Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mine Train, July 1961

Sorry about the brief post today! Here's a nice detail of one of the Mine Trains coming around Cascade Peak, passing a waterfall. Was this "Big Thunder Falls"? Or perhaps the "Twin Sisters" (because they are always babblin')?

The demise of Cascade Peak was a sad chapter in Disneyland's history...from all accounts, the peak was dilapidated to the point of danger, and it was torn down in the name of safety (and economy, of course).

In a way, the whole episode reminds me of the burning settler's cabin...why spend the money to keep the cabin burning when it's cheaper to turn it off forever? Why keep those powerful pumps going for the waterfalls when it would probably save a lot of money to turn them off? But I am merely guessing...California Adventure has an enormous waterfall that is one of the more impressive bits of eye-candy (I believe it crashes down the side of Grizzly Peak),


Tinker Bell said...

Great photo! I too miss the burning cabin, and pretty much every other wonderful extra that was Frontierland/TSI. Amazing how that company can make billions, but can't afford to keep the cabin burning? Nice.

Matterhorn1959 said...

Several of the imagineers I spoke to said that they were restoring the park to 1956 before the construction of the peak...and they were speaking tongue in cheek.