Saturday, March 07, 2009

Frontierland, 1960

Let's mosey on over to Frontierland! I think I hear the cheerful sound of a banjo being strummed, it must be the Strawhatters! I want to sit up front and yell "Free Bird!" (waving my Bic lighter) because it is my favorite dixieland jazz song.

Cascade Peak. Keel Boat. Columbia. What more is there to say?

Of all the homes made out of animal skins and wooden poles, the venerable teepee (tipi?) is the best. Sorry, fans of ghotis, yarangas, and lavvus! The Major has spoken.


Anonymous said...

Ah on "Cascade Peak. Keel Boat. Columbia." You forgot "Bails of Hay. Oleander."

Free Bird! hehe. Glad you could tell an ordinary banjo from a silver banjo, or we'd been off in the wrong direction.

And lavvus are cozy in a tundra wind storm. You know how those are! :)

Thufer said...

the much traveled gazebo? in it's frontierland location. excellent shot.

Major Pepperidge said...

Chiana, I was going to mention the oleander, but figured that readers would think, "What is his obsession with oleaner?". ;-)

Thufer, that is not the gazebo... this is the bandstand that used to stick out into the river, visible to the right in this picture:

Thufer said...

@major thanks, wasn't sure.