as well as his dream is realized. wish i could be there, too!

be sure to take pictures, i look forward to seeing them.

i esp like the Christmas season ones, that little touch of red adds so much... ;-)

Nancy said...

now that i can actually look at the pictures closely, i can comment about them (on my work computer earlier i could not...they watch us all the time :(

anyway, such a bright sunny day really makes that gorgeous engine shine! everyone at the station looks like they cant wait to get aboard....i know i would be excited!

i love the ghost town, and after a closer look, im wondering if anyone knows whether they named "things" after real ppl like they did at Disneyland, ie. Frank Fielding ? (cant read the word) Office

Anonymous said...

Are there still eucalyptus trees at Knott's?

Chiana_Chat said...

Congrats to Chris! Boy I wish I coulda been there!

That bottom pic is classic, invites me in for a stroll... the other two are fun. Yup Nancy you can feel the excitement... all aboard! :)