Sunday, February 17, 2019

Canoes and Cascade Peak, July 1960

It's SNOOZEVILLE, daddy-o! Population, us. Sometimes I wonder... is it better to post nothing new on Sundays, or to post images like the ones today?

Well anyhow, there's a canoe, scootin' along so easily in spite of the dozen (or so) passengers aboard. The could try to paddle to the sea, but they'll never get there. Cascade Peak is brand-new at this point; I can't quite tell if I can see a blurry big horned sheep near the top of the photo, or if it's just a bit of rock.

Next is another view of Cascade Peak as seen from the Nature's Wonderland Mine Train. Gotta love those waterfalls!


Nanook said...

Talk about a little Cascade Peak love-! I can almost feel the spray and hear the roar of the falling water. It's pretty wonderful.

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

The photographer might have been using the top of someone's head as a tripod, in that first pic.

As for the second pic, Cascade Peak and it's waterfalls look almost a miniature set from a Davey and Goliath episode. And speaking of Davey and Goliath, there was an episode where Davey nurses an injured horned sheep (or was it a mountain goat?) back to health and then releases it back into the wild.

K. Martinez said...

I love the Canoes at Disneyland. It's one of the attractions I'd make sure to go on whenever it was open while visiting Disneyland. It provides the most unique view of the Rivers of America since you're sitting at water level and it's just plain fun. The lines never seemed long which always concerned me because it might be considered unpopular and removed. So far they're still there. It seems most people are mainly interested in the 'E' ticket attractions. Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! From that angle, Cascade Peak and its waterfalls almost feel like they're part of an HO model railroad. Sort of like the "Mine Train through Nature's Wonderland" model display at Walt's Barn.

Melissa said...

I don't remember ever seeing either a canoe or Cascade Peak from these angles before, so these pictures are definitely worthwhile to me.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, you can really increase the illusion of being next to those waterfalls by looking at your laptop in the shower!

TokyoMagic!, you might be right! Davey Hansen was a good boy who always helped sheep. But never goats! Those are the devil’s creatures. I have modeled the way I walk after the way Davey walks, by sliding each foot along the ground instead of lifting it off the sidewalk. I go through a lot of shoes.

K. Martinez, I think it’s a miracle that the canoes are still in Frontierland, even if it is seasonal. Somehow they survived Pressler’s Purge. These days there is no such thing as a ride that is safe. I still have an envelope of old tickets, mostly A’s and B’s, and I wish I could go back and use every one of them on those little simple rides.

Melissa, the Canoe pic must have been taken from the Mark Twain dock, but I have to admit that many of my photos of it seem to be taken from other vantage points!

Nanook said...

How did you know-? I always type my comments while standing in the shower-!

JC Shannon said...

The canoes are a genius design. So many guests, and riding so low in the water. Does anyone in GDB land know how they were designed? Cascade Peak was so cool I can't tell you how much I loved it as a kid. A feature that added so much to so many attractions. Thanks Major.

stu29573 said...

The sad fact is that movement has gpne from many Disney parks. The water features and overlapping attractions were extremely effective at creating excitement while distracting from mundane things as large crowds or lesser themed areas. I pray at some point, Imagineers and managers will gain even half of the instincts and skill of the originals...

Graffer said...

Any Sunday pics are better than no Sunday pics.

I have seen a couple photos and maybe one old video of when there were large animal(s) on turntable(s) on Cascade Peak. If I remember correctly, they were removed for harming the forced perspective of the peak and for not appearing lifelike.

I agree completely about the elimination of movement in the park. Distant movement is interesting and moves people forward to investigate. (part of the 'Weenie' concept) Smaller waterfall pumps are cheaper to run and who will notice the difference? The removal of the Swiss waterwheel, Keel Boats, People Mover, Skyway, etc have greatly reduced kinetic interest. The time will come when the only movement in the park will be the popcorn wagon crankers.

Anonymous said...

What? The Treehouse waterwheel is no more?? The water system was the most ingenious part of the attraction. KS

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I could smell the Irish Spring!

Jonathan, I have heard very little about the canoes as far as the design goes. It must have been somewhat of a challenge to make a canoe that could hold 20 (or so) grown adults without sinking. And I’m with you, I miss Cascade Peak. It was just there for looks, but it was so great.

stu29573, I’m sure it isn’t easy for today’s Imagineers to work within the confines of a relatively small park like Disneyland, but the loss of things like the Keel Boats or (in Tomorrowland) the Skyway and Peoplemover make a bigger impression than some people realize. I do think today’s Imagineers try their best, but they have to deal with executives making certain demands, public opinion, and other factors that must make things difficult.

Graffer, somewhere on my blog I have a decent set of photos showing one of the mountain goat moving back and forth. I’d never heard that he (or they? was there more than one?) was removed because of forced persepective - I’d read that they startled the passing Pack Mules. I sure notice the wimpier waterfalls (Schweitzer Falls, the Matterhorn, and examples in Storybook Land that just don’t work at all) - seems like they are saving pennies while making big bucks.

KS, as far as I know, all of those beautiful water wheels were removed when the Swiss Family moved out and Tarzan moved in.

Anonymous said...

Major, that does look like a mountain goat up there on the left, but were there ever AA figures on Cascade Peak? Perhaps we are fooled by that faculty of vision that causes saints to appear in toasted bread or wood grain? Mountain goats aren't saints, but I think the point is clear otherwise.

I do enjoy the canoes, but my last few visits have been in the winter, and I don't like being wet and cold. They might not even have been operating, I don't remember.

The canoes were a great ride in the hot summer, as Ken says, the change of viewpoint is enjoyable. I would go around the river several times, on each different watercraft, but those days are gone now.

I always wanted to pirate a canoe and ride around the river the other way, dodging all comers. "D@mn the torpedoes, FULL SPEED AHEAD". I'm sure Disney had a special punishment for anyone trying that. In the years of my wasted youth, I remember seeing a small skiff moored up near the fort, beyond the "treaty line" fence. I'm sure some CM had a task nearby, it would have been a riot to hijack it and go joyriding.