Monday, September 18, 2023

Monday Sept 18 More From Keith

Hooray, I have two more great scans (and one detail) from Keith Schad for you, so you know these will be good.

The Plaza was lively, with no less than four Main Street vehicles on display; in the distance, the Chemical Fire Wagon; then a Horse Drawn Streetcar, a Surrey, and a Horseless Carriage. A typical 1958 boy (certified by the Bureau of Weights and Measures) is in the lower left. I'll bet he has a slingshot in his back pocket and is just starting to think that girls might not be so yucky.

I love this great shot of the Disneyland Band, with Vesey Walker himself leading the way, as they march toward Main Street Station. The guests are all so well-behaved, sticking to the sidewalk (or at least staying near the curb). There's those lamp post signs for the "Full Rigged 3 Masted Sailing Ship COLUMBIA".

What the...? That guy is on a ladder with a camera. He's presumably an official Disneyland photographer, I wonder if we ever saw any of the photos from this session? On the two lamp posts in the distance we can see other signs, one for the Grand Canyon Diorama, and another for the new Alice in Wonderland ride.

Thanks so much to Keith Schad!


JB said...

There are actually two typical 1958 boys on the left. The other (his brother?) is mostly obscured by the one closest to us. To be honest, I can't tell for sure if the obscured bro is a typical '58 boy or not. His hair might be covering his ears and he could be wearing bell-bottoms.
It really is nice to see four types of Main Street transportation in the same shot. The Dent is just out of frame to the right, but the lighting is such that we probably couldn't see it regardless.... And, "those grapes are probably sour anyway," said the fox.
I think there are only two trashcans visible here.

I think the guy on the ladder is part of the parade. We've all seen stilt-walkers, right? Well this is similar to that; ladder walking. And my, by the looks of all the ripples in his clothing, there must be enough yardage there to outfit the Columbia with a full set of sails.
One measly trashcan.

Thanks to Keith & his family and to Major.

Chuck said...

The ladder photographer appears to be using the top step of the ladder as a tripod. Pretty ingenious. You can catch a glimpse of just how big the camera is over his left shoulder, with what appears to be a flash reflector past his right ear. The pouch he has slung over his shoulder is probably for carrying a bunch of loaded 8x10 sheet film carriers. I am tempted to look in some old souvenir guides to see if a photo with that general layout shows up (it actually looks kind of familiar) but just don’t have the time right now.

Thanks again, Keith, Keith’s wife, and Keith’s wife’s grandfather!

JG said...

Main Street as it was meant to be, before ToonTownification… IFICATION … IFICATION… IFICATION…

Almost more vehicles than guests, a consummation devoutly to wished.

I thought that guest brought his own ladder, now you tell me he’s official. Bubble burst.

I wonder if the proliferation of trash cans was a developing thing and not an opening day amenity since there are so few visible in these pics, compared to later views. Almost like that “hot-dog-munch” story might have been made up? No one would do that, would they?

Thank Major and Keith!


Nanook said...

Three cheers for the 'Puffin Bake Shop' - its sign just visible beyond 'Jellies & Jams'.

Thanks to Keith.

Dean Finder said...

I thought the guy on the ladder was a guest, and pouch was to hold the iPad he was using to record the parade. Ironically, that would be less frustrating in front of me than the guy at ground level holding one over his head.

Major Pepperidge said...

JB, I purposely didn’t mention the other boy because he is my sworn enemy. I guess bell bottoms were a thing long before 1958, but mostly for sailors (?), so if that kid is wearing them, you know he is a hippie! I agree, it is great to see four modes of Main Street transportation - almost as nice as the one photo I have where you can see FOUR Horse Drawn Streetcars operating at the same time. Ladder walking: I’ve done it by accident! Maybe I should be in a parade?

Chuck, yes, that camera that the man is using is no consumer cheapie - it’s the real deal. You pointed out the bag with the large negatives, but at first I wondered if he could be shooting movie footage. Guess not. I wonder why he needed so much light reflected on to his right ear? I’d love it if we could find an official photo that corresponded with this one!

JB, I’ve often wondered how Walt would have felt about Main Street as it looks for Halloween these days? Pumpkins everywhere, etc. Would he balk because it was not authentic to a turn-of-the-century Main Street? Who knows. Not that today’s company leaders care! Oh no, I hope the hotdog munch theory is real, but it really could be a Marty Sklar invention.

Nanook, I love the savory, delicious flavor of baked puffins!

Dean Finder, those old iPads used vacuum tubes, so they were eight inches thick, and they got REALLY hot. But the sound fidelity was incredible. As for guys in front of me holding cameras, it’s one of the big frustrations about going to a live music event these days. I can’t see a damn thing due to all the raised arms and brightly-glowing phones!

Anonymous said...

An 8x10 camera? Woah! Those things are big and required a black cloth over your head and the camera so you could focus the large image. I would not want to lug one up a ladder and balance it on the top step. I'm voting for a smaller format camera. I admit that camera bag looks big!

"Lou and Sue" said...

I'm surprised nobody mentioned that our photographer has an extra pair of legs...I'm not quite sure how he did it, but you can see two more of his legs at ground level, by the right-side of the ladder. Legs only.

Just the thought of hauling a ladder around Disneyland made me chuckle. I hauled around extra cameras and cases for my dad, at times in Disneyland, but never a ladder. Thank goodness.

Thank you Keith (& family) for sharing more wonderful Disneyland images. I bet there's a photo, somewhere out there, of another photographer - snapping a picture of Keith's relative - snapping a picture of the official 4-legged DL photographer - snapping a picture of the band.

Thanks, Major, too.

Dean Finder said...

I see the arms connected to those legs holding the ladder from below. Apparently, he didn't hear that it's unlucky.