Monday, January 23, 2017

Two More From DrGoat

Here are two more scans, courtesy of Peter, also known as "DrGoat" in the comments. Hooray!

Peter sez: This one is from '60 or '61. I was always enamored of the Columbia, being obsessed with pirates and Tom Sawyer Island. A lot of it had to do with the fact that I saw Disney's Treasure Island (with Robert Newton) that year. one of the most over the top portrayals of Long John Silver ever.

Robert Newton might be over the top, but I love that movie! And it looks great too, I think the production designers used N.C. Wyeth's illustrations as a jumping-off point. 

Peter thinks this was from the same trip as the previous photo. It's funny, I never get tired of seeing Skull Rock. My mind instantly recalls how amazing it looked at night - spooky and beautiful at the same time (see a nice night photo on my fourth anniversary post).



Nanook said...


Man the cannons-! I don't believe on any of my shipboard journeys I handled the weaponry as you did. I hope you practiced 'safe aiming'.

And who amongst us ever tires of seeing images of Skull Rock-?? I didn't think so.

Thanks, Peter for sharing.

Steve DeGaetano said...

Nanook, I'm shocked, SHOCKED!

Of all people, I thought that you would have known that aboard a ship, there are no "cannons," but GUNS! ;-)

In this case, a swivel gun.

K. Martinez said...

The first image of Peter on the Columbia is a great one. I love Walt Disney's Treasure Island too. It's still one of my favorite movies from that era.

Always enjoy your photos. Thanks, Peter.

Unknown said...

Thanks to the Doctor.

Well Steve, you've already got in the bit about swivel guns. If you know a bunch about aviation and aerodynamics too, then I guess there's no reason for me to post on the internet again. Hee...

Anonymous said...

It's hard to beat the Columbia and Skull Rock to start Monday.

An abridged "kid version" of Treasure Island was one of my very first books, along with a companion edition of Tom Sawyer. Pirates, buried treasure, caves, islands, what thrills and chills.

Thank you, Dr. Goat and Major.


Nanook said...

@ Steve DeGaetano-

That's called 'poetic license'.

Anonymous said...

Years ago, we fired the gun as we passed Ft. Wilderness. I doubt that is being done today! KS

Chuck said...

KS, I can remember returning fire from Ft Wilderness. I know for sure that's not happening anymore.

Hoping for the return of some accessible form of Ft Wilderness once the current abstraction is no longer needed for changing rooms. Since they built a couple of copies in fiberglass, I'm sure there are plans laying about somewhere...

Chuck said...

And Peter - THANK YOU!

DrGoat said...

Wow Chuck, thanks for reminding me about the return fire from the fort! As soon as you mentioned it, the memory of that reappeared in my rickety little brain.
Treasure Island. Still have my old copy with N.C. Wyeth's illustrations. Part of my growing up.
Thank you all for enjoying these, and a big thanks to the Major for taking them in and presenting them, as it were matey.
By the way, my favorite Treasure Island movie is the one with Wallace Beery and Jackie Cooper. So many good lines. Smart as paint.