Sunday, April 04, 2021

Easter Sunday Special!

Today I have some extra-special photos for Easter Sunday, thanks to Lou Perry and Sue B.! Sue sent me scans of these snapshots, and I already had my April 4th post done. But these photos are so charming that I had to move things around.

First up are two photos from 1968 - not Easter time, but there's adorable bunnies involved, so they qualify!  I asked Sue if she had any memories about the boys or the bunnies that she could share, and here's what she said: Those kids were my friends who lived in the apartment complex you see in the background. When we (my parents and I) moved to a new little house in the suburbs in 1968, my grandmother moved into one of those apartments--which was maybe three miles from us. (My grandpa, who would gross us out with his denture removal trick, had just passed away right before we all moved.) I would stay overnight, at my grandma's, and we'd have lots of fun walking to stores and spending time together.

And there's our Sue, possibly holding that very same rabbit. I think it's good for kids to learn to love and care for gentle animals like this. Sue continues: I enjoyed playing with the kids in her complex and in the neighboring houses. One of the apartment families raised the bunnies, and I LOVED when they would let us kids hold them. You know, I never did find out why they raised those bunnies, and I never thought to ask. Let's hope they raised them for Easter pets.

And from 1965 comes this adorable photo of Sue in her Sunday finest (even a bonnet!), holding her stuffed bunny, "Willy Whiskers", who she still has! 

 Thank you so much to Lou and Sue for these wonderful photos!


Nanook said...

I can't decide who's cuter - Sue or the bunnies. I guess Sue wins, as she has the nicer bonnet-! And that's a 1961 Oldsmobile parked behind the BBQ.

Thanks for sharing these images Sue. (And wish Willy Whiskers a happy Easter for me).

Thanks, Major.

K. Martinez said...

Sue looks so sweet in these Easter themed pics. Always looks like she's enjoying life. At least her childhood.

Thanks for sharing your personal photos with us, Sue. Especially pics of you as a child. They always bring a smile and brighten my day.

TokyoMagic! said...

Sue, you look so cute in your Easter bonnet....with all the frills upon it!

I still have a couple of my childhood plush Easter bunnies, and also some of my old Easter baskets!

I like that mid-century modern piece of furniture behind you! Was that a bar? A console stereo? From what I remember from an earlier photo you shared with us, your parents had some pretty cool furniture.

Thanks for sharing these, Sue and Major!

JC Shannon said...

Judy Garland has nothing on Sue, when it comes to Easter bonnets. What a little cutie. Nothing says Easter like a hutch full of bunnies. This year instead of ham, I am having Cadbury Eggs, chocolate marshmallow bunnies with a Peeps chaser, and a pint of Moose Drool to wash it all down. After my much needed spring sugar buzz, I will go down to Murdoch's and play with the newly hatched chicks. What a party animal I turned out to be. Thanks to Sue, say howdy to Lou for me, for sharing these and Major for his awesome platform.

Andrew said...

So cute! Thanks, Lou and Sue! I hope you have a good Easter.

The local animal shelter does something called a "Bun Run," where you can go and play with the bunnies. My sisters love it.

Stu29573 said...

An Easter home run for Sue! Great pics...with bunnies! How can it get any better? Happy Easter, everyone!

Irene said...

Awww - what great photos to share for Easter! Those bunnies are so cute, no wonder the kids liked to hold them. The picture of Sue for Easter is pure nostalgia remembering how dressed up we all got - it was time for new spring clothes and bring out the hats.
Happy Easter everyone.

MRaymond said...

So cute. I love how everyone used to dress up back in the day. Easter has that effect on people (maybe it's the chocolate high from the Easter basket).
My sister and I were comparing different Easter pics we each had. Apparently, my mom put lots of effort into our Easter outfits. Ah, the 60's.
Happy Easter, everyone.

zach said...

Thank you, Sue, for sharing your personal photos with us. They bring back memories of how we dressed up for Easter. But we got bunny plush, not real ones!

We took 50¢ rolls of pennies to church for the collection plate that we would get from 'Gramma Vicky', the little old lady who lived in a cottage at the back of our neighbors orchard.

The only rabbits in the neighborhood were raised for eating (yikes!) so we tried to never get attached to them.

That table did remind me of our blond television cabinet with what seemed like a 15 inch screen. Big enough to watch Our Gang, Howdy Doody and cartoons, though.

Great post today, Major. It's a beautiful day in the mountains today, and I hope it is well with everyone.


JG said...

Perfect shots for Easter, Major!

