Wednesday, August 03, 2022

A Pair From August, 1966

Here we are, in Disneyland, near the end of the summer. August that is; soon, the kids will be heading back to school. But for now, there's still plenty of time for some theme park fun. This trio is taking the opportunity to rest their weary feet in the afternoon. The younger couple is laughing at a dirty joke that Grandma told, even though she appears to be very prim and proper. She's a firecracker, though! The woman in the middle has a large bag from the Hallmark store, what could be in it? 

Judging from the crowd, you'd think that there was a sale on Zamfir albums (he was the Master of the Pan Flute, after all), but instead, Goofy and Pluto are in the Plaza, greeting guests and taking photos. Or having their photos took. Tooken. Taked. Man, I don't talk so good. It sure looks like the adults are as thrilled to see these big stars as the kids are. "Get out of my way, I'm the vice president of a prominent fertilizer conglomerate! My employees worship me!". Goofy and Pluto just shake their heads in amusement, they've seen it all.


JB said...

#1: There are also two identical, and bigger, shopping bags behind the foreground trio. One of the bags is unattended, tempting an unscrupulous person, having grown tired of taking candy from babies, to snatch it. I wonder what's in it? Um, excuse me... I have um... something to do... I'll be right back.
Back to the trio on the bench: Given the expressions on their faces, it does make you wonder what is transpiring with them. If not a dirty joke, then what?

#2: Is that the edge of the House of the Future, on the right? Ha, I'm looking at Goofy's shoes. They're sorta twisted sideways. I guess that's why he is called Goofy.
Looks like that's a Carnation ice cream cart. Too bad we can't see the vendor's face. It might be someone one of our Jr. Gorillas recognizes.

Thanks for the Summer of '66 pics, Major.


That lady with the hallmark bag looks like she’s from 1936 - not 1966! In fact she really looks like she’s from 1926!

TokyoMagic! said...

Mike, that lady's dress sort of resembles one of the employee costumes, worn in the early days of Knott's Berry Farm's Roaring 20s area.

I think grandma is actually sleep, and the other two are trying to pass it off as if she's just "resting her eyes."

Chuck said...

Peaking out from behind the crowd on the right side of the first photo, you can see the front grille of one of the horseless carriages. Note that despite the apparent density of the crowd, they all still seem to be fine, upstanding citizens who walk on the sidewalk. This, ladies and gentlemen, is how we will win the fight against Communism.

JB, no, that’s two guys wearing plaid shirts. The House of the Future is in the background behind them.

Steve DeGaetano said...

Hey, that's the month/year I was born!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful smile on our birthday bag lady!

Happy Birth-month Steve!


DrGoat said...

Nice 1966 style people. That guy with the psychedelic paisley shirt looks familiar. A previous post maybe?
Speaking of plaid, don't forget the plaid shorts on that kid with the red Keds. Pretty snazzy. That baby on the left is going home with a nice suntan, thanks to the summer sun.
Thanks Major. Was definitely there in July of '66. Missed being in this crowd. They look like fun. Kind of surprised there aren't more hats on these folks.
A merry UnBirthday Steve, soon to be birthday.

JG said...

Vintage People, the best kind.

Photo 2, blonde lady & little boy look like the First Post.

I’ll be back later, Major, thank you.


Anonymous said...

^ I meant to say “Hallmark bag lady,” not “birthday bag lady.” I guess I was thinking about Steve’s birthday...
time for some caffeine.


Stu29573 said...

Yep, someone cracked a funny in that first pic! I wonder is it was something we would find funny today? Maybe something about having a "nodding acquaintance with a giraffe?" If you get that reference, you are in the "Cool Cats Club!"

Human dogs and dog dogs hanging out together????? What will they think of next? The crowd seems pretty laid back about it, though. Ah, to be there, then! Of course, I would have been just about to turn four, so I probably wouldn't have appreciated it like I should. Such is life...

Anonymous said...

And just look at that barrier keeping folks off the grass in the first picture. Wonder how that would work today. Not even a 'Stay off the Grass' sign. KS

Chuck said...

KS, there was a sign just out of frame to the right that read “ACHTUNG!!! MINEN!!!!” Very effective. In fact, that’s how I keep kids off my lawn to this day. Of course, it looks more believable if you don’t mow the grass and dig a crater in the middle of the yard. I love living in a HOA-free neighborhood.

