Sunday, March 21, 2021

Sunday Snoozers

Here's a pair of real sleep-inducers. It wasn't even worth putting in your eyeballs this morning! (You DO have bionic eyes, don't you?).

Well, it's July, 1966, and here's a not-great photo of the front of "It's a Small World", sort of. The photographer chose an interesting composition, by which I mean "bad". It's as if he really wanted to capture the beauty and majesty of the base of that massive light post, but couldn't figure out how to do it without getting that too-busy fa├žade in the picture. Sometimes it's better to just give up, am I right?

I have to be honest, I'm not really sure where our photographer was standing when he took this blurry photo of Tomorrowland. This was before the Peoplemover and Rocket Jets platform; any ideas? The curved ramp makes me think of the one outside the Carousel of Progress, but that's way over there. It this one had been taken on a sunny day, and was in focus, I might love it a little more.


TokyoMagic! said...

I believe the photographer was aboard the PeopleMover or Monorail, in that second pic. If they were aboard the Monorail, then they would have been taking the pic out the window, while the car was still in the station. Even though that looks like a curved ramp, below, I think it is just a part of the concreted loading area for the Autopia. Although, it could have been an exit ramp from that loading area.

TokyoMagic! said...

By the way, that second photo would have to be from July of 1967 or later, since the Carousel of Progress is open.

"Lou and Sue" said...

In the first image, see the lady with the light-pink dress and lots of platinum blonde hair? It looks like a robin has made a nest and laid two eggs in the back of her large purse(?)! Though, it is now springtime, so that could make sense...

That 2nd image may be blurry, but you can't miss that orange-striped shirt on the man on the left.

Happy Spring!

Thanks, Major!

Nanook said...

I think the photographer of the first image 'mistakenly' thought a picture of the IaSW sign would be cool. We can see how that turned out...

I concur with TM! about the location of the second image, which could help explain the slight blur.

Thanks, Major.

"Lou and Sue" said...

On 2nd glance, something isn't right with that lady with the light-pink dress...I thought she had a large purse slung over her right shoulder - sticking out behind her (where the robin's nest is)...but now I see she's carrying a purse in front of her. What is that "robin's nest" attached to?? What is it actually??

Andrew said...

Ok, it took a bit but I see the "two eggs" now, Sue. My guess is that it's dust on the slide?

Seeing the Skyway buckets makes me think of my Cedar Point Sky Ride model I put together a few days ago. $40 well spent, in my opinion...

JG said...

Another vote with Tokyo, photo from the PM.

I love photo 1 on the principle that every out of the way corner of the Park must be documented somewhere.

I think Chuck will appreciate this reverse angle on that location which briefly held a live show while the Tomorrowland stage was closed for construction.

Thanks Major!


Anonymous said...

Definitely the PM. KS

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, yes I think you’re right; the Rocket Jets platform would have afforded a higher vantage point. And the location in not quite right. Thanks!

TokyoMagic!, I don’t have the slides in front of me, but I must have put “7-1966” on them for some reason! I assume they were date stamped. Maybe I made an error, just not sure.

Lou and Sue, maybe that “purse” is something being carried by the man next to her? Still can’t tell what it is; it looks like it has the Cookie Monster’s googly eyes. You are REALLY looking at the tiniest details!!

Nanook, it’s anyone’s guess; all I know is that photo #1 isn’t great. Hence it is relegated to a Sunday. The blur from a Peoplemover makes sense, so often those photos suffer from the same issue.

Lou and Sue, As I said before, it’s possible that the thing that looks like it is being carried on pink lady’s back is actually being carried by the man to her right. Maybe? It’s just not clear enough to make out what’s going on, unfortunately.

Andrew, if it was dust it would be black, so whatever that was, it was actually in the image. That Cedar Point Sky Ride model is pretty neat! Somebody on Facebook is selling little models of Sky Ride vehicles, and it might be that same person who has a working miniature Sky Ride in their backyard.

