Tuesday, September 11, 2018

WDW Vacationland Magazine, Part 3

It's time for the third of four installments featuring Ken Martinez's scans of his 1975 Walt Disney World Vacationland magazines! This time we get an article about Caribbean Plaza, a fascinating area unique to WDW. Here's Ken:

Walt Disney World Vacationland Magazine Spring 1975 – The Treasure of the Caribbean Plaza 

Here’s the third installment of the Spring 1975 issue of the Walt Disney World Vacationland Magazine.  Today’s article is titled “The Treasure of the Caribbean Plaza.  This sub-section of Adventureland was one of my favorite places in the Magic Kingdom. In this article merchandise from the three shops is discussed.  The three shops that existed in Caribbean Plaza in the first year were the Golden Galleon, the House of Treasure and La Princesa de Cristal.  

On this page there’s mention of bottled vessels, called Ship-in-the-Bottle art.  As a kid I always wondered how they got the ship inside the bottle and tried to imagine the various ways it could be achieved.  Then one day I finally saw a demonstration on how it was done and was amazed by how simple the idea was. 

And now a world from GAF…

That does it for today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the article.  There’s more to come from the Spring 1975 issue of Vacationland Magazine.  Stay tuned.  

Many thanks as always to Ken for all of his time and effort helping my lazy butt out!


Nanook said...

These times it's hard to believe that Disney Merchandising would go to the trouble of procuring items as was done back 'in the day'. How truly interesting. Certainly in the early days of the Park, I've always thought of Caribbean Plaza having the most intimate and wonderful atmosphere in the Magic Kingdom. Much has been lost over the years - especially as the 'water features' have been "turned off" and the steel drums have disappeared over time.

Thanks for the memories, Ken.


During this period of time the product buyers for Caribbean Plaza and Old World Antiques in Liberty Square were continuing on the traditions Walt set forth with One of A Kind Antiques in New Orleans Square - Walt new that many of the high end , elaborate and very rare items in some of these shops would probably not sell but were considered to be part of the overall show and the unique experience of Disneyland , Walt Disney World and eventually EPCOT CENTER.

Today Disney has other goals and is why it’s know as THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY and not WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS.

Melissa said...

Caribbean Plaza was a truly beautiful, relaxing place. It truly made you feel as though you had stepped into another time and place.

JC Shannon said...

There is only one thing cooler than vintage Disney brochures and pamphlets, and thats a Viewmaster. I loved mine, and many reels were Disney related. You could transport yourself anywhere for a few cents, no batteries required. Great scans today Ken! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Stu29573 said...

I remember the first time I went to Disney World after they stopped having unique items sold at the shops. It was a huge disappointment. Now you can even pick up most of the stuff through the Disney Parks ap, so it's even less special. Money Grab-1, Show- 0.

zach said...

Wish I could have seen Caribbean Plaza. Thanks for sharing, Ken and Major. BTW, I still have my bakelite Viewmaster.


Anonymous said...

What David Zacher said.

@MikeCozart, the One of A Kind Shop was a family favorite back in the day. I remember several small souvenirs Mom and Dad purchased there. All gone now.

When I visited New Orleans for the first time, I realized why an antique shop was part of NOS, which had always seemed a little odd before.

Thank you, Ken and Major. Very interesting pages today.


K. Martinez said...

Nanook, One of my favorite features of Caribbean Plaza were the different water fountains and their Spanish names. There's something about water at a theme park that elevates the experience. Now they are used as planters. Ugh! I also remember the steel band J.P. and the Silver Stars in those early days.

MIKE COZART, Disney merchandise seems to only be interested in selling Disney IP and character related merchandise or whatever feeds the "synergy" and mostly what is current. I remember going to a Frontierland shop back in the day whenever I visited Disneyland to look for rocks and minerals and also getting many carved onyx animal characters. I also miss the long gone shops like "Guatemalan Weavers" and "Le Gourmet" or "Indian "Trading Post" and "Main Street China Closet". Once in a while I'd actually buy something from those shops as gifts for family or friends. It's kind of sad that that type of merchandise is largely gone from Disneyland shops.

Melissa, Adventureland was my favorite land in the Magic Kingdom and Caribbean Plaza was a major reason for that. In its early years, it was truly beautiful and relaxing.

JC Shannon, I love my ViewMaster and reel collection. Once in a while I'll pull them out and view every single reel in one sitting. And that's a lot of reels. I've jut got to make sure a light is near by. Glad you enjoyed today's post.

Stuart Powley, Disney merchandise whether at a Disney park or online DisneyShop is pretty unspecial overall. I also think having it so easily available lessens the magic of it as you said.

"Money Grab-1, Show- 0." You're absolutely right on.

David Zacher, That is very cool that you have a Bakelite ViewMaster. I have an old one, but not that old. Maybe it's time for a visit to eBay.

K. Martinez said...

JG, I've purchased items from the "One-of-a-Kind Shop" It was a wonderful place to browse when the park was busy and attraction lines filled up. Glad you enjoyed.

Chuck said...

I have nothing constructive to add to the above, other than my own personal thanks, Ken!