Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Orleans Square, June 1963

Here is a view taken from the Mark Twain looking towards part of the New Orleans Square additions that were fairly new at this point. I believe that the Haunted Mansion exterior building was completed only a few months bfore this photo was taken...considering that this is all brand new, the transformation is pretty remarkable! I wonder if any of the 999 happy haunts had moved into the mansion yet, or if the Mark Twain's spiel made any reference to it: "Next to the water tower is an old mansion that hasn't been occupied for many years. They claim it's haunted now...sometimes when the river's quiet, we hear strange and eerie sounds from over that way".

The Columbia is drydocked (again) in Fowler's Harbor, while a Keel Boat (the Bertha Mae) rests nearby. You can see a motorboat sitting in plain sight...granted, most people would never give it a second look, but it does seem strange that it wasn't covered with a tarp at least .

If you were ever kept awake at night, tossing and turning because you needed to know what Fantasyland looked like in September 1958, then toss and turn no more! This great view is similar to another photo that I posted on October was likely taken from the steps up to the Skyway Chalet. It has great color, and it's fun to consider that in less than a year, a certain Swiss mountain would be dominating the scenery.


Tinker Bell said...

Whoo! I will sleep soundly tonight, Major! Thanks! :P Honestly, I do love photos from 1958, the year my husband was born (also a huge Disneyland fan). He digs looking at the park from back then.
Great photos though. So much life and activity. I feel like stepping into them both. But I'd come out soaking on the first one, wouldn't I? lol

DisneyDutchman said...

Beautiful pics Major!! Blogger has kept me from commenting the last couple of days-go figure!! DD

Connie Moreno said...

gorgeous shots!