Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Trip To Disneyland, July 1958 - Part Seven

Here's more photos from 1958!

This first picture could have been posted with this lot... the "Alice in Wonderland" dark ride is to our left (you can see two of the Alices in this shot), and yes, that IS the Omnibus that has made its way into Fantasyland by(presumably) going around Snow Hill. I enjoy looking at the people as much as the park! There's mom (in her yellow blouse) and junior right in the middle of the photo.

Here they are on the other side of the castle, enjoying a break on this handy boulder by the moat! Mom is certainly all dressed up (ticket book in hand), and even junior has shiny black loafers on. No PF Flyers for him! And no dungarees either, only hoodlums wear those.

I love this wonderful angle showing the Skyway (love the colors that were used on those buckets) as it disappears over Snow Hill towards Tomorrowland. In the lower left, I think I see a ticket booth, and what appears to be a Viewliner structure of some sort - - not a station though. Me confused. We also get a nice view of the "olives on skewers" light fixtures!


TokyoMagic! said...

Major, there is just something extra special about all of the photos from your July 1958 set. I hope there are more to come.

I spy THREE Alices!

Chiana said...

Three Alici!

Theme jumble overload in pic #1 hehe And from the looks of the lady with the hand on her hip, some kiddio better be hurryin' up I expect.

How about that Orange bucket? Orange buckets, olives on poles. And the driver gets out and leaves the bus with crowds all 'round and on the bus. Would they do that now?

Nancy said...

Chiana, that was my first thought as well...it looks like our driver has hopped out for a quick spin with Alice thru Wonderland. i certainly wouldnt blame him, coz i know i would be wanting to do the same thing. what a gorgeous day we are having!

this portrait is beautiful. i love mom's dress and handbag! i wonder...will we get to see a picture of dad?

a rainbow of sky buckets and olives on skewers..life IS good! :D

Pegleg Pete said...

In the final picture, that is indeed the Tomorrowland Viewliner station. I just had a look at a few old pics to confirm it. The Yacht Bar is just to the left out of the shot (I believe the 'olives on a stick' lamppost is the same one visible in the Yacht Bar photo posted yesterday by Dave at Daveland). If you look to the right of the orange support girder on the Viewliner building, you can see a conductor and a few passengers waiting for the next train and if you follow the yellow fencing to the right you can see one of the track's signal lights.

Pegleg Pete said...

Here's a photo posted a while back by Matterhorn over at 'Stuff from the Park' showing the Viewliner station from the other angle:

The Viewliner Limited said...

Viewliner!, did somebody say Viewliner! Great pics as always Major.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

All beauties, that first one is just a visual overload, I can stare at that all day!

My favorite of the three is the Mom & Son at the castle. The clothes, the pose, the ticket book, the purse, the shiny black loafers, this pic has it all! Thanks Major.

Anonymous said...

That boy and that mother on the rock look like department store mannequins that someone has set up for a photo shoot!

Thufer said...

very nice set.
it was really cool that people dressed up to go to the park, wish that would come back. made people watching all the more special.