Saturday, August 27, 2022

The Magic Kingdom, January 1973

Hey hey! I'm the Monkees! All four of them, which is why women find me irresistible. How would you like to join me in a visit to the Magic Kingdom, circa 1973? There's room in the Monkeemobile for all of you.

Here's a different angle looking at Main Street Station. While the Florida park does not have a Disneyland-style berm, though there seems to be a bermlet out front so that guests can walk beneath the train tracks. And speaking of trains, there's one now! Ya gotta love those big narrow-gauge locomotives, all genuine old steam locos, purchased from the Yucatán in Mexico.

OK, full disclosure, this slide is actually an orphan that was mixed in with some Disneyland slides, but I am betting all four of my mansions on the fact that this is actually taken from the WDWRR, showing the peaceful Indian Village.

Next is this beautiful photo looking across the blue Rivers of America as a Keelboat heads our way, with Cinderella Castle looming (always looming) over all. Notice the construction on Tom Sawyer Island! The island would open for guests on May 20th, just four months or so after this picture was snapped.

A second photo was shot just a bit to the right of the first one...

... so naturally I had to attempt to merge the two. There's a bit of weirdness along the shore behind those pilings, but it still looks pretty good.

I don't want to brag, but I've been to Switzerland, and was not surprised to learn that most Swiss actually live in treehouses. So when the Robinson family was shipwrecked on their lush tropical island, it was only natural that they would build a home in the branches of the biggest tree they could find, using pieces of the ship when possible. They also built a minibike out of bamboo and coconuts, though you don't hear about that so much.

I am jealous of visitors to WDW, they still have their original treehouse. Meanwhile, the Disneyland version is undergoing changes, though as I write this, it's not really known specifically how it is changing. It will be interesting to see what happens!

I hope you have enjoyed your visit to the Magic Kingdom, 1973 style.


Nanook said...

Brings back memories. It's always fun to see images of the original 'sister park'.

I see in the image from the peaceful Indian Village, this 'tribe' was quite advanced as evidenced from their invention of the original Rain Bird® Impact Sprinkler.

Thanks, Major.

Anonymous said...

Nanook, ha! Silly sprinkler.

And what’s going on with that crazy rock—below the Indian with the blue cape??

Love your panoramic picture, Major. Beautiful clouds and beautiful castle. Thank you.


Nanook said...

@ Sue-
That rock is in a yoga pose; I can't tell if it's Dhanurasana or Bakasana.

JB said...

#1: It may be January, but there's still a big Christmas tree on Main Street (on the left).
What is that white building in the distance to the right of the x-mas tree? It looks like it has three onion domes on top.
The train sure adds a splash of color to the scene!

#2: OK, there are LOTS of things in this pic I can't figure out. Like: As Nanook noted- Why is there a rainbird sprinkler in the foreground? And what is that flat rock used for, to the right of the rainbird? The two leftmost teepees look like blue whales that fell out of the sky and augered into the ground. What is that row of things on the ground behind the flat rock? At first I thought they were fish drying in the sun, but now I don't think so. And why is there a penguin on the right edge of the pic? (OK, it's probably a rock.) Speaking of rocks, as Sue noted- why is that light-colored rock (in the center) defying gravity by standing on its edge?
I have more questions, but I'm rapidly approaching the Major's daily quota of e-ink.

#3: The top of the Castle looks like a city in the clouds; pretty neat! I'm guessing there are now tall trees to (mostly) block the view of the Castle and other non-Frontierland structures.

The panorama image turned out really well, as usual. :-) I tried making a 3D pair of the two images. It sorta worked; the clouds looked far behind the castle. But that's about it.

Can't see very much of the Treehouse, but the Tree looks spectacular!

Thanks for another trip to Florida, Major.

Anonymous said...

Nanook, you are definitely right. Bakasana, no doubt.


TokyoMagic! said...

Nanook, ha, ha! That Rain Bird sticks out like a sore thumb!