Thanks Sue for sharing these.

EasterSunday dress-up photos were done every year until I moved away.

No tame bunnies in my childhood, but plenty of both jackrabbits and cottontails in the River banks. Amazing how fast a jackrabbit flushed from the farm equipment, seems like they could run 60 mph. I did my best to give them a wide berth and not disturb them. Most became hawk food, I suppose, but it’s the Circle of Life.


Anonymous said...

"Lou and Sue"- Great pictures today & also thanks to Major. Happy Easter everybody!


Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, the bunnies are pretty cute, but come on, Li’l Sue in her bonnet! And with Willy Whiskers too!

K. Martinez, I’m trying to remember if my parents dressed us up for Easter. Maybe they got my sister a special dress? But the boys (three of them) just wore our usual church clothes and then we changed back into our “play in the yard” gear.

TokyoMagic!, I remember that you said you still had some of your Easter baskets! Do they hang on nails above your garage? What do you do with an old Easter basket?? I was wondering what that piece of furniture is as well, and my guess is “stereo cabinet”. Or maybe “hi-fi cabinet”, I still remember my dad always talking about the “hi-fi”.

Jonathan, I never thought much about bunnies as pets until a friend of mine asked me to take care of hers while she was away. I did this a bunch of times! And her bunny was so cute and nice, and would stand on its hind legs when I came in the room. It had a lot more personality than I ever gave bunnies credit for! It’s been a while since I’ve had Easter candy, though I was given some candy-covered chocolate eggs about five years ago. What was “Murdoch’s”? At first I thought it must be a bar with that name, but not with newly hatched chicks!

Andrew, aw, bunnies at an animal shelter?! Nooooooo! I have a hard time going to those places because I want to take all of the critters home.

Stu29573, yes, as soon as Sue sent me these photos, I was so grateful. I didn’t know what to share on Easter!

Irene, my friend’s bunny was sweet, but she didn’t seem to like it if I wanted to pick her up, which was a bummer. However, if I sat on the floor, she would climb all over me, and even up to my head to sniff around if she could get up there.

MRaymond, back when I was Sue’s young age, my family was always at church on Sunday, so we did dress up; but we dressed up every Sunday! I always liked that my mom would do an egg hunt, but she would save a bunch of extras to give to any kids who didn’t find that many.

zach, I don’t think I ever got a plush bunny for Easter, although I DID have a stuffed bunny toy from my baby years that was very worn out and well-loved. I suppose it was finally thrown out - which makes me think of the story, “The Velveteen Rabbit”! I love that “Gramma Vicky” gave you rolls of pennies to put in the collection plate. We have so many rabbits on my mom’s street, if I ever go out early in the morning I have to drive slowly to avoid squashing them (it seems like they like the warm asphalt). Why would anybody ever need a television as big as 15 inches?? ;-)

JG, I don’t think I was exposed to bunnies at close range until later, but my experience with rodents is that they might decide to bite. And as the the band “Great White” sang, “Once bitten twice shy”. I never wanted to hold hamsters or guinea pigs or gerbils because I knew I was too delicious for them to resist! I’m OK with rabbits being eaten by hawks or even coyotes, it’s natural. And we sure have no shortage of bunnies.

DW, Happy Easter to you too!

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, most of the old Easter baskets that belonged to my brother and me, are stacked inside of one another, with the exception of maybe one odd-shaped one. They are stored on the top shelf of a closet in my mom's house. At some point, we started reusing them each year instead of getting new ones, sort of like Christmas stockings. We even have one that belonged to my mom, when she was a child, in the 1940s.

"Lou and Sue" said...

Happy Easter, everyone! Thank you for your fun comments!

Yep, Major, that was our "Hi-Fi" - I believe it was a Grundig, from the 50s, with a radio and record player. I still have a few of the record albums that my parents played on it.

Now that a few of you have mentioned you have your Easter photos from your childhood, I hope to see them here, next Easter!

Thanks, Major! We're heading over to visit my dad, now. It's a beautiful day today, in the 70s - so I think we'll get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Kathy! said...

Happy Easter, Major and all! Thank you for sharing the cute pictures, Sue! My cousin had a bunny that loved eating cilantro.

JC Shannon said...

Major, Murdoch's is a ranch supply store. Here in Montana, we work our ranches, we fish our rivers, and every spring ,we play with our baby chicks. Peep, peep, peep, peep yea.

Chuck said...

Thanks for sharing, Sue! These photos are fun.

Happy Easter, everyone!