JG, I always have this fantasy that, someday, some smart people will be able to construct a vintage Disneyland in VR, and we will be able to walk around it as if we were there. And they would need a photo just like that first one! I’m sure if anybody ever wanted to do such a thing, they’d have to fudge a lot of details.

KS, I think we have a consensus now!

Nanook said...

I think the 'mystery object' is a Jet Pack-!

MRaymond said...

I love the mystery of the second picture. I found an aerial photo from 1971 and that kiosk in the foreground is still there. Definitely taken from the Peoplemover as it passes the Monorail station or from the Monorail itself.
My aerial photos from 66 show construction in that entire area. The curved sidewalk is the Autopia loading area.

TokyoMagic! said...

Andrew, that model is so cool! You should buy a bunch of them and then string them together with fishing line or dental floss! ;-)

Could that mystery object be a camera, slung over the guy's shoulder?

Omnispace said...

That first photo looks totally spontaneous and it really captures the bright and cheerful qualities of "it's a small world". I love how the planter benches and flowers reflect those of the new 1967 Tomorrowland. So perhaps these were taken that year after all.

The second photo sure captures May Gray / June Gloom. The Carousel of Progress has just released a large group of guests after the final presentation of Progress City with that happy song still playing in their heads. There's a good view of the lower entrance ramps with the two waiting areas. I remember being "added" to the theater during the second act. I hope they didn't do that too much since the Kaleidoscopic wall was a treat to see.

Chuck said...

First image - in my head I can hear the clock sound effects just before the dolls march out on the quarter hour. Note the trees on top of the show building. Also note that exceptionally short blue dress to the left. I don't think I could pull that look off myself. I agree with TM! - I was thinking that mystery object might be a camera.

JG, that stage was a bit more to the left of this image, but we're definitely close. Thanks for remembering.

Second image - everybody else had pretty much pointed out everything except for the security host in the lower right corner wearing a white hat and belt and either talking on a radio or sucking his thumb.

Andrew, that model is awesome!

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, THAT’S IT!

MRaymond, I always save good aerial photos, but don’t think I have one from 1971! Cool that the little ticket booth is still there, but I guess the “New Tomorrowland” was still pretty new at that point. There was so much change all the time back in those days; while it seems to me that most of the changes were for the better, I have to wonder if Disneyland enthusiasts of those days mourned things like the removal of the Viewliner.

TokyoMagic!, yes, Andrew’s model is pretty cool, and it really does make a person want to make a whole Sky Ride system. Maybe it could bring gravy from the kitchen to the table! A camera is a great guess for that mystery object.

Omnispace, the perspective of that first photo seems kind of low, as if the photographer was sitting on a bench and just decided to snap a quick photo. Those bright flower beds add so much to every scene, especially in places like Tomorrowland and the Small World Mall, which would probably feel pretty sterile without them. Whenever I tell relatives about SoCal’s “June Gloom” they think I am joking, in their minds it is always sunny and everybody surfs! I sure wish they would return the Progress City model, fully restored, to Disneyland.

Chuck, yes, that Small World clock sound, as if some hollow wooden block was being struck with a mallet; very evocative! I wish I had the slides nearby so I could make sure I didn’t make a mistake, since all evidence seems to point to sometime in 1967, and not 1966. Good eye on the security guard (did they call them “security hosts”??)! I should have noticed him. Maybe he’s eating a donut?

"Lou and Sue" said...

I have to wonder if Disneyland enthusiasts of those days mourned things like the removal of the Viewliner.

Major, a while back I had asked my dad if he thought they had ever "ruined Disneyland," and when? His response was something like, "Yes(!), in 1958(!), when they got rid of the Viewliner!" The Viewliner was his favorite, at that time, and he was sorry to see them shut it down (near the end of 1958). He was fascinated with it and exclaimed to me, "There was this train that ran right through the middle of the park!" :-)