I think the photographer actually caught "yoga rock" while it was in motion. It's really a "rolling stone." See how it's gathering no moss?

I like the merged pics! Thanks for doing the extra work on those, Major.

JB, good eye on spotting the Christmas tree in the first pic!

I bet the Disneyland treehouse will become Pooh's Treehouse, Jack Sparrow's Treehouse, or maybe The Pixar Treehouse. You just know that Disney will turn it into some horrible abomination. That's it! They will cover it in snow and ice, put static fiberglass figures of Anna, Elsa and Olaf up there, and add the original abominable snowman from the Matterhorn. Then at Christmastime, Santa will also be up there greeting guests, along with his elves and reindeer.

Chuck said...

Look at all of that look-away gray on the Hall of Presidents show building! You can’t do it, can you? That paint is some powerful stuff.

That’s actually a baby balancing rock in the Indian Village. They attempted to transplant some from Disneyland’s Painted Desert, but they did not do well in Florida’s wet climate. That’s the real reason Western River Expedition was never built.

JB, that building on Main Street with the “onion dome” finials is the Chapeau on Town Square, east of what was then the GAF Camera Center at the NE corner of the square’s intersection with Main Street proper. I think it may have been named after Bob Chapek.

TM!, you forgot the two hour lines and $29.99 up charge.

TokyoMagic! said...

Chuck, you are right, I did forget about the wait time and the up-charge. However, for an additional $20 fee (on top of the $29.99 up-charge), Genie+ will get you to the front of the line. Well, at least near the front of the line, so that your two hour wait will now only be a one hour wait.

TokyoMagic! said...

Note: That amount is charged for each individual character that you are meeting. And if you want to meet Santa, it will be an additional $50, because's Santa. But that $50 charge also includes a plastic snack tray, containing a dollop of cheese, 4 crackers, 5 grapes, and a Dolly Madison Zinger.

Anonymous said...

TokyoMagic and Chuck, you also forgot to mention the extra $29 charge if you want your picture taken with Santa...once you finally meet him.


Pegleg Pete said...

Great photos today, Major – thanks. It's interesting to see TSI under construction rather than just an empty bit of land. This is the way the Magic Kingdom will always remain in my mind - we first went about six months after these pics were taken. My sister is going to WDW tomorrow for a week and hearing about all the planning required – ie. reservations, lighning pass, genie nonsense – has given me headaches! I've found myself longing for the days of individual tickets for attractions and just turning up and enjoying yourself. At least the WDW treehouse remains the same, for now anyway. I was hoping someone might know what's going on with the one in Anaheim, but I guess they're keeping it under wraps?

TokyoMagic! said... also forgot to mention the extra $29 charge if you want your picture taken with Santa...once you finally meet him.

Sue, and that charge is just for one wallet-size photo! ;-)


This was such a great period for Walt Disney World….great new things and more new things were on their way. While true it’s not exactly Disneyland , it was designed and built by Walt’s best imagineers ; all who now had lots of park designing experience and MONEY to work with!

Last night I was having dinner with sone friends at a restaurant in Dana Point and a table next to us had a group of people talking about the first time they went to Walt Disney World and how old they were ( I think they were brothers and sisters - now to look like they were in their late 50’s to mid 60’s) and space mountain was new , and mission to mars … and the one girl was so terrified of space mountain she threw a fit going into Mission To Mars …. And that she was sobbing during the attraction thinking because it was space related it was going to be scary like Space Mountain ….!!! Lol! As a very young kid I had a similar situation with Pirates of the Caribbean : I was terrified of the drops … and often tried to turn and run away when we entered the Pirates entry building … sometimes caught by my dad or grandpa and a few times returned to my family by a cast member after not getting very far. And I was probably the only kid who used to freak out in line for It’s A Small World!! The boats looked similar to the Pirates boats so I KNEW there had to be terrifying drops inside Small World too!

