Friday, January 06, 2017

Two From July, 1958

What? Frontierland AGAIN? Yes, it's true. What can I say, I have a lot of Frontierland photos; if I stopped posting those, this blog would end in about a month.

Here's a pretty picture of the Mark Twain. In my mind there is Dixieland music playing somewhere in the distance (with plenty of banjo strumming of course). Which is WAY better than the discordant xylophone music that usually plays in my head. Another thing I love about the Mark Twain is the big slow "chuff" of the "steam engine". Fun fact: It's actually powered with baking soda and vinegar.

Why not zoom in for a look at the guests?

Now we've left Frontierland (finally!) and are in Fantasyland, in the courtyard. There's Merlin's Magic Shop (to the left), and the exit to Tomorrowland, as well as the exit from the castle walk-thru. The Disneyland Band serenades folks who have just walked through the castle.

Once again, a closer look at the guests. Those ladies are dressed so nicely!


Nanook said...


As I said, what - four days ago-? - that Mark Twain is one photogenic beauty. And when she's "all decked-out" with guests on 'her deck', she's all the more pretty.

And you're right about those folks traipsing-through Fantasyland, right on down to those "properly-cuffed" jeans on the two boys.

Thanks, Major.

K. Martinez said...

I love Frontierland and this shot of the Mark Twain is a beauty. When you mentioned the big slow "chuff" of the "steam engine", it brought me right there. Thanks, Major.

Chuck said...

Happy Friday, everybody!

I love those first photos of the Twain. The cloudless sky, the three-quarter view of the boat, the vegetation on the bank, the dirt trail, the full raft, the docks stacked with "freight," and the Little Mining Town of Rainbow Ridge climbing the hill in the background are all conspiring to make this an amazing photograph.

The woman in the blue-grey dress seated on the forecastle in the first two photos is enjoying the Rivers of America in full 3-D. If only that worked for GDB photos...

Digging that "tented" waste can in the Fantasyland courtyard. I want one. Actually, I want three.

Great start to the weekend. Thanks, Major!

Unknown said...

Lovely shots and I think so for all my usual reasons.

Chuck has already mentioned the tented trash cans. I don't think I remember seeing those before. How wonderfully unusual...

Anonymous said...

These are very fine pictures, Major.

The dirt trail in the first picture makes me happy. Remember a time when it was OK that everything was not perfect? Thankfully, parts of TSI still have that rustic air, even though everything has a guardrail now. I remember jumping off the top of the rock fort onto the trail below. Only did it once.

The Castle picture is wonderful. I remember that great feeling walking through the arches with all the grand sights beckoning, but never had a brass band to greet me.

In later years, we now seem to trickle into Fantasyland around the edges since everyone bolts for Star Tours or Indiana Jones now. Once upon a time (see what I did there?) entering through the Castle was a ceremonial event. Last trip, I don't think I went through the main gates once.

I remember the exotic trash cans from other vintage pictures, but no personal memories. Maybe they were taken away before my time or I was in too big a hurry to notice them. Disney has always had great trash cans, but these take the biscuit.

Thanks so much, Major, for the pictures, and everyone else for the comments.


Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, this is the last photo of the Mark Twain that you will see on this blog. For at least 48 hours. What would “improper” cuffs be? Uneven? Too long or short? Bedazzled?

K. Martinez, I was watching some videos that Mr. X shot from the Mark Twain, and the “chuff” really comes through. I don’t know if I noticed it so much when I have been on board.

Chuck, we’ve been enjoying more rain than usual here in SoCal, with a very rainy weekend coming. Hooray! We need it. I think that the first photo is almost “postcard worthy”. Maybe I need to make a “gold medal” to make those images official? You know, many 3-D movies are shot in regular 2-D and the converted afterwards. I wish I knew how to do that for photos!

Patrick Devlin, I wonder if the tented trash cans were unique to Disneyland? They are pretty odd…

JG, there is nothing more “Frontier” than paved walkways everywhere! I do understand why they have to do it in today’s litigious society, but still. I generally like to walk beneath the castle’s portcullis because I love hearing “When You Wish Upon a Star”, though I totally get wanting to avoid the horrible crowds. I’m guessing those funky trash cans have been gone for many decades - I’ll bet they didn’t survive the 1983 Fantasyland redo.

Nanook said...


Yes - all of the above.

walterworld said...

Both shots are really nice.

The photographer seems to have had some nice gear and also took the time to compose each shot to best advantage.


Thank You Major

Connie Moreno said...

Great post. And as usual, you had me laughing my fool head off. Looking at the pics of Fantasyland, it struck me as odd that I don't remember the benches ever being white but what do I know???