Wednesday, January 23, 2019

City Hall and More

Mr. X has done it again, with this beautiful, souvenir guidebook-worthy photo of City Hall. You can't fight it! But I like to go in there and complain - they have to listen to whatever I say, no matter how crazy. It's great. Then when I leave I ask for a pinback button that says, "Today's My Birthday" even when it isn't my birthday. I'm kind of the "Fonz" of Disneyland fans. 

Next is this view of the Submarine Lagoon as seen from the Monorail Station (or perhaps the moving sidewalk that led up to the station). When you see photos of the lagoon without water, it is amazing how colorful the corals and rocks are - but water absorbs most of that color, leaving us with an aquamarine blue-green. Folks are disembarking from their sub, and if you look closely, you can see the electric cattle prod in the hand of the CM. "Move it! I don't got all day!".

It's a Small World looms above those plants like a lost city might suddenly appear through a tropical jungle. There seems to be a maroon cloth (?) covering of some kind, not sure what that's there for.


Nanook said...


When I pester the folks inside City Hall, I merely ask them for a "Fonzie for President" pinback button-! They never fail to please. As for that 'maroon covering', Ken had it erected to shield the eyes of guests' from that lone telephone pole beyond the berm-!

Once again, Mr. X 'always pleases-!' - just as the old slogan used to proclaim from the Denny's Restaurants of yore. (And then a survey was taken, and they discovered the awful truth... "rarely pleases" doesn't quite have the same ring of confidence).

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

Speaking of Fonzie, that guy wearing the green jacket in the first pic, is checking his hair to make sure it is perfect. And he doesn't even have a mirror. Heeeeeeeey!!!

Melissa said...

I have never seen
The grass so green,
Nor a bluer sky-y!

Dig the poncho ladies in front of City Hall! The only thing that could make them cooler would be matching babushka.

K. Martinez said...

That lady wearing the poncho with the big purse in front of City Hall is the "Woman with No Name". I bet she's headed to Frontierland.

I wish I could take credit for that maroon "covering", but I believe it's the roof of the storage building for the Storybook Land Canal Boats.

Thanks, Major.

Anonymous said...

The canvas cover is in Skull Rock eating area. The large maroon cover is the storage shed for the canal boats.

stu29573 said...

Looking at city hall, it's hard to imagine that the wild jungle is right behind it! I don't think I fully understood that until I heard an interview with Diane Miller Disney and she said that from Walt's apartment you could hear the jungle sounds all night becausr they never turned them off!

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I tried to get a “Fonzie For President” button, but all they had was a box of “Archie Bunker For President” buttons. I took three.

TokyoMagic!, at first I thought that the guy with the green jacket had a long pony tail, until I realized that the long hair belonged to the woman next to him.

Melissa, ponchos are cool, but a rain poncho is even cooler.

K. Martinez, if you look closely, you can see that the woman is smoking one of those skinny cigars, just like the Man With No Name smoked. And looking again, I think you’re right, that must be the Canal Boat storage area.

Anon… yes I agree!

stu29573, I think I have read that fact about the Jungle Cruise as well. I wonder what the logic was behind not turning off the sounds at night? Seems a little odd, especially since there had to have been actual tape machines running constantly in those days.

Anonymous said...

Unusually clear and sharp photos today, Major. More than the usual run of interesting sights and costume.

I like the idea of Small World as a lost city in the jungle, never thought of it that way.


JC Shannon said...

The Submarine Lagoon is really a genius bit of illusion. I never visited Disneyland without riding. At one time Walt liked to brag he had the world's eighth largest fleet of subs. IASW is shining in the sun, and I'm sure it can be seen from space. All is right in the park that day. Thanks Major.

JC Shannon said...

I can just picture Walt drifting off to sleep to the jungle sounds, a big 'ol grin on his contented face.

Major Pepperidge said...

JG, every now and then Mr. X will call me to say that he has found more Instamatic slides (or negatives) to give to me. I keep hoping he will find more!

Jonathan, somehow I think that having a large body of water in the middle of Tomorrowland helps to beautify and soften what might otherwise be corridors of standard ride/shop/restaurant fa├žades. Also, Walt didn’t know that I had a larger fleet of subs than he did… and they all ran on baking soda.

Jonathan, I’ll bet that’s just how it was!

Nanook said...


Personally, I prefer an artillery of cannons all 'powered' from Bangsite®.

Chuck said...

You know what's even cooler than a rain poncho? Several pochos snapped together to make a tent. In survival training, two other cadets and I lived for three days in a pretty cool shelter made out of a bunch of GI ponchos. We called it our "poncho villa."

I hope Mr X keeps finding photos forever.

For Clyde Hughes and Dean Finder (and anyone else who's curious), I just left a comment on yesterday's post with additional info on the Disneyland roundhouse.

Jana said...

Great stuff! Can you add a search bar to your blog?

K. Martinez said...

Jana, There is a search bar at the very top left.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, my brother had a little green cannon that used Bangsite! That baby was LOUD.

Chuck, oho, you have those fancy ponchos with snaps. The ones you get at Disneyland are a mere 1/2 step above wearing a trash bag for rain protection. I do like the “poncho villa”! Thanks for your addition to yesterday’s discussion (figured I’d respond to that in today’s post, which is just muddying the waters more).

Jana, there is a search bar if you look all the way at the top of the page, upper left.

K. Martinez, D’OH!

Chuck said...

I feel like an idiot, but I never noticed the search bar before. Double D'OH! You have no idea how much easier my life just became...