Since the Disney Company has been buying the rights to most other studio properties, Disneyland guests visiting in the Spring of 2023 with be greeted with THE THREE’s COMPANY TREEHOUSE!! Guests will first enter the treehouse base themed to Santa Monica of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Then after a short stair climb with arrive at the apartment home of JACK, JANET and Chrissy - complete with macramé wall hangings and a wicker chair and plant stand. Sharp eyed guest will see a note left on the door that rent is past due!! Another set of stairs leads to the Ropers apartment….. the treehouse landlords. Mr. Roper is getting lots of calls from a newspaper ad he’s placed trying to sell his 1957 Chevy - which turns out to really be a rare 1956 Chevy! Mrs Roper says the bunch of unused Disneyland tickets in the glove compartment come free with the car! The last visit guests to the THREE’s COMPANY TREEHOUSE is The Regal Beagle - a foxy little nite spot where the kids can dance , have a beer and get a tuna fish sandwich. It’s here guests will meet Larry - the “kids” Neighbor And Jack Tripper’s best friend!! So this Fall be sure to “come and knock on our door” at the new THREE’s COMPANY TREEHOUSE!! - IT COULD ONLY HAPPEN AT DISNEYLAND!!!

TokyoMagic! said...


Mike, I love it! But they should have kept the additional "tree trunk" that used to be in the middle of the Adventureland walkway. That way, they could have built a totally separate bedroom set from Chrissy's mom's house, with just a chair, a table, a lamp, and a phone. Then they could isolate the Chrissy character, and punish her for demanding a higher salary than her co-stars.

JG said...

To someone who has only seen Disneyland, the views from some angles are a little eerie, almost familiar, but a little off. Especially that panorama, Major. Like a weird dream.

I sometimes have strange dreams about a place I knew in childhood, and in the dream, it is utterly unlike the real place, yet to me in the dream, it’s completely familiar. And it’s always the same, I’ll dream it over and over, knowing it’s that place.

These photos are doing this to me now, except for the sprinklers.


Chuck said...

TM! & Mike, that would be the “Three’s Company TREhouse.”

JG, I have the same dream. I’m sure it’s of a different place, but the same concept - I know where it is, but it’s not like the real place in reality.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, even the Native Americans appreciated a nice green lawn! They also invented the Water Wiggle.

Sue, I almost wonder if that rock isn’t covering something, it sure is odd the way it is just sitting there on one “heel”. Then again, they didn’t worry about covering the Rain Bird!

Nanook, I love the scene where the Dhanarasana is fighting the Stegosaur.

JB, yes, you’ll see some other scans from this lot (in December) showing Main Street all decked out for Christmas. The “onion domes” are from “Adventures Thru Onion Space”. Maybe that flat rock was supposed to be for grinding corn? I also thought that those were supposed to be fish drying, but then I remembered photos with fish on some sort of rack, rather than on the ground like that. No idea. While I can make those 3D “cross-eyed” images work sometimes, I find it unpleasant to do so. Just give me a nice Viewmaster viewer!

Sue, I guess I shouldn’t have skipped yoga classes, I have no idea what you and Nanook are talking about.

TokyoMagic!, the rumors of an “Encanto” treehouse seem to be among the favorites, but I think it would be a weird choice. It sure doesn’t feel like that movie, as nice as it is, has exactly permeated the culture. I won’t miss Tarzan much, but I admit that what I really want is for the Swiss Family to move back in. However, you have many great ideas!

Chuck, I was wondering what that massive building was, and am surprised that the Hall of Presidents would require such a large structure. It dwarfs (no pun intended) everything around it. I never considered the “wet rock theory”, but it makes a lot of sense. And yes, once “Adventures Thru Onion Space” was removed, they replaced it with “The Chapeau”. Bob Chapek should have his own shop, “The Toupee”.

TokyoMagic!, I’m surprised they haven’t gone back to the pay toilets idea (supposedly they had those in the very earliest days of Disneyland).

