Wednesday, June 04, 2014

The Snoring Desert

While sorting through the remaining Instamatic scans, I decided to feature the Living Desert area of Nature's Wonderland. (Don't worry, there are still dozens of Instamatics left!).

The artists responsible for rock work at the park have come a long way! These "natural" arches, buttes, and mesas all have a curiously lumpy look to them. It's charming, though! I always accessorize my desert with prong-horned antelope. The desert seems particularly verdant, with creosote bushes, manzanitas, ocotillos, and other plants adding a welcome dash of green to the picture.

Mysterious "paint pots" and geysers hint at geological forces still at work not far beneath the surface. We get a good look at part of the berm in the background!

A coyote stands alert on top of that rock while another can just be seen in the cave beneath. Is that a single pack mule rider that I see to the extreme right (in a white sweater)?

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