Wednesday, August 29, 2018

More Rescans

I tried rescanning some old slides again - images that have been seen on GDB before, often 10 years ago or more. The results were not spectacular, but there is still some improvement to be seen.

We'll start with this photo (originally posted back in 2007) of two grown men aboard one of the original "Snow White" vehicles. I think I see a family resemblance between the fellows, but who knows, maybe they were buddies in the Army. 

Here's the rescan; the colors are cleaner and the image is less grainy. I think this one was definitely worth redoing, especially considering that this is such an unusual perspective.

Next we have this 1958 photo of where the "Partners" statue isn't (originally posted in 2011). I always think of that white wire fencing as something from only the first year or so, yet there it is, protecting those flowers from marauders. It's not a bad photo, just a bit on the dark side.

Say, that's more like it! I almost didn't notice the Surrey in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. The shadows are pointing to the west, and all of the guests appear to be heading beneath the castle's portcullis, so this is presumably not long after rope drop (did they even do rope drop back then?). 

I'm sure I'll try my hand at more rescans soon...


Nanook said...


The 'grain-be-gone' wizardry is quite sumptuous. The view IS unusual, and even-though the details are not apparent, that's the Welch's Juice Bar in the background. I want me some of that purple elixir of the Gods.

Thanks, Major.

Melissa said...

Wow, definitely less grain and more detail!

The two Snow White riders in their white shirts reminds mereminds me of the first time I rode it and noticed that the black light made white clothes look glow-in-the-dark.

TokyoMagic! said...

In the first pic, does the guy on the left have an Izod Lacoste crocodile on his polo shirt? The guy on the right appears to be holding either a pack of cigarettes, or a deck of Bicycle brand playing cards. If they're cigarettes, I wonder why he doesn't have them in his chest pocket? Does he plan on lighting up during the ride?

Nice job of re-scanning, Major!

Stefano said...

Spiffy rescans, Major.

TokyoMagic!, there are early-years photos of kids gorging on lollipops while on the dark rides, and Walt Disney in an Alice caterpillar with a lit cigarette-holding foreign dignitary.

Aside from the loss of Hook's ship and Skull Rock, for me the only disappointment of Fantasyland '83 was the taming of Snow White's Adventures. The continuity and staging of the first version was better, the witch was uglier and scarier; and she had a wonderfully raspy, whooping cackle (not Lucille LaVerne's, from the movie) which echoes in my head to this day. SWA '55 scared the hell out this youngin', and so is a favorite childhood memory.

DrGoat said...

I think they're Camels, TokyoMagic. Gotta hang on to your smokes. There's the dark forest ahead.
A lot of guys came out of the war smoking. With my Dad, it was Lucky Strikes.

Nanook said...

Oh no, children - those cigarettes are most-definitely Pall Mall-! “Outstanding - AND they are mild”. And according to Wikipedia, the #1 cigarette in 1960. Once again: light up.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, a lot of the improvement is due to having a much better scanner - I am on my third (well, fourth, really) scanner since starting GDB. When scanning the same slide at the same dpi on my old and new scanners, the difference was remarkable!

Melissa, the scanner has a grain reduction feature, and so does Photoshop, so between the two it really works well. I always loved how certain clothing glowed beneath the black lights - and so do teeth!

TokyoMagic!, I do think that’s an Izod shirt! I had to check, Izod-Lacoste started in 1952. I noticed the guy’s cigarettes in his hand; he just needs to be holding them all the time. It’s his “security blanket”.

Stefano, I always liked the idea of those big lollipops, but would probably be sick of one of them about 9 licks in. Now mom has to carry it around in per purse, wrapped in a paper napkin! I wish I remembered the original Snow White attraction better - scary things were my favorites.

DrGoat, I thought maybe they were Marlboros! I remember seeing an exhibit on rations provided to men during WWII, and in each container there was a packet of cigarettes. When you are bored and missing home, I’m sure smokes seemed like a great thing. Pretty evil of those tobacco companies, though…

Nanook, looking up what vintage Pall Mall packages looked like, I think you are right!

Anonymous said...

Major, this is splendid work. Both photos have a real "you-are-there" sense of detail, right down to the plastic wood on the front of the ride vehicle.

3 cheers for having top equipment and mad skills.

For my two cents, these young men are service men on leave. You are correct about army rations including cigarettes. I guess you either smoked them or used them as trade items. My uncle didn't smoke, so he did something else with the cig's, but both my cousins came out of the Navy smokers. Back then, the health concerns weren't known, and tobacco was even promoted as beneficial.

Now, MRE's have tabasco sauce in cute little bottles. I don't know if cigarettes are available separately. We would have had hard time explaining the smokes to the Scouts, as we did several outings using MRE's as our food sources.


Melissa said...

Yes, Nanook, that package definitely looks like Pall Malls - my Dad's brand.

My Grandma had a lovely vintage celluloid cigarette case she said Grandpa got for free and sent home during the war. He always chewed tobacco, so he probably traded the Luckys.

JC Shannon said...

More magic from Mr. Major! I see that kids of all ages love Snow White. It is hard to believe, but back in the day smoking was ubiquitous, even at Disneyland. I feel like a kid when I see adults having fun and riding the rides. Great photos from the wizard of scans.

K. Martinez said...

Major, I think you should follow Disney's example and digitally remove that pack of cigarettes and all smoking references in future pics. You're not following the Disney model. If Pecos Bill can give up the habit then everyone can. ;-)

DrGoat said...

Nanook, You're right. Pall Malls.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Another vote for Pall Malls. It would make sense though as it's a well known fact it was Snow White's brand as well.

Melissa said...

Presenting Snow White-with-Yellow-Stains and her Seven Stunted-Growth Friends: Coughy, Hacky, Stinky, Wheezy, Sneezy, Ashful, and Doc (who has degrees in pulmonology, oncology, cardiology, and dentistry).

Brought to you by the magical flavor of Pall Malls™. Pall Malls™ - turning sopranos into baritones since 1899!