Sunday, May 28, 2023


It's official! "Sunday Snoozers" are now "Snoozles". I've notified the Library of Congress. But don't worry, it's the same iffy photos for the same great price. Both of these are from "sometime in the 1960s".

Who doesn't love a nice double-exposure? Our photographer took two photos of the Disneyland Band as they circled the flagpole in Town Square, but evil spirits intervened, and the film did not advance like it was supposed to. The results remind me of when I've had too much cough syrup. Vesey Walker can be clearly seen to the left, in spite of the psychedelia.

Next is this "too dark" image from the entrance to Adventureland. Skulls aplenty! Not to mention carved masks and shields, probably purchased from Oceanic Arts in Whittier - a legendary store full of Polynesian/Oceanic-inspired arts and crafts. The restrooms are straight ahead - I'll wait. The almost-glowing eye of the mysterious tiki can be seen to the left. 


Nanook said...

That first one was just an attempt at 3D gone horribly wrong. (I tried many types of 3D glasses to assist: No soap).

Thanks, Major.

JB said...

Cool! The crewcut kid on the left has a marching band inside his head! You don't see that every day! Only on GDB! And look! Disneyland has TWO castles! (I promised myself to use more exclamation points!)

Wow, that's quite an ensemble the guy on the left edge of the photo is sporting. A shirt with lots n' lots n' LOTS of flowers, clam digger pants, and flip-flops. Somehow, the crewcut doesn't go with the rest of the outfit. The skulls look happy. And why not? They're in Disneyland!

We're in the age of Snoozles... yeah, us! Thanks, Major.

JB said...

^ Oops. I meant "Yay, us!"

Scott Lane said...

Yeah the tiki's eyes are almost as florescent as that guy's shirt. Almost.

JG said...

Snoozles are fine for a quiet day.

Photo 1 is a nightmare for me, not one, but two marching bands. Let’s run get in line for the Haunted Mansion while everyone else’s watching them.

I’ll take photo 2 because skulls.

The restroom location here was always unfortunate, right at the entry. All the other lands got weenies to draw you in, and Adventureland got the restroom. I wonder if the big tiki was meant as the weenie?

Also, a brief moment of silence, as Oceanic Arts is having their final closing sale this month.

Thanks Major.


Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, at least you didn’t try the “Magic Eye” technique, your eyes would be permanently crossed!

JB, I don’t see a marching band in people’s heads, but I hear one everywhere I go. It drowns out the voices, which is nice. Exclamation points: I once got a comment saying that I used too many of them. My response? “WHATEVER!”. For a minute I wondered if the fellow with the flowered shirt and clamdigger pants was a Jungle Cruise cast member. Probably not.

JB, how about “Yea, verily”?

Scott Lane, Now I want a model of that tiki with light-up eyes!

JG, I generally like the marching band(s), though I’ve yammered on about the new iteration. The performers are doing their best, I just feel like the style is anachronistic. “You know what people would like on Main Street? Rapping!”. Well, they probably would, but that doesn’t mean it belongs there. The restrooms do seem strangely prominent at the entrance to Adventureland, maybe it’s due to mosquito-borne diseases? I thought Oceanic Arts closed last year! I had no idea they were still selling stuff.

Melissa said...

The first picture captures the feeling of being in a teeming crowd more than a standard, single-exposure picture would.

The second one reminds me of "The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God."

Nanook said...

@ Melissa-
‘The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God’ by J. Milton Hayes... a ripping yarn of misguided British pluck and dastardly oriental vengeance. Poems like this were once very well known, so well known in fact, that they became objects of parody.

And to think, not a drop of parody, here.

Thanks for sharing the poem.

Major Pepperidge said...

Melissa, I thought the first one captured what it would be like to be at Disneyland after drinking some of the water from It's a Small World! Aw, that little one-eyed yellow idol, he just needs a hug.

Nanook, you had me at "ripping yarn".

"Lou and Sue" said...

I do love the band emerging from the kid's head, and the tiki and tiki shields!!!!!!!!!! (I added the extra exclamation points to annoy your past commenter, Major.)

Major, please hold my bag of souvenirs for a second, while I run to the Ladies Room...then let's hit the Tiki Room.

Fun Snoozles, today!

Major Pepperidge said...

Lou and Sue, I’ll buy you a Dole Whip!

TokyoMagic! said...

JB, I think the "weenie" for Adventureland used to be a modern day telephone booth. We can't see it in this pic, due to that fence, but it has shown up in more than one GDB post in the past. Today, I guess the "weenie" is the ugly blue rock waterfall.

I also thought that Oceanic Arts had already closed and had a big "final sale." However, I was surprised when I drove by it just last week, and saw the sign still hanging on the building's exterior. I just now checked their website, and this is what it says on their homepage:

"Oceanic Arts Closed Permanently in November of 2021. Our Catalog Archives are maintained here as a record of OA's Remarkable, Exotic, and Exciting History. Catalog Items Are No Longer For Sale."

Happy Snoozle™ Day, Major! Even though there is only 20 minutes remaining to celebrate it.

JG said...

Major and Tokyo, like you, i thought OA was already done, but OA’s Instagram has been advertising the final sale of “everything” ending in June, which is all I know about it.