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, maybe they could charge a certain amount to meet a character, but you can pay less if you are willing to cover one eye? And you had me at Dolly Madison Zinger.

Sue, Santa is not a Disney character, and he will no longer be allowed.

Pegleg Pete, of course I am always happy to find any evidence of construction in vintage pix! You are very lucky to have seen WDW back in the wonderful early days. I hear you re: all the reservations and planning that you have to do now; for many years I would read about those hassles at WDW and would be glad that we didn’t have to deal with them in California. But… I was pretty sure that it was only a matter of time. And we are definitely heading that way. Boo.

TokyoMagic!, if you have a really large wallet, you get more value for your money!

Mike Cozart, it must have been kind of fun to listen to those people talking about their first trip to WDW; funny that Mission to Mars frightened that woman so much as a child. At first I misread and thought that she threw up. But she just threw a fit. Completely different! I remember being scared to go on “Pirates” the first time, but that’s because kids at school said that you “go under water”. I assume they were talking about the drops to go beneath the train tracks, but those stinkers really had me worried about being submerged. If I’d been smarter I would have observed that people getting off the ride were completely dry. This is the first time I’ve heard of anybody being scared to go on IASW! Your “Three’s Company Treehouse” is brilliant, though I would rather see Mr. Furley (Don Knotts), personally. Our greatest living actor, even Brando said so. I’m picturing the lumpy animatronic versions of John Ritter, Suzanne Somers, etc., probably after a few years they would stop moving and would be static figures.

TokyoMagic!, was Chrissy’s mom a character in the show??

JG, I know what you mean about the “weird dream” sensation, though by now I’ve looked at a lot of photos of the Magic Kingdom, so it’s not quite as alien as it used to be. I’ve also had dreams about places that were familiar to me, only the people in those places were from some other part of my life - sometimes people who I didn’t even know that well. Kooky!

Chuck, you have to admit that if The Three’s Company Treehouse had ALF in it, you wouldn’t think it was ruined at all.

Chuck said...

In 1973, that massive structure in look away gray housed both the Hall of Presidents and the Mickey Mouse Review. Both attractions had huge auditoriums. Talk about people-eaters. No, really - go ahead and talk about it. I can wait.

ALF would be cool, but ALF and Erkel would be even better. Throw in Twiki from Buck Rogers and I’ll shell out the upcharge in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

Major, Disney bought the rights to Santa.
And the Happy Birthday song.
Wouldn’t surprise me.



TOKYO: I was on the fence about featuring The Roper’s or Mr. Furley…… but because of THE APPLE DUMPLING GANG DANCE HALL DRAG REVUE in Frontierland featuring AA figures of Don Knott’s & Tim Conway as they appeared disguised as Saloon Girls ( I know this feeling) I decided the Roper’s would get to appear in THE THREE’s COMPANY TREEHOUSE. Tokyo - I thought of you while creating this TV Treehouse! I seriously also thought of having Chrissy Snow be isolated and only communicate to guests via phone!!

Major: I know Chrissy’s dad appeared on the show - the Reverend Snow. But I don’t recall her mom making an appearance … but it’s possible she did and I have no recollection of it - or it’s one of the episodes not in the re-run groupings. But yeah , to punish Susanne Sommers she was kept on thru her contract but isolated from the rest of the cast and crew and filmed her “call in scenes” in a specially fabricated set to represent a room at her mom’s house.

I don’t want to add to all the false rumors but…..Also expected to be announced at D23: the replacement for Tomorrowland’s carousel theater: HERBIE GOES TO HEAVEN: it’s the year 2035 and the great grand son of race car driver Jim Douglas is forced by Governor HAWK to hunt down his grandfather’s lovable little vw bug # 53 and gut HERBIE’s internal combustion engine and replace it with a all electric battery ….. sadly during the process this kills the mysterious force that gave the magical little Herbie his life and personality…..

