Monday, September 02, 2019

Monorail! From Lou and Sue

Here are more great photos from Lou and Sue! They are from 1977, and feature a single Mark III Monorail train as it zoomed past. With his lightning-fast reflexes, Lou managed to capture not one, not two, but THREE images of it, even though it was gone in seconds. Maybe he had one of those motor drives on his camera?

Oh boy, the Monorail is red, and it still has a bubble dome. It is also giving a porpoise-like kiss to that yellow Skyway bucket. Sorry, Monorail, I don't have any sardines for you.

The Alweg name had been removed from the Monorail trains only a year before these photos were taken, even though the Alweg company had been kaputski since 1964 (taken over by Krupp after financial difficulties). And of course the Santa Fe name that also graced the Monorails was gone after 1974.

There she goes! The old Bob Gurr designs are hard to improve upon.

THANK YOU to Lou and Sue!

At the time that I am adding this note, I'm not sure whether I'll be back by tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Nanook said...

The design really is almost timeless.

Thanks, Lou & Sue.

K. Martinez said...

It's The Lou and Sue Show! Yay!

Disneyand-Krupp Monorail System. Somehow it doesn't have the same ring to it.

Wonderful shots of Monorail Red. Always loved those side panels and bubble-top. And I love the fuller windows too. The Mark III monorails were my favorite ever created and built for a Disney park. Bob Gurr really was the best when it came to vehicle design and style. Thanks, Lou and Sue!

Andrew said...

I definitely agree on this being the best Monorail style; I didn't even think about those side panels until someone mentioned them, but now I realize that I really like them.

You also gotta love the perfect gleam off the window in the last pic. Thanks Lou and Sue!

JC Shannon said...

You really can't beat Bob when it comes to design. The Monorail looked fast, even in the station. Great shots today. Thanks to Lou and Sue and Major.


I loved the MARK III’s - I can still hear the sound all the doors would make when they would all pop-open and the sound of the doors being closed one by one as the Monorail attendant would walk down the length of the platform.
It is odd that the ALWEG name was left on until 1976. It’s sad that Monorail Red survived so long after it’s retirement and was displayed in the Rocket Rod preshow and then unceremoniously scrapped to clear the building out for Buzz Lightyear. Quite a big historical loss.

Melissa said...

(They've gone bottoms-up)

"Lou and Sue" said...

Major, if the "Disney-powers-that-be" read your post, they may get ideas to make cute, cuddly, plush stuffed monorails, in every color. Come to think of it, I'm surprised they haven't already done that yet. Or have they?! As I'm typing this, I do recall they made a tiny monorail tsum-tsum . . . but I'm thinking more of a 3-foot long plush monorail. With a squeeker in it.


P.S. Hope you're enjoying your break - we look forward to your return!

Melissa said...

I still have a chocolate monorail I bought at WDW six years ago; I just couldn't bring myself to eat it.

Anonymous said...

Quality Thread: Classic GDB.

Melissa, that stuffed monorail could be a perfect pillow for a kid's bed.

Thanks everyone.