Sunday, January 01, 2017

Indian Dancers, 1957


I hope that all of you have recovered from your late-night revelries. Are you watching the Tournament of Roses parade on TV? Me neither! 

OK, so it's New Year's Day, but it's still a Sunday, and that means that today's photos are not from my "A list". They might not even be from my "B list". You decide. If they look familiar, that's because they are a continuation of photos from a few weeks ago.

So, we're back at the Indian Dance Circle. There are the red-vested Campfire Girls, including one just to the left of our dancer who should not have tried that peyote. She's freaking out! Everything's melting! Disneyland is not the place for a vision quest.

I wonder if that dancer's costume represents the sun. It sure looks very sun-like.

Now three dancers are in the circle, providing plenty of color, movement, and excitement. I'm all turned around - I thought that was the berm to our right, and yet the Mark Twain is moving in from the left. Whaaaa? My poor brain cannot comprehend. Maybe I should have avoided the peyote as well.


K. Martinez said...

Happy New Year, Major and Everyone!

I'm usually not enamored with the old Indian Village pics, but the second image is quite colorful and full of action. Great way to start the new year. Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

Where are all of these people today? And I mean ALL of them. I want names and addresses.

Happy New Year, to everyone! Unless you are in Hawaii, because then it hasn't happened yet.

Nanook said...


Peyote is so "last year" for our Campfire Girl friend. She's clearly on an acid trip-! If she can just hold out for a few more years, she can complete her 'experience' on ATIS-! Or maybe if she just focuses on all that colorful costumery-! Keep the faith, baby.

Nanook said...

And I almost forgot: Happy New Year to all.

Chuck said...

Major, you're not as turned around as you think. That's the berm that separated the Indian Village from the rest of Frontierland, the one with both a railroad and a pedestrian tunnel in it. The Twain's stacks are located forward of the wheelhouse, so it's moving from right to left as it should at this point.

Happy New Year to you all!

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, I think the thing that makes these fun is the people in the background. The Indian dancers are great, but I have many MANY photos of them!

TokyoMagic!, they all live at my place. Come on over and say hello! Is it STILL not 2017 in Hawaii?

Nanook, perhaps that particular Campfire Girl was experiencing a flashback? They often happen at the worst times.

Chuck, ah yes, the tunnel, I didn’t think of that. Somehow I thought that the Dance Circle was further from the hillside than it appears in this photo, but clearly I am mistaken.

Unknown said...

Merry New Year! I wonder if I ever went and saw anything in the Indian Village... Absolutely no memory of having been over there but some weird fragment of a recollection of going through the tunnel (on foot, I mean) rattles around in my head. Well here's to 2017: the year of my Time Machine!