Saturday, February 06, 2021

Camera Club, June 1964

Today's "Anything Goes Saturday" offering consists of a set of photos taken by a random photographer at a beach (no idea where this beach is) who happened to catch what appears to be Camera Club activities. What's a Camera Club? Here's what the Photography Wiki says: Camera Clubs are generally formed by photographers wishing to share their experience with other photographers. Any number of related activities such as photographic outings to interesting locations, exhibitions, competitions and social activities are common. That's a good definition!

So, here we are, down by the shore; I suspect that this is the east coast, but it's just a hunch. You can see the large-format camera on a tripod, and a bevy of young lovelies posing in the shallows. The man to the left needs some Coppertone, he's looking pink.

Oh boy! They're running! I might even be so bold to say that they are frolicking. What a great day this turned out to be.

I thought I'd zoom in on the girls, strictly for tax purposes.

Maybe I need to get in on this photography thing. That young lady is certainly a beauty. Perhaps the woman taking the photo is Bunny Yeager, former pinup model turned pinup photographer; I know, it's unlikely, but a guy can dream, can't he?

Here's Ms. Yeager!

And just because it was in the group, here's one last photo, with no bathing beauties to be seen. 



I’m sorry : this is a follow up response to yesterday’s Omnibus and popcorn wagon post:

Major: those Omnibus ad cards are not painted directly on the bus. They are bolted onto the bus and are removable. I have a country bear jamboree Omnibus ad card and several of the Florida Omnibus ad cards. The Florida versions were lithographed and attached to aluminum panels.

I know the collectors who have the two Disneyland Omnibus ad cards - one set is in Yorba Linda ca, and the other set is in Florida . However each of the two sets were missing a ad card as Country Bear Jamboree replaced a original card : so one collector had a RAINBOW CAVERNS and the other had a SANTA FE & DL R.R. and they both traded ! As to wear the two missing ones are the the Bear band replaced in 1972 ...... it’s a mystery!!

MAJOR: I know of the quick concept blue Storybook land poster art in the E TICKET.... but the art from the WDI exhibit is different from the E ticket version and very refined and detailed .

Also that Omnibus isn’t abandoned - the motorman can be seen collecting tickets from the boarding guests at the base of the rear stairs.

About a year ago TOKYO DISNEYLAND sold a series of miniature popcorn wagon “ROASTY-TOASTIES !! For WORLD BAZAAR there was a clown , WESTERNLAND had TWO! Big Al and a Henry . Fantasyland was POOH , Adventureland had a tiki bird , TOONTOWN had a Goofy .... and I don’t think there was a Tomorrowland in. The series . These sold out very quickly . The reproductions even included the crank and a clear cylinder of “popcorn” inside - just like the prototypes!!

JC Shannon said...

The frolicking photo reminds me of one of those shark movie opening scenes. Ominous music playing in the background. The only thing missing is the dorsal fin in the surf. I'm betting red shirt guy's nickname is Big Bill. Get it? I'm thinking the woman in the red skirt and the babushka, looks a bit like Queen Elizabeth. Was she ever in a shark movie? Thanks Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

I wonder if the man who is turning pink was a part of the group or if he was just passing by at the moment? It almost looks as if he might have just been walking along the beach, and then jumped out of his flip flops in order to get a closer look at the "action."

Melissa said...

I thought a camera club was where I club you over the head and steal your camera!

Oh, man, I really want to be on that beach today! These pictures are a real tonic. We got two feet of snow this week!

The ladies’ bathing suits look both cute and comfortable. I almost missed the sheer babushka on the lady photographer!

@JC Shannon, I heard Queen Elizabeth was supposed to be in The Creature from the Black Lagoon, but she had to open Parliament that week so they had to settle for Julie Adams.

Chuck said...

The term "camera club" reminds me of the joke about the Nikon F3 we used to tell when I was in Combat Camera - it was so heavy (with the motor drive attached) and durable, you could beat somebody to death with one, then use it to take a picture of the corpse.

There are stories of combat cameramen in WW II caught in close quarters combat with enemy soldiers and swinging their equally-heavy-and-durable Kodak Medalists in hand-to-hand combat. Not sure if those stories are true - I heard them all as "they say that..." stories - but
they are definitely plausible. I own a Medalist and can attest it has some considerable heft to it, and in a fight for your life like that, anything handy can become a weapon.

JG said...

The last photo was taken on Tattooine.

Great pictures and commentary, Major. Thanks for the pic of Bunny Yeager, I had heard of her, but never seen a picture. Tax. Purposes.


Nanook said...

I can't remember the last time I went 'frolicking'. Such a lovely word, and uplifting activity. Perhaps tomorrow...

Thanks, Major.

"Lou and Sue" said...

Melissa, I feel the same way you do! I'd like to be at the beach today and all week. We're buried in snow, and our temperature has been (and will be, for at least the next week) in the single digits and sub-zero. Brrrrr! Keep warm!

Major, the babushka-photographer lady is taking a picture of that little man in the sand, not the bathing beauty.

Major Pepperidge said...

Mike Cozart, I was aware that the Omnibus signs were painted on panels that were later applied to the bus. I know the Florida collector you are referring to, he sent me photos of his Omnibus signs. I really wish I still had the catalog from long ago with the five Omnibus cards, I am pretty sure it was a Hake’s Americana auction, but easily 20 years ago, maybe a lot more than that. At the time I know I was seeing something very rare, and I wanted them a LOT. I’m not sure if I have the book you refer to for the Storybook Land art, but I’m going out to my mom’s house today, if I do have it, it will be there. I sold off a lot of my books at one point, that might have been one of them. I was joking about the Omnibus being abandoned! Wow, I love the idea of Roasty-Toastys as souvenirs, WHY did they do them in such limited quantities? I never understand that.

Jonathan, yes, it’s kind of like the scene with Chief Brody on the beach. The one where the kid eventually gets chomped while on his inflatable raft. Queen Elizabeth had a brief cameo in “Jaws”, but she was wearing a one-piece suit and had zinc oxide on her nose.

TokyoMagic!, I think it’s safe to say that the big man was just passing through. Whether he wanted a closer look at the action is hard to say!

Melissa, maybe that’s how they do camera clubs in New York?! I feel like warm beach days will be here all too soon; I totally get why you don’t like your snow, but here in SoCal, we get cool weather so seldom that I enjoy it. Then it’s on to 10 months of “too hot”.

Chuck, that Nikon F3 looks like a real tank of a camera! If they were really used in tropical jungles, you know they had to be durable. It seems hard to believe that a camera would make an effective weapon, but… life is strange! If anything, the Kodak Medalist looks even MORE heavy and cumbersone.

JG, I was thinking that the last photo reminded me of the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk!

Nanook, I think we could all use a little frolic now and then!

Lou and Sue, at least you have that summer humidity to look forward to! Even on cooler days, we can at least go for a walk on the sand and not suffer too much. The water if often too darn icy for my tastes, though.

Melissa said...

I never frolic when I can cavort.

Major Pepperidge said...

Melissa, at least you don't prance.

Dean Finder said...

That 2nd/3rd picture looks like an ad for Juicyfruit gum.

Ms Yeager is likely to put someone's eye out with that brassiere.