Friday, June 04, 2021

Nice Fantasyland, August 1965

I generally like to try to share better-than-average photos on Fridays (it's a good way to get your weekend going), but looking through my folder of almost 140 scans, I didn't find anything that might qualify as "amazing". Still, I have two lovely photos that evoke the Disneyland of the past in a way that makes me very happy.

First up is this August, 1965 picture of Mickey Mouse himself, in his "master of ceremonies" outfit, reaching out to shake hands with a shy little girl. Mickey has his baton, and two Disneyland Band members are to our right, so he must have just finished marching up Main Street.

Notice the sign on the lamp post for Disneyland's "tencennial".

Also from August, 1965 is this colorful and busy photo over near the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship (striped sails unfurled, my favorite look) and the Mad Tea Party; the new rectangular Skyway gondolas pass overhead.  So nice!


A few days ago, Junior Gorilla extraordinaire JG mentioned that he'd taken the opportunity to have his picture taken while sitting on Ariel's throne (this was back in 2008). We demanded to see the photo, and JG was nice enough to find it, scan it, and he has allowed me to share it with you. At no additional cost! He asked if I could obscure his face (because the Yakuza is probably after him) so I pixellated it, but left his flowing hair. THANKS, JG!


Nanook said...

My many adoring fans often request 'my sails be unfurled', too. (No wonder I'm so fond of that Pirate Ship-!) The lady in the 2nd image with the red pants is carrying a Kodak Brownie Starflash Camera in red. Gotta love her hat - I'd love to see it on her head.

Oh, JG... I'd still recognize you anywhere-! Thanks for sharing this image.

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

Skull Rock is playing peek-a-boo with us, in that first pic. And I guess JG is doing the same, in the second pic! I need to learn how to "pixelate." It's looks so much better than a big white oval over someone's face. I have a very similar photo of a friend sitting on Ariel's throne, after she had gone home for the evening.

Thanks for sharing your photo with us, JG! And thanks, Major, too!

Chuck said...

Mickey put that baton to good use just five Augusts later. Filthy Yippeeses.

Is that Vesey Walker walking away from us?

Despite the crowd, I love the pirate ship photo. Skyway buckets docked in orbit over Fantasyland, a couple of teacups and both the "Entrance" and "Exit" signs from that attraction, even a glimpse of Tina Tuna on the Jolly Roger's prow - what's not to love (other than the fact that none of us are there)?

JG, I love that photo! You've given me the shell of a remodeling idea for the throne in our master bath.

TM!, you must hang out with some real bandits. How on Earth did your friend manage to get that throne back to her home that evening?

TokyoMagic! said...

Chuck, we discovered that the throne was attached to the rocks just by simple hooks, so we lifted it up off of the hooks...... ;-)

"Lou and Sue" said...

Fun pics, Major! Thank you!

Thanks for sharing your picture, JG! All you need is a little Sebastian sitting alongside of you.

Happy Friday and weekend, everyone!

MRaymond said...

I think JG wanted his face obscured because he might want to go to the beach someday. You wouldn't want to be enjoying a swim in the ocean and have a wayward trident snag you. It's not a good idea to sit on someone's throne.

JG said...

Photo 1 is the kind of meet-and-greet that started it all, unscripted and charming. Interesting to see the development of the character costume in such a short time. Great picture, they could use that as a publicity shot.

Photo 2, Tom Hanks goes to Disneyland. Lots of good things in that shot.

Sue, photo 3 is just for you, but I’m glad the rest of the gang is enjoying it. That was definitely a spur of the moment picture. I can’t remember if I had to step over a rope or not. It was late in the day. Look close to see the edge of the turntable that pivots the throne back into the cave. Good way to deliver Ariel when she can’t walk in her fin costume.

Major, thanks for these, and for posting my pic.

Happy Friday All!


Grant said...

Really nice photos this morning Major.

Chuck, The band guy walking away looks like he's carrying a trombone, plus Vesey Walker had white hair so I'd say that's not him.

JG, you look just like I imagined. :D

Red pants lady's hat totally gives away the mid 60s time period. Too cool.