On this “wild” ride guests will encounter the spirits of Old Lady Steinmets, Ken Barry , Stephenie Powers and Buddy Hacket as they give advice to guests and Herbie how to escape from the car’s sad fate.



Sue: can you imagine Disney’s publicity nitemare since the rights of the Happy Birthday don’t belong to an order of nuns!??? ( at least it did at one time)

I’m surprise the Coca Cola Empire hasn’t been more forceful since most of the 20th century Thru todays image of Santa Clause is based on Coca Cola advertising art. Especially his red red and white outfit ( originally being green and cream)….


Correction : the HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG rights belongs to a order of nuns .

Anonymous said...

Herbie Goes to Heaven—hahaha!


JB said...

Tokyo!, your 'suggestions' about what will become of the Treehouse: AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! (Into the Cornfield, with it.)

Chuck, why would the Tribe need a rock on which to balance babies? Wouldn't any ol' rock do? ;-) Thanks for the onion dome I.D.

Tokyo! again, "that $50 charge also includes a plastic snack tray, containing a dollop of cheese, 4 crackers, 5 grapes..." TAKE MY MONEY!!

Major, "Adventures Thru Onion Space"- Everyone leaves the ride all teary-eyed. A small, travel-size box of Kleenex is provided for an additional upcharge of $29.99. (That seems to be the going rate for upcharges here today.)
Yeah, I thought the fish would be on a rack as well; not just laying in the dirt.
This 3D image attempt was particularly headache inducing for some reason.

Welcome to crazy scenario day, here on GDB!

JB said...

In the Three's Company Treehouse, in order for Jack to stay in the Treehouse he has to pretend he's... Swiss! Hilarity ensues as Jack struggles to convince the Ropers that he is a cheesemaker and a yodeler.

Major Pepperidge said...

Chuck, I wonder if the Hall of Presidents has audiences that compare to those at “Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln”? In other words, four people with tired feet and a few stray crickets? Maybe Florida audiences love those AA shows. If there was a show with Twiki, I would lose my mind. Biddi-biddi-biddi!

Sue, it wouldn’t surprise me either!

Mike Cozart, gosh, it’s been so long since I’ve seen “Three’s Company”, something tells me it didn’t age very well (like so many old sitcoms). Susan Somers must have had some bad management, they made her believe that she had a much bigger career looming, if she could only get out of that Three’s Company contract. Oops. But I have to admit that, thanks to my Thighmaster, my legs have never been more toned. Am I crazy for actually wanting a Herbie ride??

Mike Cozart, I remember that, for years, the rights to “Happy Birthday To You” supposedly belonged to somebody, but I didn’t know that it was an order of Nuns. I hope they weren’t the “Naughty Nuns” that I’ve heard about. And yes, the Haddon Sundblom “Coca-Cola Santa” has become the ideal for many decades. He was an amazing illustrator!

Mike Cozart, I just looked on Wikipedia, it didn’t say anything about an order of nuns, the song is now in the public domain. But it said that Warner-Chappell music used to claim copyright, even though they didn’t have a valid claim. They had to pay $14 million dollars, the dopes.

Sue, it can’t be worse than “Herbie Goes Bananas”.

JB, are you telling me that you never balanced a baby on a rock? Don’t forget the Dolly Madison Zinger that TokyoMagic! mentioned, worth $50 all by itself. Most people have vivid memories of the bad breath they would have after riding “Adventures Thru Onion Space”. It was all part of the fun. I love Crazy Scenario Day!

JB, I’m trying to imagine the gestures that Mr. Roper would make to indicated that Jack was Swiss. So far nothing’s coming to mind.

JB said...

Major, he mimes "staying neutral in World War II". It's a very involved and complicated set of movements that involves both, facial expressions and foot stomping; traditionally performed to the sounds of an alpenhorn trio.

Sunday Night said...

