Monday, November 17, 2008

August 1957 Views

August 1957 would have been a fun time to visit Disneyland, I think you'll all agree. A lot of the rough edges had been smoothed out, but there were plenty of cool things to do that would be gone soon enough. Like the Viewliner! No pictures of that today, sorry!!

This picture of two kids on the bridge/entrance to Frontierland is great, I love the way the castle looks slightly out of focus, dreamlike in the distance. The body of water looks surprisingly broad! Notice the orange tree, full of fruit that apparently was picked before it could hit the ground.

Here's a great picture of sis taking a ride on the Autopia, those great early cars in vintage metallic hues. For some reason these Kodachrome slides have acquired a slightly golden cast that adds to the nostalgia.


Anonymous said...

OMG, I mean, Gee Willikers! It's a dream I think I'll step into for a bit.....catch you back here at the next post. :p

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Nice dreamy photo's, sis sure is in fine focus! Check out the curbs in the Autopia photo, those wrap-around bumpers sure beat them up!

Anonymous said...

Yeah. The trick was to drive the cars without hitting the curbs. That was always my goal. The islands now in the middle of the roadway have really cut down on the wear and tear. But with them most of the challenge is long-ago gone.