Sunday, May 09, 2021

Shoulda Been Rejects, August 1966

I almost tossed today's scans into my computer's trash can, but then I remembered that I need stuff for Sundays. A day of rest for many, a day for me to use up crummy slides. 

All of these are very dark; I don't know whether the photographer had his aperture set wrong, or if there was something wonky with the film itself. But daaaannng, those forest shadows are dark and scary. Who knows what sort of snarks and grumpkins live in there, just waiting to eat us? Still, I always love ol' Cascade Peak. We can see two chimneys from the roof of the Haunted Mansion.

I wonder why the photographer chose to click the camera shutter for this scene? Was it a mistake? We mostly just see trees and water, with a bit of the Indian Village barely edging in from the left. Maybe there was a petrified moose or elk dead ahead. Some Pack Mules can just be discerned to the right.

Over at the Sacred Elephant Bathing Pool, it's hard to tell what is rock and what is pachyderm. The only way to tell for sure is to poke everything with a pointed stick and see how it goes. That's pretty much how I go through life.


Nanook said...

I think the photographer was going for the fake 3D look, by capturing a small portion of a hand railing in the foreground of each shot. (He/she merely messed-up in the first shot).

Happy Mother's Day. Thanks, Major.

"Lou and Sue" said...

Oh boy, that last one really is bad. And it's hard for me to say that about any Jungle Cruise image. It almost looks like one of those old time movie scenes where they use a filter to make the scene look like night.

Like Nanook just said, Happy Mother's Day! And Happy Sunday, everyone!

Thanks, Major! And don't run with that pointed stick!

K. Martinez said...

Love the murky black waters in these pics. I half expect to see the Gill Man from "Creature from the Black Lagoon" emerge from the murky black waters.

Happy To Be Alive Day, everyone! Yippie!

Thanks, Major! Every Disneyland pic has some value.

Melissa said...

The first two pictures have some really nice reflections on the water. The woods do look kind of dark and sinister. Like that scene in Snow White where all the trees are trying to grab our plucky little heroine.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
Which makes it easier to creep
Up on the campers who’re asleep,
Up on the campers who’re asleep.

A happy Mother’s Day to all.

JC Shannon said...

This guy needs to spend a couple of hours with Lou. It's hard to flub a Cascade Peak shot, but hey, lookie here. But, it's Sunday and Mother's Day, so we will cut him a break. I like your pointed stick approach to life, Major. But, never attempt this procedure with a Grizzly unless you have an unlimited supply of Baby Ruths. They might accept Clark Bars, if they like you. Happy Mothers Day everyone. Thanks Major.

JG said...

Any photo of Disneyland is fine with me.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, especially the ones who took their kids to Disneyland.

Thanks Major!


zach said...

Ditto, Happy Mother's Day! It's a beautiful day here and I wish the same to you.

The scans are fine, Major, for a Snoozer Sunday. Thanks for saving them from the Recycle Bin.


Nanook said...

@ JC Shannon-
"...never attempt this procedure with a Grizzly unless you have an unlimited supply of Baby Ruths. They might accept Clark Bars, if they like you". You sound like a man who speaks from experience-!

@ JG-
I second that thought about those 'special' Moms & Disneyland. My mom was one of those; as I remember a trip to Disneyland some time in the 1950's - with just two Moms and three kids - that also included a stay at the Disneyland Hotel, obviously in the original garden rooms-! Special thanks, indeed.

Bu said...

More papeese...that village gets a lot of camera action for probably being one of the most low tech "animatronics' in the Park. I call Cascade Peak "Matterhorn Deux". The forced perspective really made it look huge looking up at it. After Big Thunder was built my friends and I would try to figure out how we GOT to that mountain..."it's so big, it has to be inhabited"...right? We got distracted and our hunt led to other shennanigans. It's hard to imagine the Mark Twain and the Columbia negotiating that curve in the river- it looks tiny- that rock is one of the rocks we hit during the canoe races which disqualified us :( The next year I got crew members that paid attention :) Mothers Day was always a very sweet day at the Main Gate where all moms got a carnation to wear that day- it was a very nice thought, (like giving out the little flag pins on 4th of July.) I'm hoping the finance people have not nixed that tradition. Moms would be wearing the oversized school-made jewelry of giant flowers made with flour dough...giant pins...and for a day, appearance guidelines were slightly relaxed for the working moms that had their kids visiting the park for a day.