The Herbie movies may be the only documentation left that a car called a VW Bug existed. In the 60s and 70s you would see one every few minutes as you drove down the freeway. Now if you see one you are probably at some classic car show. But you know, making a Herbie movie now would be a great idea. I haven’t formed a plot yet but in the chase scene in the end Herbie wins a race against all the current model cars. Senior citizens would love the nostalgia and young kids would love it because Herbie is not like their parents’ car.

I sort of like the idea of turning the SFRTH into “Santa’s House” with fake snow, toys everywhere and a real Santa to meet and greet. Maybe they could have 3 Santas (you would not know which you were going to meet) to get the line moving beyond a 4 hour wait. It’s just an idea!

Anonymous said...

Aw man...
It figures the one day I don't check in until bedtime has some of my favorite pics.
But I'll get a good night's sleep and look at tomorrow's early!

Anonymous said...

This is Stu, by the way...

Dean Finder said...

It looks like the raft landing structure (at the left of the TSI construction pictures) has a second floor. I wonder if there was an office or something in there. I know I'd have an office there if I were a senior person at WDW.
Actually, I forgot that there was much of a building there at all. Google maps shows that there's restrooms in there, but I don't think I ever used them.
Come to think of it, Aunt Polly's on the other side of TSI is usually closed. If I were a local passholder, I'd just set up there to work remotely.

Bu said...

I would like to see "ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN TREEHOUSE" please. Three's company tree house also sounds swell, but you'd have to create so many audio animatronic figures for all the mid season or character replacements. OH! THE CAROUSEL OF THREES COMPANY! each "show" is another season! That way, everyone wins! I told someone today that they should take out Tomorrowland and put a CASINO! It TOTALLY makes sense! I would even gander a THREES COMPANY CASINO SPA AND SALON! Get your hair and nails done while pulling down the slots at the REGAL BEAGLE BOOZE AND PLUSH EMPORIUM! I want a Janet and Mr. Furley plush! The merchandising exploits boggle the mind. The Swiss treehouse is becoming can tell by the shape at the top of the tree, you can see it, you can feel it. More on that later. I didn't see Encanto and I have no intention. I can't focus at movies anymore. Has nothing to do with TRE. I like all treehouses actually regardless of the nation on which is stands. The Swiss is closest to me however. Perhaps on an Orlando trip of mine I can make it in before the TRE. It would be nice to hear Swisskapolka in real time. My new bucket includes the one and only tree.

Bu said...

New thought: are those "burritos" in the Indian Village Pappese?


Major; yeah I looked it up too - I’m not sure where the “nun” story came from but it was written by the HILL SISTERS for a Sunday School …. Called GOOD MORNING TO YOU. When they did copyright their tune they donated much of their funds to the same Sunday school. But it looks like it technically became public domain in 1963. It wasn’t till 1935 after being irritated that their Morning to You tune was being used for Happy Birthday did they take any action.

The WDW Tom Sawyer Island structure may appear to be two stories but that is an illusion- and is definitely only a single storey.

TokyoMagic! said...

Mike & Major, yes, Chrissy's mother was in at least one episode. She was in Episode #2. She came for a visit and wanted to spend the night, right at the same time that Jack was moving in. Mike pretty much explained the separate bedroom set situation. The only thing I can add is that they even relegated her to a separate sound stage, where they built that bedroom set and filmed those scenes. Apparently, everyone was so outraged that she was demanding to be paid more than her two costars, and then not showing up for work as sort of a threat, that they punished her by not including her character in every episode that season. And those episodes that she was in, you would only see her in the very last minute, as she would call the apartment, to tell Jack and Janet that her mother was doing better, and that she should be coming back soon. She never came back.

Chuck, yes! The TREehouse! Ha, ha!

