Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Red Returns, September 1969

It's time to delve back into that folder full of scans of forgotten slides. You never know what you'll find in there! 

Those of you who have been with GDB for many years might remember the lady ("Red") featured today; we previously saw her at Japanese Deer Park, Knott's, and other places. For some reason I skipped some of the slides from her batch, and I'm sorry for it. Here she is, happily meeting Goofy, who is just a little shy. Folks on the Disneyland Railroad wish they were down there with the stars! 

Next, Red patiently waits her turn to meet Mickey Mouse and his pal Pluto. Listen, we've already met Goofy, he's so "five minutes ago". I still love that floral portrait of Mickey, even after all these years.

We'll see Red at least once more!



In that first picture Goofy has just noticed that “Red” has been soaking her hands in Palmolive....a tip she got from Mage.

Mage made a fortune in the 1960’s and 70’s by charging women for expensive high-end manicures when all she did was have them soak their hands in dishwashing soap!!

Melissa said...

Aww, I'm such a sucker for matching siblings, and those adorable pink girls are just too cute.

I absolutely love the look on Red's face in the first picture. that's the kind of feeling we go to Disneyland for, to be turned back into a goofy-grinning kid.

JC Shannon said...

Goofy appears to be quite taken with Ms. Red, and who wouldn't be? She has the red head mystique thing going on. She looks like she is enjoying herself as much as the kiddies, and who could blame her? Goofy is a well known charmer, ladies man and all around smoothie. The Mickster may be the star, but Goofy gets all the girls. I think it may be the hat. Thanks Major, I always liked the flower bed too.

Major Pepperidge said...

Mike Cozart, even as a kid I thought that the idea of soaking one’s hands in a bowl of dishwashing liquid was just strange. Not that I knew anything about getting a manicure, but still! Those ads ran for years though, so they must have been successful.

Melissa, the girls certainly have matching hair! It’s one thing to see kids reacting to the characters, but it’s especially cute to see grown men and women responding in such an open manner. Meanwhile (speaking of kids reacting with characters), watch this adorable video of a little girl saying the ABCs with Kermit the frog! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYIRO97dhII

Jonathan, Red is from the Lucille Ball school of hair care. Presumably the actor inside the Goofy costume is looking out through the mouth, was he wearing some sort of black ski mask sort of thing? All the ladies know that Mickey is “off the market”, but Goofy is unattached. Who wouldn’t love his good nature?

Anonymous said...

These photos are remarkable sharp and clear, you can count the bricks and the points in the complex patterned shingles on roof. Too bad about the huge gnarly drain in the middle of the slurry floor.

Great to see Red again, Major. Glad you revisited that folder.

I was hoping for some attraction posters when I saw the fence, but alas...

I'm off to soak my toenails in dishwashing liquid.


Matthew said...

@ Mike Cozart - I hadn't thought about Madge (Jan Miner... never would have known her name if it wasn't for the internet... see it is good for some things), in a very long time.

@ JG - toenails... that image is just funny.

Interesting thing I learned during my Disney University training... Our Disney pals, especially those who are taller and those with longer snouts (like Pluto, Goofy, Br'er Bear, Br're Fox, etc.), need to tilt there head down when taking a photo so as to "look" into the camera. Looking straight ahead at their height or with that snout makes them appear to stare off into space.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Melissa said...

I rarely get manicures. But when I do, they do have me soak my hands in a bowl of warm water and something that feels like soap. It could be otter bile, for all I know.

Melissa said...

(Maj, I kept thinking that video couldn't get any cuter, and then it ends with a big ol' frogsmooch! Made my day!)

Nanook said...


This must be some sort of 'red letter day'. I would've never thought you'd be making a reference to Lucille Ball-! (I guess it isn't exactly "I Love Lucy"). Carry on.

Major Pepperidge said...

JG, yes, “Mr. Red” must have had a pretty good camera. He and his wife traveled all over, they were amusement park fans, and he took lots of photos of her. It looks like attraction posters were there, but just not in the middle, because of the flower portrait of you-know-who.

Matthew, Madge is up there with Mrs. Olson, Mr. Whipple, Josephine the Plumber, the Maytag Repair Man, Cora (the Maxwell House lady), and so many other great commercial “spokes-characters”. Ha ha, I want the characters to look like they’ve just dropped acid.

Melissa, I soak my nails in a warm bowl of Hormel chili.

Melissa II, yeah, that one is about as cute as it gets!

Nanook, I can acknowledge Lucille Ball’s existence, even if I didn’t like any of her shows. I admit that I feel like there is something wrong with ME, since everybody else truly adores Lucy.