Sunday, January 20, 2019

Two From May 1966

Sunday's the day I try to use up any boring slides (or more boring than usual, I should say); today's examples are from the batch featuring Polly Holliday's sister Molly. We don't see her at all in these, sadly. But I am happy to report that the remaining 10 (or so) scans are really nice! Just you wait and see.

It's Cinderella's Castle in Storybook Land. Favorite thing to do: look for the pumpkin coach on the winding viaduct up the rocky slope. I see it, I see it! It was voted "cutest punkin" in "Pumpkin Fancier" magazine three years in a row. Note the crane, being used to build the "It's a Small World" attraction.

You might think this is a photo of the Mark Twain. You might think that it is passing a rocky promontory called "Cascade Peak". You also might think that the boat is on the Rivers of America. Man, you sure think a lot of things! It must hurt, but I wouldn't know, since I try to think of as little as possible.


Nanook said...


I like your thinking-! Perhaps that's why my head has been hurting so much as of late...

Happy Sunday - the day for non-thinking.

TokyoMagic! said...

I wonder if Molly Holliday ever went back to the park and saw It's A Small World, after it was finished. I hope so!

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, thinking only leads to trouble. This is why I watch lots of reality television - no thinking required.

TokyoMagic!, I hope she did too! Maybe she and her husband had a little bambino a few years later - the perfect excuse to go back.

Melissa said...

Cutest punkin? Hey, that's pretty gourd!

(I got nothin'.)

JC Shannon said...

Well, it's Sunday and snowing. I had to smile when I saw the punkin' coach, I always have to look. Orange you gonna ask me why? Sorry. I never tire of Mark Twain snaps or ROA for that matter. There is something magical, warm and fuzzy about them. The Mark Twain is a pretty imposing sight as it comes around the bend, perhaps that's why I still love it today. If you showed someone a Mark Twain pic out of context, they would probably think it was somewhere on the mighty Mississip. Thanks Major

K. Martinez said...

Cascade Peak was one of those unique features only to be found at Disneyland in Anaheim. It was a bummer when Disney removed it. I know. I know. It was rotting to the core.

How much of the Rivers of America has changed or been altered besides Cascade Peak? There's the "Fantasmic!" stage that replaced the Old Mill, the newly truncated section of the river which altered much, the Hungry Bear Restaurant dining area no longer on the edge of the river, the pirate themed structures on Tom Sawyer Island and the odd newer building that is the "no-access" Fort Wilderness.

The only area that seems the same is along the Frontierland esplanade from the Mark Twain/Columbia landing to Fowler's Harbor and even the Keel Boat landing in that section is no more. Did I miss anything? Things change, that's for sure. Thanks, Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

Melissa, you get a green star (the kind you have to lick to stick to your forehead) for effort!

Jonathan, ah, snow, I remember that stuff. The punkin coach looks like somebody left a tangerine there by accident. It’s funny that you said you never tire of Mark Twain snaps, I just wrote another post this morning stating that I might just start skipping Mark Twain photos if there is nothing particularly exceptional about them. Maybe I need to rethink this strategy. And yes, I’ve said for years that if you showed some of those photos to people who didn’t know better, they might just believe that they were from the Mississippi.

K. Martinez, I would love it if they added more waterfalls to Frontierland… I know they put in a few along the back edge that butts up to “Galaxy’s Edge”, but they aren’t as impressive as I’d hoped. With real estate being so scarce at Disneyland, I’m not surprised that they have sliced and diced the wide open spaces of Frontierland. Oh how I wish they’d made Star Wars Land a third gate.

Anonymous said...

Major, these photos are so good, I have set aside my latest copy of "Crane Fancier" magazine to hunt for the pumpkin coach.

@Ken, that is a sad litany to be sure. I'm still grateful for the things that are still there, including my memories. Soon that will be all that is left, at the rate we are going.