Saturday, May 08, 2021

Vintage Peeps

I always get a kick out of vintage photos of people. Hopefully you do too!

First up is this cute picture of grandma and her four kids (undated). All of the kids have the same nose as her! I can't tell if grandma just has a big yard, or if she lives on a farm. I love that the two oldest kids have their cowgirl and cowboy hats on, maybe those were brand new, though they color-coordinate with their outfits. The little girl in pink looks like she's not so sure if the dog is friendly, or if he will remove one of her hands. He looks OK!

Here's another undated photo, but it has to be from the 1940s, don't you think? Two ladies show off their mink coats while standing atop a pile of timbers; it looks like a nice cabin or home in the woods was underway. Or maybe something else was going on! I have no idea what kind of vehicle is to the right of the ladies. This photo has the look of Technicolor's early two-color process, but I think that's just coincidental.

From June, 1958 comes this scan of a photo that might be a church gathering of some kind (looks like they're in a basement, judging by that low ceiling), perhaps after a wedding or christening. Just guesses of course! I hope you like slices of white bread (which I do), along with other unidentified foodstuffs. Maybe a molded salmon mousse? Are those cupcakes? That's probably a genuine Cézanne hanging on the wall.

And how about this fun photo of a kid (bundled up against the cold) aboard his very cool stroller? He has the swagger much like a man driving a Porsche. "Ring-a-ding-ding! What say you and me go get a drink?". He means Ovaltine of course.

The stroller is a "Taylor Tot", and there are plenty of them (and pieces of them) on eBay, so they must have been pretty popular in their day. I'd love to see one of these at Disneyland!


TokyoMagic! said...

Personally, I like my vintage peeps blown up in the microwave! (Sue!)

For some reason, that first pic makes me think of the line, "C'mon! Everybody into the storm cellar!"

Those mink coats are nice, but if had one, I'd take the scissors to it and remove both sleeves. I would also cut about 3 feet off of the bottom. Why would I do that, did you ask? So that I could be the first person to ever wear a mink t-shirt.

JC Shannon said...

I'm betting on a well digging rig in the mink sisters snap. I was, and still am a Roy Rogers and Dale fan. I have a picture of me in Sun Valley, on a horse sporting a cowboy hat, fringed vest and boots. Talk about stylin. I think the painting in the church basement is a paint by numbers Van Gogh. Tres chic. These old photos are fun to make up stories about whilst swilling coffee in the wee small hours of the morning. Thanks Major.

Andrew said...

Would the stroller mob be more tolerable if they only rented vintage strollers, like this one and the '64-'65 World's Fair Corvettes? They look spacious enough to me.

Thanks, Major.

"Lou and Sue" said...

TokyoMagic! It sounds like you’re leaving the collar on, so you’ll probably be wearing a mink polo shirt! Classy! Years ago I worked for a very wealthy family...they bought their newborn granddaughter a mink receiving blanket (for the kid to puke on). Nice people to work for, but they had more money than they knew what to do with.

That little baby in the first picture is a DOLL! So cute!

Thanks, Major! Will stop back later...

zach said...

Vintage People- could be a band name in the 70s.

What is that contraption in Grandma's yard? Maybe an early trampoline prototype.

The hats were a two-fer at the General Store.

These are a perfect slice of Americana for a modern Saturday morning. Thanks, Major


Melissa said...

1. I love Grandma’s butterfly dress! The whole family has pretty spiffy taste in clothes.

2. I also spy a facial resemblance between the Mink Sisters. And I see they’ve adopted my twin-fashion rule of “The Same, But Different” for their hats and bags. Until proven otherwise, I’m going to assume they are a dashing pair of French-Canadian fur trappers, and that vehicle is full of their winter’s haul, ready to take to town and trade for a barrel of poutine.

3. As the veteran of 1,001 church suppers, I concur with your guess about the setting being a church basement and that dish being a ring mold of some kind. You never know what you’re going to find molded into a ring at a church supper. As the saying goes, three rings for the Elven-kings under the sky, seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone, four full of fruit for the Baptists to try, and one Lutheran aspic that stands on its own.

4. Vrrrroooooooom!

Chuck said...

I think Jonathan's theory is sound about the well-digging rig. Whatever it is, it requires a megaphone.

Melissa said...

I loved the Vintage People’s smash hit “In the Coast Guard Reserves.”

Bu said...

Two words: "Mink Flashers".

Melissa said...

I loved the Mink Flashers’ smash hit “Fur Elise.”

JG said...

Another vote for well rig, but I thought the megaphone might be an oil can.

We have pics of my wife’s dad & uncle in their cowboy costumes, complete with cap pistols.

Like Melissa, I have been in that basement room full of Lutherans many times. Good times really.

Thanks Major.


JG said...

On closer look, the “megaphone” might be an “elephant foot” for leveling the rig. It seems to have a threaded rod coming out of the top. The dunnage is piled up so the leveling feet don’t have to reach all the way to the ground.


