Sunday, March 07, 2021

Sunday Stuff

It's time for more C-minus to D-plus images for you today. Because... aaaa, you know why! You know better than I do by now. These are both from July, 1966.

When I first scanned this, I honestly could not tell what the heck I was looking at. There's something shiny to the left, and some plants, and a bit of patterned cloth. "Golly, Margaret," I said to my imaginary friend, "I may have to just throw this one away".

But then I poured some kerosene into the ol' Photoshop machine and fired her up. Well, looky looky! This is a scene from the beloved and much-missed Tahitian Terrace show! A beautiful dancer stands in front of a rippling waterfall, mesmerizing all who gaze at her graceful movements. "Margaret, I guess this one is a keeper after all!".

And now for a fairly common look at the old Indian Village, where peaceful and industrious Native Americans scrape hides, dry fish and meat, and prepare for winter.


Nanook said...

Wow, that first one is a keeper. And things really are a hustle -bustle in the Indian Village.

Thanks, Major.

"Lou and Sue" said...

Major, I have to agree with you on that first one...that scene is beloved, much-missed, and a keeper! Thank you for rescuing it!

BTW, Major, you don't need an imaginary friend named Margaret. You already have all of us imaginary internet friends! ;o)

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, that's some pretty spiffy photo shopping you did on the hula dancer shot!

Awwwwwww, how cute! On the far right of that second pic, there are a couple deer, standing on their hind legs and trying to nibble on some leaves from the lower branches of those trees! ;-)

JC Shannon said...

I think our dancer lost a contact lens, her hand is over her eye. Hazards of the job I guess. TM, for some reason I am craving venison. Oh, and some Navaho fry bread with wild honey. Yum. There is a restaurant near the Little Bighorn Battlefield that serves both. It is a must do for us, when we visit the site. Great Sunday photos Major, thanks.

Stu29573 said...

Yep, I couldn't make out the un-shopped photo AT ALL. For some reason my brain said it was somewhere near the Jungle Cruise queue. I guess I wasn't that far off!
For my next trick I will say something that has never been said about the Indian Village.
I got nothin'.

zach said...

Thanks again to David W and the Major for yesterday's post. This morning has me remembering the Fuller Brush man who dropped by occasionally.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

Great job on the photoshopping! It's a miracle! I have no memory of the Tahitian Terrace show, surprisingly, because, girls, so I think, maybe we never went there.

If we can see the Indian Village we are on the Rivers of America which is a good thing.

Thanks, Major.


JG said...

Two worthwhile views today, Major.

Any picture of the TT Floor show is a keeper, and the FIV view is an unusual angle that shows more of the detail past Shiny Boy.

Tokyo, “muffled snort”.

If you haven’t yet, go back check yesterday’s post comments, amazing research.

Thanks everyone.


K. Martinez said...

Major, how is your imaginary friend Margaret doing these days? Do you think she might like to meet Jay Nartubez? I wonder if they would get along?

The Indian Village pic is a good one. I'd love to walk around in the village and see it real close up. Thanks, Major.

JC Shannon said...

Ken, I always wanted to camp out in the village myself. How cool would it be at night? I would dress in my best Native American garb and freeze when the boats went by. Nothing to see here folks. Pay no attention to the man behind the buckskin.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, in spite of its flaws, that first one did turn out to be OK! As for the Indian Village pic, I’m thinking of starting a moratorium on Indian Village views, unless they are nicer than average.

Lou and Sue, as always it makes me a little sad that I never experienced the Tahitian Terrace for myself, especially because I could have! And you aren’t imaginary… just far away.

TokyoMagic!, the Photoshoppin’ wasn’t very complicated, but I appreciate the kudos. And you’ve spotted that species of deer that typically walks around bipedally, what a great detail!

Stu29573, yes, she’s afraid her lens fell into somebody’s pu-pu platter. (Important lesson: never miss out on an opportunity to say “pu-pu”). I’ve never had fry bread, but the name alone makes it sound pretty good. Unlike pu-pu.

Stu29573, yeah, with all those trees overhead, a general “Jungle Cruise” guess was not uncalled for. And just imagine how I feel, trying to think of things to say about the millionth photo of the Mark Twain, or Indian Village, or Small World fa├žade, or….!

zach, yes, thanks to David W. I feel bad that I was unable to participate in the comments after the morning, I had a long busy day away from home and got back late. I figured you guys would understand. I guess today’s first photo was a bit miraculous, because sometimes a dark image just goes gray and grainy when I try to lighten it. I don’t think I was aware of the Tahitian Terrace AT ALL when I was a kid, not the restaurant, or the live show. I think my mom and dad would have enjoyed it, since they loved going to Hawaii.

JG, I’ve noticed that in Indian Village photos from around 1966, you can start to see past the immediate village area, because they rerouted the train tracks and there was now a meadow of sorts beyond the trees. Before that, I guess there was the berm? I’ll have to go back and read yesterday’s comments, though today is another busy one. Life! It comes at you whether you want it to or not.

K. Martinez, she’s pretty good, enjoying Disney+, and she’s taken up hobbies like baking and scrapbooking. Ha ha, “Jay Nartubez”, one of the funniest typos ever! I hope you use that as a pseudonym sometimes. I love the old Indian Village, but all the photos of it look so similar; like I was saying to Nanook, I may have to skip some of those pictures unless they are particularly pretty.

Jonathan, the folks on the boats would be tipped off by your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sleeping bag!

JC Shannon said...

Major, who told?

JG said...

Major, the best Indian village & Mark Twain pics you ever posted were those from the MB, taken from behind Shiny Boy, like the photographer was one of the mannequins. I wonder how he looked to the guests on the watercraft?

I did notice this one didn’t have quite the vertical closure that others have had. I didn’t connect the reasons with the IASW reroute, but it makes sense. I kind of liked the berm closer in, felt more like a protected spot, I guess.

Camping in the village would be awesome.


Chuck said...

Deer are normally pretty wary of people. Weird to see them hanging around camp like this.

I haven't seen Jay in years. Please tell him "hi" for me, Ken.

Major Pepperidge said...

Jonathan, it was all over the tabloids!

JG, oh yeah, those were some from the Mysterious Benefactor, so all credit to him and to whoever the intrepid photographer was. If ONLY I could go backstage and take photos from angles like that! I know what you mean about the berm making things feel a bit cozier, but on the other hand, the frontier is a big place!

Chuck, are you saying that those “deer” are actually aliens?!?! I BELIEVE YOU! Jay Nartubez has an album that’s about to drop, I’ve heard the kids say that it is totally dope. That means good!