Wednesday, November 02, 2016

More June 1958 Photos from Steve Stuart

It's time for more wonderful photos from Steve Stuart (you know him as "Nanook") featuring Disneyland, June 1958!

Steve says: "Once again, it's De De and me - this time posing in front of the floral Mickey. And I'm certain that we're all thinking the same thing: if only my dad had widened-out the image, we could capture many an attraction poster appended to the fencing. Oh well, this is what happens when attention to your subject is front and center, and to hell with Disneyland history! Who knew - it was only 1958, after all. Oh, to be there again, knowing what I know now...".

Oh boy, look at this one! More from Steve: "Although I have a number of images of the Richfield Junior Autopia - whoops, make that 'Jr. Autopia' from this same angle, this is the only one I've seen with my mom and myself! (And look kids - NO CENTER RAIL!). As an added bonus, we can spy the Fantasyland Viewliner Station, the Motor Boat Cruise and even a pay phone booth (no need to worry about cell phone coverage here!). And looking carefully along the scalloped fence, the gentleman with the gray shirt is holding what at first I thought was an 'Official Disneyland Road Map' - 'courtesy of your helpful Richfield Dealer', but it doesn't match any of the maps I have. So... what could it be?". 

"In about six months, the Jr. Autopia would be no more, as it would be 'removed' to make way for the Matterhorn, Disneyland-Alweg Monorail, and the new Fantasyland Autopia".

MANY thanks to Steve for sharing these great pictures from his personal archives, and for providing the commentary, making my job very easy!

Extra! Extra! I decide to zoom in on that brochure that the gentleman is holding. What the heck is it? I'm familiar with early Disneyland brochures, and this does not ring any bells. Could it be something that has been folded in half? I'd love it if someone knows the answer.


Patrick Devlin said...

Ah, the Junior Autopia. Good to see such a nice shot of such a rarely photographed feature. Thanks so much, Nanook!

TokyoMagic! said...

Nanook, that shot of you and your mom in the Autopia car is such a fun pic! And we can really see how the paint has been scraped off of the curbs by all of the "bumpers." Thanks again, for sharing these!

Melissa said...


Chuck said...

That last photo wins the Triple Crown - the entrances to three attractions captured in a single frame. Note that every single Jr. Autopia car is being driven by an adult, and only one of the four visible even has a "junior" in it. Fantasyland - for the young...and the young at heart.

Thanks again, Nanook - these have been a real treat!

Matterhorn1959 said...

The brochure is the Sleeping Beauty Castle booklet folded in half.

K. Martinez said...

Wow!! Great pic of you and your mom on the Jr. Autopia. There's even a couple of telephone poles to boot! Thanks again for sharing your wonderful photos, Nanook. Hope you share more of your Jr. Autopia pics in the future.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Thanks for sharing. These must be some great family memories.

Whatever that man is holding it not a Gray's Sport Almanac (too small) so we can cross that off the list.

Anonymous said...

Nanook has been a car buff for a long time.

Such wonderful pictures, thank you!


Anonymous said...

Cheers to Nanook for these great shots. Wish I had a similar picture of me and my Dad on the Jr Autopia (sigh).


Nanook said...

Dear All-

Thanks for all the comments. It IS interesting to see all the "big folk" tooling-around what was supposed to be an attraction for 'the kids'. Ahhh... for the kid in all of us-!

@ Matterhorn1959-

Of course that's what it is-! There was something about it that was so familiar-looking, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I just needed to unfold my brain. Thanks for doing it for me.

@ Ken-

Unfortunately this is the only shot I have of the Jr. Autopia. It would indeed be swell if there were more of 'em.

Sunday Night said...

So much to enjoy with these. I can see now what a maintenance issue keeping the curbs looking good was.