Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Pair From February 1969

Welcome to February 1969! As you can see, it was another brutal Southern California winter. Every day was like that in my Disneyland memories! Notice the E.P. Ripley at the station, and the bit of souvenir stand visible to our left. Meanwhile, why are those people leaving the park? It's only 2:30!

This shot reminds me of a postcard, in which you can see the same beds of yellow flowers.


walterworld said...

Both are beautiful shots...and so un-crowded!

Wish I could be there now.


Chiana_Chat said...

"Meanwhile, why are those people leaving the park? It's only 2:30!"

That's what the guy on the left is thinking. "Eh?" With those clothes though, they are clearly entertainers who are leaving from or going to a gig. Oh that's right, it's 1969. Also helps explain older ladies in tablecloths for clothes.

Matterhorn's "rock" had already warmed up from its colder gray original look while getting more "snow."

Gosh I'd be just like that guy there on that bench. Done a little shopping or loved one has. Just sittin' and enjoying the wonderful scene in a wonderful place on a wonderful day. :D

TokyoMagic! said...

I have one of those red, yellow and orange striped Disneyland shopping bags from a family visit in the 70's. I plan to do a DL "bag" post one of these days!

Nancy said...

look at that sky...what a day! who could leave that? maybe they were just going for a nap and coming back for the evening festivities. normally you would think they were going back for a swim, but the coats show that is probably not it...

a nice pair today....haha! thanks, Major :D

Chiana_Chat said...

Knew there'd be a big smile with these from Nancy and there it is. :D

"Every day was like that in my Disneyland memories!" the Maj says - as is true of mine - and every entry in this blog a smile in my day.

Connie Moreno said...

Holy smokes, these are stunning. Such clarity and sharpness! I am in awe, really I am. I wonder why type of camera they were shot with? That sky is what makes everybody move here, LOL...I should post a photo of what our sky has been looking like lately: WET!

JG said...

Major, these are simply wonderful, thank you. A real lift to the spirit.

@tokyoMagic. Please, please please do a bag post. I am craving a sight of that '70's bag pattern. The one with red, orange, purple, yellow and teal, with the mickey pattern woven in...I think that would make a terrific screen backdrop.

Talk about a memory! If anyone has a bag like that, please scan it and post, please please.


Major Pepperidge said...

I'm glad you guys liked these! Nancy and Walterworld, I've noticed that photos from February tend to be especially nice for some reason.

Chiana - "tablecloths for clothes", haha!

TokyoMagic!, I think I have a couple of shopping bags as well!

Connie, I love a blue sky like anybody, but I have to admit that I did like the recent rains. Makes me want to eat warm foods and be cozy.

JG, take a look at the "Vintage Disneyland Tickets" blog's October 9 post, it will make you very happy!

Chuck said...

February was always my favorite month for photography in Southern California. You'd get a couple of rainy weeks and all the pollution would get knocked out of the sky. We'd wake up one morning in San Brdo and you'd suddenly remember there were mountains just a few miles away. You could see them crisp and clear all the way from March AFB, SE of Riverside! That was only about 25 miles away, but with typical Orange Empire air quality, there was usually a brown haze obscuring it.

With regard to no crowds and people leaving at 2:30, wasn't Disneyland on reduced hours in the off season back then? Something like 12 to 3 on days that were multiples of 5, 12 and -3?

TokyoMagic! said...

Thanks Major, I was going to tell JG, that someone recently posted one of those, but I couldn't remember if it was Vintage DL Tix or Stuff From The Park.

JG, I will definitely do a bag's on my "list." I've even scanned all the smaller bags. I just need to take pictures of the larger plastic bags including the one in Major's post today.

JG said...

Thanks for the heads-up, VDT posted it on 9 October. I missed it, since I usually don't check blogs on weekends, and didnt track back.

But I got it now. Love that bag for a million irrational reasons.

Thanks all!


Anonymous said...

Probably got their hand stamped to come back. Those clear days after a storm were wonderful times. As for hours of operation...perhaps 10to 6 and closed on Monday and Tuesday.