"Lou and Sue" said...

:) JC Shannon, my dad will appreciate your kind words, but he’ll be the first to admit he took a lot of so-so shots.

Bu, did your team hit that rock head-on, or just graze it?? I hope no one got hurt.
Thank you for your Mother’s Day information—as always I learn something new from you and the other wonderful junior gorillas who share here.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, your theory is as good as any! I wouldn’t even mind the railings so much if the rest of the pictures hadn’t turned so murky.

Lou and Sue, I really do wonder if the problem with the photo was one that plagued every picture the photographer ever took? Maybe they didn’t understand the settings and they had thousands of “too dark” photos. You’re right, the last one really does look like a “day for night” scene. Happy Mother’s Day, I should have said it too. I’ll be sure to put a cork on the end of the pointed stick when I run with it!

K. Martinez, interesting that you bought up the Gill Man, it seems like I have been finding a lot of references to that creature and that movie, just coincidentally. Still one of the best-designed monsters ever - I read that the various artists spent SIX MONTHS on the look, and it shows.

Melissa, that scary scene in Snow White is one of my favorites. I always love the scary stuff! Thanks for another nice poem.

Jonathan, I wonder if Lou could have taken one look at the camera setup and seen the problem? “Excuse me, but your aperture should be opened wider!”. Of all three photos, the Cascade Peak one is my favorite, it’s still not terrible. And I learned that Grizzly bears don’t like “3 Musketeers” bars - learned it the hard way.

JG, I’m going to have to call my mom ASAP!

zach, it is really nice here too, not too hot. YET. A good day to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

Nanook, I think a lot of my childhood trips were due to my grandparents (my grandpa, especially), and also my dad (for “Navy Nites”), but we did go sometimes because my mom just wanted to go. I still remember her taking us, paying admission, and we just rode the train!

Bu, the Cascade Peak illusion was good early on, but they let the trees get too big, and eventually there were trees that were taller than the peak. They should have replaced them with smaller ones! Funny that if a canoe hit that rock, it was disqualified - it must have happened a lot. I didn’t know the park gave out carnations on Mother’s Day! A new piece of trivia. I’d be amazed if that still happens. Flour dough pins! We made those! And yes, I made a flower, I guess the teacher told us to to do that, but forget. We also made flour dough Christmas ornaments.

Lou and Sue, I think every photographer gets some clinkers in the mix, but Lou obviously got a LOT of great shots, probably a much higher percentage than regular folks.

DrGoat said...

Happy Mother's day to all Mothers, some with us and some not with us anymore.
And Yeah, K. It is a Happy to be Alive Day. Truly.
Thanks Major.
PS The best thing about digital cameras for me was I could delete bad photos right then and there. Out of ten photos, I end up with 3 or 4 I'll keep.

Sunday Night said...

I think the dark photos are an exposure issue. Who knows, perhaps our photographer was using a separate hand held light meter and just forget to re-calibrate for the scene. Lots to think about in the days before built-in automatic exposure.

Re: Mom: When I was a kid, to get a trip to Disneyland (which we did about once a year) we always started with mom - Us: "Can we go to Disneyland soon?" Mom: "I'll talk to your father." After that we constantly reminded her and just waited. Then one day out of the blue - Mom: "Your dad says we can go to Disneyland". Thanks Mom for being our representative to Dad! Happy Mother's Day!

Major Pepperidge said...

DrGoat, yes, I think it's safe to say that Mother's Day can be for all mothers, even if they are only in our memories. And YES, I can't imagine having to pay for prints of all the terrible photos I've taken! It's a real luxury to be able to delete them right away.

SundayNight, you are probably right, though so many people seemed to be able to get their photos "in the ballpark" at least. Thanks for the nice story about your mom being your Disneyland advocate!