Sunday, September 29, 2019

Little Alpine Village, January 1962

Hoo-boy, these are some junky pix today (WHY did I not name this blog "Junky Pix"??). Both were taken from a speeding Casey Jones Junior Circus Train, the part where we are being chased by goblins. You remember! It feels like we are in a low-flying plane, buzzing a quiet little Alpine Village, blasting our heavy metal music, and littering. Three of the very best things in life, I'm sure you'll all agree.

I've always especially liked the little bridge from Geppetto's Village out to the island (lower left), as well as the guard gate so that barbarians couldn't enter the town and catch the good people unaware.

I am also a big fan of blurry photos! This one was taken from the backside of the mountains (notice the snowy peak in the lower left), giving us an usual reverse angle compared to the first photo.


Nanook said...

Any pictures of Storybook Land are good ones - even the blurry ones.

Thanks, Major.

"Lou and Sue" said...

Oooooooo, I feel like I'm spinning - especially looking at the 2nd pic! But these are still fun to look at. Keep posting and we'll keep enjoying - thanks, Major!


P.S. Nanook, I see you get the cash prize, again!

Nanook said...

@ Lou and Sue-
I'm afraid I've become quite accustomed to the 'lavish lifestyle'. Gotta keep raking-in the Benjamins-!

Andrew said...

Nanook, maybe you'll eventually be able to actually GO to Disneyland that money!

These pictures got me thinking... I know the mountains in the back of the village line up really well with the Matterhorn. Were the mountains in the miniature there before the Matterhorn was built and it just worked out that they looked good together, or were they put in after the Matterhorn?

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, well, non-blurry photos are preferred, but the beauty of Sundays is that I can unload scans that might otherwise be not worth posting!

Lou and Sue, I suppose these do give a similar feeling after being spun around! It’s pretty hard to beat Nanook, especially when he comments 3 minutes after the article published.

Nanook, you have the only estate I’ve ever seen that has seven infinity pools.

Penna. Andre, yes, those mountains were there pre-Matterhorn; I’ve always wondered if the match was actually planned from the beginning or not. There’s concept artwork of a bobsled ride that did not look like the Matterhorn, perhaps that went back to ’55 or ’56.

Nanook said...

Seven-? I think I've been missing one of them-! Well, with so much 'acreage' to explore...

Chuck said...

Nanook, before you spend a lot of time looking for that seventh pool, I totally forgot that you'd loaned it to me. I'll drain it this afternoon and FedEx it back to your estate first thing tomorrow. Many thanks for letting me borrow it again.

JC Shannon said...

I always thought Storybook Land could use a working train. On a day like today, it is snowing to beat the band, these great photos are a welcome distraction. I always wanted an infinity pool, can I borrow one Nanook? Thanks Major.

"Lou and Sue" said...

JC Shannon, approximately where do you live that it's snowing now?? Yikes! - it's going to be a looooong winter for you! Maybe Nanook can let you move into one of his "southern vacation" homes, for this winter. But keep in mind that I already have dibs on his Maui retreat.


Nanook said...

Dear All-
I'm learning more things about myself just by reading these comments-!

Chuck - You're welcome-!

JC Shannon & Sue - Please check with 'my people' before scheduling the use of my trinkets or properties.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, remember, you filled one of them with green jello, just because you can!

Chuck, the spirit of sharing brings tears to my eyes. I’m afraid to mention Nanook’s menagerie of rare animals.

Jonathan, I kind of know what you mean; even though the guests are sort of riding in a toy train (?), it would be fun to see a tiny version moving through the landscape.

Lou and Sue, Jonathan lives on Saturn’s moon Enceladus. Cool and crisp all the time! -324ยบ, just the way I like it.

Nanook, sometimes it takes others to truly see one’s self. (Man, that’s good! I’m giving myself a raise)

JG said...

Major, I will take any pictures of Story Book Land that come my way, especially the reverse angle.

@Penna.Andrew, Major is correct as usual, the SBL Alps came first, but the view across to the later Matterhorn is almost too good to be an accident.

I wasn't aware of the non-Matterhorn bobsled concept, but the Swiss Mountain concept is such a great themed tie-in backdrop to all of Fantasyland.

When the Matterhorn first opened, and for many years after, the guide maps all listed it as part of Tomorrowland, which makes sense since it opened with the TL monorail/submarine complex.

As a kid, I did not know that these were all built together and it seemed weird that the Matterhorn was part of Tomorrowland. At some point, in the '70's I think, the maps were changed and the Matterhorn officially was listed as part of Fantasyland. Which is where it really belongs. The Disney Imagineers could move mountains, apparently.

Thanks Major.


JC Shannon said...

Sue, from yesterday. I live high in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. We even made the national news for this storm! My neighbors are Smokey Bear and Bigfoot.

"Lou and Sue" said...

JC Shannon - I bet it's beautiful where you live (except for the huge snowstorm)!