Thursday, January 19, 2017

Disneyland 1961 - STEVE STUART

Hey! Ho! Let's Go! It's time for more photos from Steve Stuart. This time he and some of his pals are at Disneyland, circa 1961. Once again, Steve has provided some fun context:

Apparently keeping-up with the “tradition” of wearing hats while at The Happiest Place On Earth, ‘us guys’ paid a visit to the local haberdasher, and came-away with a ‘feathered collection’ we shamelessly showed-off.  The date on the slides (ah-hem) – there’s been quite a hullabaloo as of late regarding the often inaccuracy of such annotations – but the slide box indicated March, 1961.  (I would ‘think’ a visit closer to my birthday [June] would seem more in-order, but this is what we’ve got to work with).  So, I’m either nine years old, about to turn 10, or – happy 10th birthday to me-!

Down front we see Ricky and Peter; and in back – yours truly and Andy.  Once again – I have questions without answers.  It’s sort of like “the sound of one hand clapping…”  Just what am I looking at – again with the sinister grin-?  And, what is that pin Andy is wearing-?

In this next image I seem to have an answer to one of my questions:  That “pin” Andy is wearing is no pin at all, but instead a patch – a MLB team patch.  And to get really specific ‘me thinks’ the one “featured” on Andy’s left shoulder in the first image belongs to the Baltimore Orioles, from the 1960’s.  And could my ‘grin’ be in response to the rather “supercilious grin” on that caterpillar-?  "Whooo ... are ... you-?”  You’d a thunk I’d be more interested in the rather curvaceous gal loading-in two caterpillars behind us – or perhaps that strange-looking hat on the gal-? disembarking from the next caterpillar back, with that very long, pink something-or-another cascading down the side.  “Whaaat … is … that-?”

There are actually two more photos of the guys in the Alice caterpillars, but I am miserly and will share the others in a separate post. THANK YOU, Steve!


K. Martinez said...

You look like you're avoiding the camera there and you've definitely got a fixation with looking behind you while riding the caterpillar. I used to look behind me constantly when in the back seat of the boat on Pirates of the Caribbean. It's amazing the things you can see doing that.

Your buddy in the front seat seems to be breaking with the pack and bought himself a nice white hat with red feather. I like it. Love Andy's expression in the second image. I'd be curious to know what happened to all your friends in these photos.

Thanks for sharing more of your photo collection, Steve. Looking forward to more.

Scott Lane said...

I remember those jackets. Used to get one every year growing up in the 60's. I never realized how ugly they were until now...

Can't wait for more, thanks Steve!

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Thanks for sharing. These are too cool for words. So cool in fact you all look like a carload of little Bing Crosby inspired dapper gents. Going to the park with family was great but it was always cool when you were old enough to invite a friend(s). Looks like good times.

Unknown said...

Quite the dapper quartet are you!

Chuck said...

My dad has a ball cap of sorts from his own childhood in the '50s along the same concept as that baseball jacket, only it's covered with patches of railroad heralds. Maybe that's why the jacket doesn't look too bad to me, only dated. Of course, anything that puts my Indians in a prominent position (over the heart) is bound to elicit a positive response from me.

Thanks again, Stevenook! Looking forward to more pictures of the Caterpillar Crew!

DrGoat said...

Dapper indeed. Is that Peter in the white hat? I giving him the prize for best in show. Cool jacket. Really fun to see these. A hearty thanks for these Steve. I agree with K. Martinez. Looking behind is highly underrated.

Nanook said...


Who knew we were all so 'cool' & dapper, too-! back then. I'm gonna blame it on all the plumage and the Der Bingle look. ("Caterpillar Crew" - I know there's a joke in there somewhere). And yes, that is Peter in the white hat.

Always look behind you on Disney dark rides. The Imagineers have made the call that guests' will do no such thing while riding on their attractions (and adventures), as there are lots of 'non show-worthy' things to see-!

walterworld said...

Thanks Nanook for sharing again, and thanks Major for being miserly.

'Darkness is cheap, and Scrooge liked it.'

Anonymous said...

Nanook, great hats. Major, I always look behind me, especially in Pirates. Thanks for the pics, both of you.