Sunday, January 07, 2007

Tomorrowland 1968

What's with the walls and cranes? There is some construction going on in this 1968 photo of Tomorrowland! During that year, the Autopia was remodelled, the Mark III Monorails debuted, and the Peoplemover was given "major improvements" (according to one website). What exactly these improvements were, I don't know. Perhaps that's when they added the loop? ;-)

I threw in this 1957 photo today...because I didn't know what else to do with it. I believe that the Plaza Gardens are to the left...does the little bridge still exist? I am wondering if this photo could have been taken from near the House of the Future.


William Kelley said...

Also, note the danger signs, barricades and open trench near the Autopia railing.

Merlinsguy said...

The bridge photo was taken from the left side of the castle as you face it. Behind the bridge we see Plaze Gardens. Interesting note about this bridge: it was where Diane Arbus took her famous photo of the castle, ca 1962.

Matterhorn1959 said...

Major- the photo was taken from the main entry way to the castle and the bridge still exists, just with more growth. It is one of the best places to feed the swans in the moat! The construction photo is interesting, I wonder if they added stuff to the Rocket Jets and the load area?

Anonymous said...

Major, the photo of Tomorrowland is dated to 1965-66, and I believe earlier rather than later in that time frame, since there is no Peoplemover track construction visible. The fence and the crane are inside the area of the "New Tomorrowland" which would open in 1967.

If the photo were 1968, that area would be clear of construction.

This is a great picture of a major construction project in Disneyland.

thank you!