DrGoat said...

I love starting the morning with a laugh! Thanks Tokyo and all.
The first pic is just peachy. 1965 was such a good year to be a teenager. We went to Disneyland twice that year and the year after. I think my Mom knew that things would change soon, with my sister going off to college the next year and me becoming a slightly annoying, rock and roll loving sophomore in HS. The best of times.
JG, Not much I can say that hasn't been said already, but dig the hair and choice of pixels! That's very chivalrous of you, sitting off to the side, awaiting Sebastian to show up. Thanks Sue.
Thanks Major and JG
Have a good weekend everyone.
Use your royal power to send some rain our way JG.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I thought you were a steam vessel! I’ll bet anything that lady’s hate was purchased not long before at a hat stand in Disneyland.

TokyoMagic!, Skull Rock sometimes feels shy, it’s all that drooling. We know he can’t help it! I was tempted to use your white oval, or new Orphan Annie eyes, but finally went with the pixellated look to distinguish myself.

Chuck, I don’t think that’s Vesey Walker, he had white hair by that point, though I do believe he was still marching with the band (on occasion) in 1965. “Despite the crowd…”? I think that it’s the crowd that adds to the appeal of that second photo! But I know what you mean, sometimes you can’t see the Disneyland for the people. You definitely need a seashell “throne” for your master bath, it should automatically open as you approach. Easy, these days!

TokyoMagic!, at some point you’d think that Disneyland’s managers would learn that hooks were just no darn good.

Lou and Sue, aw, I wish I’d thought to add Sebastian! Especially since Samuel Wright just passed away.

MRaymond, that’s right, sitting on the throne when you’re not “one of them” can result in serious consequences! A trident in the butt is best avoided.

JG, I think it’s interesting that Mickey finished his parade, and didn’t even go backstage for a piece of cheese; he just stopped to shake hands with fans. I agree, it looks like a guide book photo! “Tom Hanks” looks like he’s in his Forest Gump getup. I used to have friends who would step over ropes and go behind barriers, I always worried that they’d get us in trouble, and of course nothing ever happened. I can’t help thinking of an adorable Ariel behind that shell!

Grant, yes, the trombone and the dark hair are pretty good hints that it’s not Vesey. Sadly. Red Pants Lady definitely has a look, she’s not afraid of color!

Kathy! said...

These photos are a carousel of color! Shorts-wearing man in the first picture looks out of place among the other outfits of that time, though he’d be considered dressed up today with that white collared shirt. And I think I spy a Roastie Toastie clown. The lady in the pink shirt in the second pic has a nice Disneyland map, I wonder if she kept it unwrinkled all day. Thanks for sharing the shell photo, JG, I hadn’t thought about Ariel on that throne for years. And thanks, Major.

Anonymous said...

So now we know JG. You perhaps stepped over the rope for a picture. Don't want Disney Security to identify you. You'll be banned for life! Then again, at my age, I always come out 'pixelated'. KS

Major Pepperidge said...

Kathy!, it’s true, there’s something about the quality of the color in today’s slides… it’s surprising how much slides can vary depending on the film used, and the era the photos were taken. I have Kodachromes that look pretty bad, and others that are incredible. Even now I think it’s odd to see men of a certain age wearing shorts, especially with the long black socks. Just me I guess. Oh yeah, there’s a souvenir map! That would be the one with the green border with the stars, the last Sam McKim map. It’s a good one.

KS, Disney probably has the technology to un-pixellate JG’s face. He’s going to get a loud knock on his door late at night!

"Lou and Sue" said...

I bet DW can add Sebastian to JG’s photo!


That does look like Tom Hanks! From being at Disneyland as a guest or employee I’ve seen probably 50+ celebrities at the park. And a few sightings really stand out . However one of them was in the early 90’s and seeing Tom Hanks between the Matterhorn and Alice and refuse to sign an autograph for a kid and his ( mom? Aunt? Older sister?) I understand everyone needs some privacy , but it was the way he responded. I and the friends I was with I always remembered seeing that and have remembered that. I hope Hank’s recalls that moment the when all celebrities experience the “ fans stop asking for autographs” point in their career ......