JG said...

So, check this picture out. Might be the same model rig.

At first I thought the partial name visible was the manufacturer, but looking at the linked pic, it might be the name of the drilling contractor instead.


Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, with the high-fashion world being what it is, I’ll bet somebody has already come up with a mink t-shirt - and mink “everything else” too!

Jonathan, well digging makes sense out in those woods. Gotta have that hard water! I like Roy and Dale too, I’ll have to share photos of some of my fun Roy Rogers collectibles from the ‘50s. And I’ll have to share a great photo of my mom and her cousins when they were kids, all decked out in new western outfits, including the world’s stiffest blue jeans.

Andrew, I have to admit that a cool stroller would make some of the issues a little more tolerable, but most parents want a giant catch-all for their stuff as well as their bambinos.

Lou and Sue, a mink receiving blanket, yeesh. But I guess when you’re rich, part of the deal is figuring out what dumb things you can blow your money on. Maybe it’s because I’m older and wiser, but I’d like to think that if I ever struck it rich, I’d try to help people in need. Maybe in reality I would just become greedier!

zach, yes, that was actually supposed to be the idea - “Vintage People”! See them at Studio 54. I think that contraption might be part of an old bed? Though why it would be out in the yard I can’t say. Glad you enjoyed these!

Melissa, I didn’t even notice the butterflies. As usual. I also thought that the two mink ladies looked related, though I’m not sure about them being twins. Fur trappers in little flowered hats? Our old church in Pennsylvania had the “meeting room” in the basement, after the service we could go down there for juice and cookies (coffee for the grownups of course). The juice was always some sort of red fruit punch, maybe Hi-C.

Chuck, I carry a megaphone wherever I go, and I’m not digging any wells!

Melissa, “We only work one weekend a month!”.

Bu, I guess those gals are flashing their gams??

Melissa, I remember the MTV video.

JG, OK, I guess I really do need to share the photo of my mom and her cousins in their western gear - it’s a pretty cute picture. 1947-ish. I mostly experienced a basement full of Episcopalians!

JG, I think you’re right about the “elephant foot”, though I’ve never heard that term before.

JG (going for a third comment!), I agree, those do look like the same rigs!

Grant said...

Farm fam: I was picturing the Wizard of Oz... It's a twister!

Mink coat ladies: What goes better with a full length mink coat than galoshes. :D

A mink t-shirt. There's a need waiting to be filled. LOL

Social gathering: Another church get together vote here.

Taylor Tot stroller: So mom does the pushing and the kid does the steering. What could go wrong? ;)

Now I have the Vintage People's hit song stuck in my head. Holl-E-wood Hotel, it's fun to stay at the Holl-E-wood hotel.

I love vintage peeps pics. Thanks Major!!

Irene said...

In my old home movies there are some of brother Bruce in one of those strollers - even that outfit! (and we were raised in Southern California!!!). I agree the mink coat ladies are from the 1940's. Major - I want to see those pictures of your mom in her cowboy get up. Again going back to the home movies, there is a segment of Bruce and me at Christmas in the mid 50's with our "haul" and I'm wearing my cowgirl get up with my cap guns. I also want to see your Roy and Dale stuff. I was a huge fan.

Nanook said...

TM! Slipped another one past you in his reference to the "Mink T-shirt". This one would come from Season 1, Episode 9 of I Love Lucy - "The Fur Coat". "Congratulations, Ethel. You're the first woman ever to wear a mink T-shirt."

@ Sue-
(And I thought a mink bed jacket was extravagant-!) “To acquire money requires valor, to keep money requires prudence, and to spend money well is an art.”

@ zach-
I was thinking that 'framed contraption' was a homemade trellis of some sort, that had seen better days.

@ Melissa-
You ain't kidding about that 'farm family's' fashion sense. I noticed that butterfly dress straight-away. And the rest of her clan is looking right-nice, too. Even Junior's jacket has been adorned with some sort of sequins or 'tasteful' rhinestones. (Had this been a couple of decades later, a BeDazzler™ might have been responsible for all that glitz).

@ JG-
Nice work, there. My initial thought was a megaphone of some kind too, but on closer inspection that clearly didn't fly. I think you got it.

@ Grant-
Brilliant analysis on the Taylor Tot - clearly American ingenuity at its finest... or not-!

Thanks, Major. What a grand assortment of Americana images.

Chuck said...

JG, I think you're right about the elephant foot, although drilling rigs can get pretty loud.

"Hey, Bert! How's the well coming along?"


"I said, 'Hey, Bert! How's the well coming along?'"



"Use the megaphone!"


"I said, 'Use the megaphone!'"






Nanook said...

