Sunday, September 30, 2018

Frontierland & Adventureland

I'm using up some Leftuggies™today! 

There he is, the friendliest Chief that ever waved. There used to be an old man who liked to wave at passing cars out by the turnpike - the more things change, the more they stay the same!

Next is this view of three crocodiles. Manny, Moe, and Jack? I always love it when a duck decides that a croc is a handy place to nap (notice Jack with an unscheduled passenger). 

I used to think that this view up a mysterious Jungle Cruise waterway might have been taken by the bridge that led to the Plantation House. Here's a pretty good photo of that bridge...

But now I'm not so sure. It seems too high to be taken from a Jungle Cruise launch,  but too low to have been taken from that bridge. Does anybody know for sure where the Pep Boys used to be?


Nanook said...


One day at work I tried that 'wavy thing', but all I got in return was my co-workers throwing things at me.

Isn't it possible the Snappy Trio is near the Ancient Shrine-? Probably not.

Thanks, Major.

Melissa said...

Wavy, Wavy,
Give me your answer, do.
I'm not Navy;
I'm just in a canoe.
It won't be a stylish wedding -
My coonskin cap is shedding -
But you'll look fine
Upon the spine
Of a pony that's built for two!

Chuck said...

Not sure where those crocs were for sure, but those photos might have been taken from the bridge using a telephoto lens, which would account for the appearance of being taken from a lower level than the bridge.

Melissa, I can't help but hear that in the voice of HAL 9000.

JC Shannon said...

I always assumed the Pep boys were taken from the bridge as well. Good tune Mellissa, love it. Thanks Major, for today's very cool pics.

K. Martinez said...

If I remember correctly, the Pep Boys were headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. Sorry! Couldn't resist. There were crocs in the canal that ledge to the Jungle Cruise waters. I'd assume the crocs were placed in the canal facing the bridge to entice guests to take a ride on the Jungle Cruise. It's very possible that the pic was taken from the bridge as you originally thought.

But, if you look closely at the bridge pic, the pathway under the bridge that leads to the TSI Rafts has steps behind the bridge that come from the upper level entrance to the raft attraction. Perhaps the croc photos were taken from one of those upper steps in the TSI Raft queue. It looks like there's a good view of the canal and crocs from that vantage point.

Love how the top of the Main Street Station is visible from the bridge pic. Thanks, Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, you just have to realize that not all people appreciate the fine art of waving! Throwing things is never acceptable, though. I think that there are three crocs near the shrine, but those are different fellows.

Melissa, “my coonskip cap is shedding”, ha ha!

Chuck, a telephoto lens is a good guess - or at least a camera with a good zoom (maybe that’s the same thing?). And yes, reading Melissa’s song, I imagine HAL’s slowed-down voice.

Jonathan, maybe they were taken from the bridge, I just thought it looked kind of high. But looks can be deceiving.

K. Martinez, I was trying to find a vintage aerial photo that would show the three crocs, but none of the ones I saw had the right angle or fine resolution. But you’re theory about that path under the bridge is a good one!

JC Shannon said...

Boy, don't you just wish you could jump into a photo and come back with a recon report? I also checked aerial pics to no avail. I did however, enjoy the search. Now I'll just pop in on the TSI rafts and take a trip to the island.

Melissa said...

My friens who was a Dairy Princess in high school taught me how to wave to a crowd: it's like you're spreading butter in the air with your hand.