I know many collectors with various versions of the Disneyland lamppost placards ..... from the 50’s thru the 2000’s ..... but I’ve never see. Anyone with or selling that “Disneyland ‘65” version in image #1. One must exist somewhere!

Also in image #1 : odd that the popcorn wagon in actually in the street and not on the sidewalk or in a popcorn wagon planter niche. Or I’m I just seeing things?

"Lou and Sue" said...

Mike, who was your favorite star to see, and why?

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Man that guy's life is exciting. I would love to have the Yakuza after me. All I ever get is Jehovah Witness and process servers coming to my door. Nice photos, thanks to all for sharing.


Well, I’m not someone who ever gets star struck unless it was someone from like the 60’s or 70’s lol..... but I may have told this story on here before , but around 1996 my friends Scott , Ken and I ride STAR TOURS about 20 minutes before park closing. There were not many guests and we had to wait awhile as the cast member tried to fill the last straggling guests into the StarSpeeder. While sitting there we heard from behind us “ Obiwan Kenobi , your my only help”. .... the three of us all turned around and it was actress Carrie Fischer with a friend and what I assume were bodyguards judging from their build. We were going to be riding STAR TOURS WITH Princess Leah!! We all three looked few seconds with dumb smiles EXCEPT Ken who said “ princess Leah , I know you...” LOL!! Today Ken insists he didn’t say anything but Scott and I heard it! Carrie said “hello” and we said hi back and turned around .... not starstruck but dumbstruck!

Anonymous said...

@KS & MRaymond, between King Neptune's Secret Police, the Yakuza, and Disney Security, I have to keep a low profile.

TBH I don't recall if there was any rope to step over. The location was deserted or I wouldn't have done it.

@Kathy, I'm glad the photo sparked a memory for you. That's the best part of GDB.

@Major, I wore my best white socks for this photo, knowing it would be published some day.


"Lou and Sue" said...

JG, thank goodness you weren’t wearing white socks with sandals, or black socks with dress shoes (with shorts), or high heels! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sue, I only wear heels on formal occasions, like being chased by the Yakuza.


Major Pepperidge said...

Lou and Sue, I’m sure he can! I could too, but of course this is yet another “mom day” and I won’t be home until late.

Mike Cozart, wow, I’ve only seen one or two famous people at Disneyland. Ted Danson for sure! I feel bad for someone like Tom Hanks, who is “America’s Dad”; his whole reputation is that he’s the nicest guy. But I’m sure that a place like Disneyland would be unbearable if he stopped to sign an autograph every time somebody wanted one, even a cute young kid. It’s too bad he didn’t have a pocket full of pre-signed slips of paper, like Walt used to do. I’d love to have a “Disneyland ’65” sign, and feel like maybe Van Eaton Galleries had one, but I might be completely making that up. Now that you point it out, why IS the popcorn cart in the street??

Lou and Sue, this should be good!

Alonzo, when you live the kind of life that JG lives, you can’t let your guard down for a moment. I get Jehovah’s Witnesses, but luckily no process servers!

Mike Cozart, whoa, seeing Carrie Fischer, ON “STAR TOURS”, is crazy! Funny that your friend doesn’t remember speaking to her, but you do. I’d like to believe that I’ve kept my cool when meeting the few celebrities that have crossed my path. Like you, I am generally not star struck, but it is fun to see famous folks, and L.A. is a good place to run into them.

JG, my guess is that there was no rope to step over; with no princess there, it probably didn’t draw a lot of attention. Or maybe it did! I’m glad you wore white socks instead of black ones.

Lou and Sue, my brother still wears socks with sandals, I don’t get it.

JG, ha ha, I never wear heels to Disneyland!

Nanook said...

Not only is that Popcorn wagon parked in the street, there appears to be a very shallow pan underneath it. I'm fairly certain it's parked on the north side of East Plaza Street - opposite Plaza Apts./Carefree Corner. There are other shots picturing a popcorn wagon in that same spot.