Friday, November 14, 2008


Today I'm featuring one of my favorite subjects of all: Disneyland posters! Attraction posters mostly, but there are some other examples of vintage poster art that are pretty great as well. I apologize for any imperfections in the photos... the posters are large, and it's difficult to light them consistently.

First up is this classic Monorail poster, with the snazzy metallic-silver background! The composition is wonderful, that dynamic curve of the track and the Monorail itself give the feeling that this train of the future is about to zoom out of the picture. This is the scarce 1967 version of this poster, in which the Moonliner has been replaced with the Rocket Jets and the "Carousel of Progress" building. I do have that earlier version as well, though not the very first version, which only says "Tomorrowland" at the bottom (no mention of the Speedramp or the hotel). Love the variations, though!

Here's another poster from 1967, for the beloved "Adventure Thru Inner Space"! Quite possibly my favorite extinct attraction (though I go back and forth between it and "Nature's Wonderland"). The graphics definitely have a more modern feel when compared to the posters of the 50's, but that is only natural, since the ride itself was abstract trippy, and just plain wonderful in its simplicity. Sorry about the reflection of the slightly glossy black Atomobiles.

Here's one that is not an attraction poster; instead it advertised the 1960 theatrical short (or was it a "featurette", clocking in at just under 30 minutes?) "Gala Day at Disneyland". The artwork is great, with eye-popping reds and yellows, and muliticolored balloons. You can watch "Gala Day" on YouTube, and it is always nice to see vintage color footage (it really should have been on one of those DVD sets by now). However, it features a lot of stuff that has been recycled over and over (a ride on the Matterhorn, a voyage on the Subs), not to mention lots of parades and dancing. I guess that's what 1960 audiences wanted to see, but it is kind of a snooze-fest by today's standards.

And lastly, take a look at this nice poster (no date unfortunately, but presumably from the fifties), courtesy of the fine folks at Greyhound. Leave the driving to them! The illustration is reminiscent of what you might see in a Little Golden Book from that era. It is a simple, bold design that would "read" even if you passed it from a speeding, out of control bus.


TokyoMagic! said...

These are just too, too wonderful! I have never seen that version of the monorail poster. I love the fact that the Carousel of Progress was included on it. Thank you for sharing these, Major!

Jason Schultz said...

Like tokyomagic!, I too had never seen the '67ized version of the Monorail poster. Thanks!

Nancy said...

these are beautiful, Major!

still sad that i never got to ride ATIS, and sadder still that they never made a poster pin of this poster. i have all the other extinct DL Tomorrowland attractions poster pins but there is none for this one....rats :(

thanks for sharing these rarities, i love them!

Unknown said...

Awesome posters.

The posters do seem to be a favorite of most Disney enthusiasts.

Katella Gate said...

Nancy: Monsanto ATIS has been masterfully recreated as a computer simulation that plays on an ordinary DVD like a movie.

The author has gone far out of his way to incorporate the original soundtrack and replicate the show graphics (right down to the well-loved imperfections LOL).

You can never ride ATIS, but you can see it.

Have a look at:

PS, I didn't produce this and have no finanical stake in its sale.

The Viewliner Limited said...


Major Pepperidge said...

I'm glad you folks are diggin' the posters! I'll try to take pictures of some more for a future post.

Katella Gate, I've owned that DVD recreation of ATIS for quite a while, it is neat! The next best thing to actually riding it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the poster views. I recently bought some of the reproductions to hang in my upstairs hallway. I just love the artistic design. I actually chose posters for rides that aren't my favorite just for the great quality of the art design.

Now to get them framed....

Brer Dan

Matterhorn1959 said...

Major- I am glad you have the Greyhound poster! (Although You did outbid me!!!) Just kidding. Nice posters. I have to see which version of the Monorail poster I own!

jedblau said...

What can I say? Best post ever. I should line up mine for a group photo.

Anonymous said...

A Gala Day is enough for me I don't think I could handle any more.

Matt said...

Wow, I'm lovin' that Greyhound poster..

Nancy said...

thanks, guys, for the leads on ATIS. im gonna take a look. i have seen a few different dvds for sale but always wondered about the quality

last evening someone gave me an AWESOME book entitled DISNEYLAND Inside Story. it is chock full of gorgeous photos and lots of cool info about the park.

Chapter One is named The Elusive Dream, and this volume goes up thru 1987

my friend got this book at a library book sale for only 50 cents!! needless to say, Christmas has come early to my house :D