Monday, September 26, 2022

A Pair From May 5th, 1980

1980 was a pretty good year at Disneyland. The 25th Anniversary, as many of you recall. I can picture the silver and blue signs all over the park! Of course, being 42 years younger than we are now would make everything LOTS better.

This late afternoon shot of Frontierland shows the Mark Twain, snuggled up in Fowler's Harbor, ready for sleepy time. But the Columbia isn't ready for night-night, it's still zipping around the river, honking its horn and looking for a party and some brewskis. You'd think it would have grown out of that phase, but no such luck. Tom Sawyer Island closed at dusk, maybe that's why three rafts were moored to our left. 

I'm not sure if this next photo was taken from the Disneyland Railroad, but... it's possible? I'm looking at the considerable number of people to the left, at first I thought they might be waiting for an upcoming parade. But maybe they are actually waiting in line for It's a Small World? If so... wow! Still, what a beautiful day to be there.


JB said...

It looks odd seeing the Mark Twain moored at Fowler's Harbor. The Columbia is saying, "Hey buddy, that's MY seat! Check yer ticket stub!"

The Matterhorn sure looks majestic here. No Hans or Fritz or Otto. No bobsleds that I can see. And yet, it still looks great! Very solid. Very hefty. Wonderful lighting in this shot.
Melissa will be glad to see the banana-pants twins, just to the right of center. Bright yellow pants with white tops. Not sure if they're actual twins, though.

Thanks, Major.

Chuck said...

“Of course, being 42 years younger than we are now would make everything LOTS better….” Not sure Andrew would agree with you there, Major.

JB, good eye on the Banana-Pants Twins, a nice thematic match to the Dual Spires of the souvenir stand behind them and to the left. I’m gonna guess sisters but not twins, with mom in dark pants and a similar hairstyle walking to their immediate right. I’ll bet they’re all wearing matching Groucho Glasses as well.

Thanks, as always, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

JB and Chuck, my vote is for twins, and that they are practicing their upcoming audition routine, for a Doublemint gum commercial.

DrGoat said...

The Matterhorn pic is a pretty majestic photo. That blue ellipse really jumps out and with the little bit of the one on the left, frames the Matterhorn very nicely. The crowd fills in the rest.
Twins it is, I think TM! is on to something. That guy in the red semi-aloha shirt in the lower right looks like he's enjoying himself. Kind of has a Gomez Addams smile going on.
Thanks Major, bang-up job.

JG said...

I’d love to take the Columbia on a beer run…. I’m sure the Friendly Indians could hook us up.

I really like the empty blue oval in pic 2. Imagine Disney leaving such prime ad real estate empty today?

“Some Imagination, huh?”

Thanks Major, love these.


Major Pepperidge said...

JB, I agree, Fowler’s Harbor might as well be called “Columbia’s Harbor”. Whenever there’s a photo of the Matterhorn, I look for tiny red dots on the snowy peaks, the red shirts of the climbers. But you’re right, there aren’t any (a far as I can see!) in that one photo.

Chuck, I’m sure that Andrew is perfectly happy being in his late teens! Meanwhile I need to know all about the banana pants twins. Preferably in a big-budget movie.

TokyoMagic!, do twins need to practice? They already speak in perfect unison all the time, and they date twin boys.

DrGoat, I can only assume that the blue ellipse is the back of a sign, though I’m not sure what the sign said. I could do research, but that would require effort. It almost looks like the woman with the aloha-shirt guy is wearing a lei, or maybe a pooka shell necklace.

JG, yes, that oval could be telling us about how magical it would be if we were spending money. Also, blah blah blah, something about wishes and dreams. The same old stuff!

Nanook said...

“… or maybe a pooka shell necklace”. I should hope not - those ‘beads’ are far too gigantic (and colorful) to be pooka shells.

Melissa said...

The only drawback to banana pants is that they tend to split.

(I'll show myself out.)

JB said...

Melissa, NO, NO! STAY! I liked your joke. Well... I didn't laugh out loud. But it did make me smile; and that's worth something. :-)

Melissa said...

The blue oval reminds me of the attraction signs in the original WDW Tomowrrowland.

DrGoat said...
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Melissa said...

@Dean Finder, I was singing it when I wrote the comment!