Major & JB, the "snack tray" with the "Zinger" was actually a real thing. I saw on F.B. a few years ago, where someone paid $50 to view the DL fireworks from the second level of the Carousel Theater (Innoventions). This was something that people had been allowed to do previously, without paying anything. I guess to make people feel better about paying that price, Disney gave everyone a very small plastic snack tray which included a dollop of cheese, a few crackers, a few grapes, and what looked exactly like a Dolly Madison Zinger. This person posted a photo of the tray as they were waiting for the fireworks to begin. Then an hour or so later, they posted that the fireworks were canceled for the night, "because of wind." I couldn't resist, I just had to ask, "So, you DID get your $50 refunded (or a portion thereof), since the fireworks were canceled, RIGHT???? The person responded that they did not get a refund, or even a partial refund, and that it is explained to you up front that you won't get any money back, in case of cancellation. I'd say, that was a REALLY expensive snack tray!

JB said...

Tokyo!, that's ridiculous. (The situation, not you. Well... we GDBers ARE ridiculous, but in a good way.)

Major Pepperidge said...

JB, you have done an excellent job describing it, I can picture it in my head!

Sunday Night, our family owned three VW Bugs over the years, and two of them were stolen! Never recovered. The cops said they were “probably in Tijuana by now”. In other words, “We will make no effort to recover your vehicle”. It was a bummer, especially losing the convertible that my sister loved so much. I never thought about how you don’t see those once-ubiquitous cars so much any more, but you’re right! Seems hard to believe that they would ever been “scarce”. Somehow the idea of a tropical treehouse covered in snow is appealing!

Anonymous, you have no excuse! GDB is more important than food or sleep.

Stu29573, hello!

Dean Finder, I’ve never heard of the raft landing having a second floor, but that doesn’t mean much, there is so much about WDW that I don’t know. It IS a tall structure. Yes, if I was a Disney executive, I’d want an office right in the park! Overlooking the river would be nice.

Bu, I’m ashamed to admit that I have never seen any of the Witch Mountain movies. I sort of wanted to when I was a kid, but that was in the days when you had to see them in the theater (though I assume they aired on “The Wonderful World of Color” at some point). And then I got older and it didn’t seem so important to see them anymore. I was more into French New Wave cinema by then (joking). I wonder if the owners of the rights to “Three’s Company” have any idea that there is such a demand for attractions and merchandise relating to the show? They are sitting on a goldmine! Who needs “Friends”?? Encanto is not bad, in fact it looks beautiful, some of the songs are good, and it’s pretty charming. It just feels “lesser” somehow. Maybe it’s just me.

Bu, mmm, beef and cheese burritos! With hot salsa. Yum.

Mike Cozart, yes, now that you say it, the Hill sisters rings a bell. I loved in, in some TV show, the camera fades into a scene with everyone sitting around a cake with lit candles, and all you hear them sing is, “… yoooouuuu!”, so they got away with avoiding any potential fees. It might have been the show “Community”. Thank you for the info on that TSI structure.

TokyoMagic!, I really do feel like Susanne Somers must have gotten some bad advice, maybe from her husband, Alan Hamel. AND NOW… looking at Wikipedia, it says that it is suspected that Hamel WAS the one who probably gave her bad advice. Maybe she was sick of the show after five seasons anyway, that happens. All I know is that I think of her firing as The Day the Laughter Died. She thought she should be paid as much as Carol O’Connor and Alan Alda; she was popular, but I don’t know if she’d earned that kind of kudos. Who knows. OH YEAH, I remember the fireworks viewings from the Carousel Theater! Various podcasts talked about it, what a freakin’ ripoff. They did a number of things like that, where you might get a “cheese plate”, along with some other junk. Way overpriced. That being said, I loved chocolate Zingers, and the vanilla ones were good too. Amazing that they didn’t refund the money if the fireworks were cancelled, talk about bad customer service. “You paid for the show, we cancelled the show, but we’re keeping your money!”. Imagine if you had a family of four and lost $200. Amazing.

JB, those were the early days of Disneyland guests getting screwed over. Now we’re used to it!