Major Pepperidge said...

JB, yes, those bags in the background are not only big, but they appear to be holding large items (unlike the Hallmark bag that our smiling lady is holding). Good stuff worth stealing! That’s how I will now consider everything: “Worth stealing” and “Not worth stealing”. Maybe grandma told one of her trademark naughty limericks. Yes, that’s the HOF. Goofy’s shoes look like they were left out in the rain (never good for leather shoes). The ice cream vendor purposely turned his head whenever a photo was taken, this is how he avoided retribution from the Yakuza for so many years.

Mike Cozart, you’re right! She could have served lunch to Bonnie and Clyde. Meanwhile her husband is from the future (yes, that’s how we’ll dress in 200 years).

TokyoMagic!, maybe retro fashions were a thing, even in 1963? Ha ha, they left grandma on that bench for hours, went and did all the fun stuff, and then came back and woke her up. “My, Disneyland is very exciting!” Grandma exclaimed.

Chuck, oh yeah, there’s the horseless carriage! Is it the same yellow as yesterday’s Monorail? “We have this open can of paint, might as well use it up”. I don’t walk on the sidewalk at home, because I’m a rebel. I’ve also been hit by cars 30 times. Coincidence?

Steve DeGaetano, hooray! Do we have your birthday “on file”? Some people would prefer to keep that info private, which I understand.

Sue, I’m sure she likes being referred to as a “bag lady”!

DrGoat, I don’t think that the guy with the crazy shirt has been on the blog before, but I could be wrong. Plaid shirts and red Keds, pretty cool! That baby specifically wanted to work on his tan. You’re right, for August, you’d expect the sun to be pretty brutal, ergo lots more hats. Maybe it was cooler than it looked!

JG, they do kind of resemble the “First Family”, but by 1966 the boy would have been a teenager. Sassing his parents and smoking cigarettes!

Sue, you love those birthdays!

Stu29573, I’m afraid I will not be admitted to the Cool Cats Club, which makes me want to join it even more. Will my collection of “Wizard of Oz” thimbles get me in? There are many kinds of dogs in the Disney universe, or should I say “multiverse”. Do you think Goofy ever had to walk Pluto? One of life’s mysteries.

KS, my guess is that people would lounge on that grass (or walk on it), especially during parades. This is why we can’t have nice things!

Chuck, you forgot to mention the “pillbox” with the men armed with machine guns. That worked pretty well, too. And yes, HOAs are BS!

Anonymous said...

“Do you think Goofy ever had to walk Pluto? One of life’s mysteries.”

Major, see the second photo in this past GDB post...mystery solved:


Stu29573 said...

Major, I'm going to whisper so only you can hear:'s a line from "People and Places- Disneyland USA, 1956..."

Now say it like you just remembered, and you're in the club!

Major Pepperidge said...

Sue, those photos should have been posted on "GDB - AFTER DARK!".

Stu29573, I must have watched that film at least a half-dozen times, and I admit that it did ring a bell, but I would never have been able to have placed it. Er, I mean, I knew what it was right away!

Stu29573 said...

Welcome to the club, Major!!!

JB said...

Grandma's dirty limerick:

"There was a young man from Nantucket.
Who bought all his shirts from UNTUCKit..."

You can use your imagination to complete it.

DrGoat said...

I got it...
They were all the wrong color,
so he could only just utter,
a curse and threw them all in a bucket.

JB said...

DrGoat, hahaha! I wasn't really expecting anybody to complete the limerick; but that works!

Except... Granny's limerick was supposed to be dirty. ;-)

Bu said...

"There was a young man from Nantucket.
Who bought all his shirts from UNTUCKit..."
Some stripes and some plaid
For such a fine lad
If my shirt became TRE'd I would chuck it!

"Lou and Sue" said...

"There was a young man from Nantucket
Who bought all his shirts from UNTUCKit..."
For a DL photo to be
For all on blog GDB
So the Jr. Gorillas could all yuck-it!

Melissa, where are you?? We need you now.

JB said...

"There was a young man from Nantucket.
Who bought all his shirts from UNTUCKit.
His shirts were so dirty,
They didn't look purty.
So he bought new ones and told them to truck it."

There, a dirty limerick!