Sunday, March 29, 2009

Main Street 1957

OOPS, I made a mistake in my blogger posts, so today's post is late. Sorry!

When you play a cool instrument like a saxomophone, you are bound to attract groupies. The lady from the Upjohn Pharmacy looks like she is just about ready to fling a garter at those dashing men. Look, that third guy to the right... Jack Nicholson! What a rascal.

This nice sunny shot shows the Horse Drawn Streetcar, with a guy who looks like he walked right our of the 1940's smiling goofily. In the back, Liberty Street is getting ready for its spectacular grand opening!


outsidetheberm said...

That DOES look like Jack Nicholson! Perhaps he's a long, lost cousin...

Nice shots!

Unknown said...

But once again you have posted a picture of my father-in-law that I have not seen before. He is the "cop" oon the far right.