Thursday, November 06, 2008

Adventureland, 1957

I don't spend nearly enough time in Adventureland. Granted, it only had a few attractions for many years (you don't need me to tell you what they are!), but it is still worth a look.

Like this great picture taken at the old Pavilion Lanai, showing a graceful hula dancer. She's smiling for the camera, what a pro! Strands of shell beads and the block-printed fabric of her dress add a touch of authenticity. The lunch crowd watches with interest (when they aren't actually eating)... I like the Easter egg girls, one in yellow and the other in blue, with a pink grandma to their left.

Well, I guess there used to be some sort of Jungle-themed boat ride in Adventureland. Who knew? In this photo, two of the launches are returning to civilization. The Pavilion Lanai is just visible in the background, with folks sitting at the umbrella covered tables.


Anonymous said...

People wore actual shirts in those days, with buttons down the front, and girls could be seen in pretty dresses, absolutely charming.

That is a very cool print on the dancer's dress.

Nancy said...

i agree..not enough images of Adventureland, but i do love the ones you see of the Tahitian restaurant and the Tiki Room

thanks for posting these, very nice :)

Anonymous said...

She gets to work out while everyone else scoffs down the calories - no wonder she smiles!

Easter egg girls hehe

Just love gettin' lost in ye olde Disneyland pics. Hear ye? hehe