On careful inspection, I see the Taylor Tot has a "suspension system" as part of its 'drivetrain' in the form of springs. I guess with a non-padded seat, this feature was to 'cushion' the ride. Wow-! (I wonder if the "deLuxe model" included mini shock absorbers-??!!)

Nanook said...

@ Grant-
On more careful inspection (#2), the wooden "steering" handle doesn't steer the vehicle, but merely provides a place for the occupant's hands. Each of the front wheels are independent of one another and from the handle, and rotate as needed, in response to the forces from the stroller. (I do like your idea, though. Just think of all the mischief that could be had-!)

Warren Nielsen said...

Major and all,

Is that a corn field beyond g-ma and the kids?

I concur regarding the drill rig. Cable tool set-up, basically pounds a hole in the ground. I am familiar, as my brother ran one for about 20 years, and helped a lot on drilling my well, his well and our dad's wells.

Stroller kid has that look in his eye that says 'just wait until I get wheels with an engine attached. Watch me go!'

Am I the only one who finds it strange there's no kids in the church basement? Or are they all upstairs tearing up the sanctuary?

Saturday people watching is a lot of fun. Thanks Major.


Melissa said...

I also assumed that the tramapoline, er, trambomboline, er, bed frame was some kind of protective structure for the plants below.

Melissa said...

It looks like it might be a disused crop cage/fruit cage, with the side panels removed and stacked on top.

Sunday Night said...

In pic 2 the juxtaposition of the fur coat clad ladies against the dirty, oily drilling rig is just too much to take visually. Moving on to pic 3.

Pic 3: These are certainly nice church folk and probably in the church basement as already stated. I don't think it is a wedding or christening. In those cases I think the table decorations would be different. I vote for some other event. Perhaps a church anniversary? I think the gray-haired gentlemen is the pastor, and the men after him are deacons. It appears the molded dessert is not that popular. The pastor choose the cupcake so I guess it is OK to pass up the molded dessert? Detail of note: A light switch and electric outlet are installed on the ceiling.

These photos are great. Thanks Major.
Melissa, that "Ring" poem is hilarious.

Major Pepperidge said...

Grant, the first fam definitely looks like they could be in Kansas - tornado country! And I do love the mink coats with the galoshes, a unique look. I wonder if the kid actually can steer, or if the handle is just something for them to hang on to? Hard to tell. Glad you liked these!

Irene, based on how many of those strollers are on eBay (or were when I last looked), they must have been very popular for a time. Don’t worry, I will definitely share the photos of my mom and her cousins, it’s one of my favorite photos of her. Aw, I’ll bet you and Bruce looked cute in your cowgirl and cowboy outfits! I need to take more photos of “stuff”, and will be sure to do some Roy Rogers and Hopalong Cassidy items.

Nanook, the funny thing is, I had an inkling that that might be an ILL reference. But… ignorance is bliss, especially in this case.

Chuck, if only Abbot and Costello were still around to perform your mini-play!

Nanook, the “deluxe” model had heated seats, a cupholder, and radio! Somehow I think that even with the suspension system, the Taylor Tot could be mighty bouncy and bumpy.

Nanook, as long as the kid THINKS he is in control, that might be enough. Look at the countless kiddy park rides that go around and around, but have a steering wheel for the children. Come to think of it, it’s much like the Motor Boat Cruise, too.

Warren Nielsen, (nice to hear from you!!), that could very well be a cornfield… there sure are a lot of those in the midwest. Sounds the the “drill rig” was more of a hammering sort of tool?? A drill sounds more efficient. Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you mean. And yes, stroller kid looks like trouble with a capital “T”. The kids in the church might have all been in Sunday school, at some point during the church service when I was growing up, all the kids left for the little classroom buildings for the rest of “church time”.

Melissa, I guess that “bedframe” could be protection for plants, but it seems like it wasn’t built for that purpose.

Melissa again, well, I guess I am not knowledgeable enough to even make a good guess!

Sunday Night, I have to admit that the “mink ladies” is one of my favorites today. I was wondering in the church gathering could be for a funeral, though you would expect at least a few kids to be there. Maybe you are right, it was for some other occasion. It could be anything I guess. As for the molded thing (might not be dessert?), I used to go to a fancy buffet with various molded items that were so glossy and perfect that I think that folks didn’t want to be the first person to ruin them. I always wondered if they survived the night without a single taker.

JG said...

Chuck and Major, that is a great sketch.

I don’t know if elephant foot is a real term or not, I just sort of made it up on the spot to describe the function, and look what you did with it,



Anonymous said...

We had a Taylor Tot stroller when I was a youngster. I was about 2.5 years old when I accidentally rode it down an interior flight of stairs, my face banging repeatedly on the front part as I tumbled. Those springs you see near the wheels were perfectly located to get toes caught in, too

"Lou and Sue" said...

Anon., that sounds awful! Do you remember that happening, or did your family tell you about it when you were older? I sure hope you weren’t hurt (though I fear you had to end up badly bruised).