Tuesday, August 14, 2018

More From Frontierland

It's time for more vintage Frontierland scans, donated by the one and only Mysterious Benefactor!

Guests took zillions of photos in Frontierland - but for some reason they didn't take many of the Shooting Gallery. Which is why I like this one (dated "1967") so much! You can see those odd, warty logs that were used for some of the construction - apparently these were from diseased trees. Somebody decided that they added character to this structure, and I think I'd agree. I tried to sell Disney some diseased squirrels, but today's management has no vision.

Also from 1967 comes this wonderful view of the Rivers of America - quite an unusual angle. Presumably the photographer was standing on the shore of the Friendly Indian Village - notice that many people in the canoe are staring right at us! We get the added bonus of the other Indian Village -  including some of the totem poles that were added in the 60's - as well as the stadium-style seating for the Ceremonial Dance Circle.

This next one is undated, but se can see the Douglas Moonliner in the distance, so it must be from  before 1967. It's a spectacular view of the Columbia, possibly as seen from up in the Swiss Family Treehouse - or maybe from some other vantage point. Suggestions? I absolutely love this photo!

(Late addition: Based on a few other photos from this treasure trove, I now believe that this photo was taken from the roof of the Haunted Mansion).

Have no fear, there are still hundreds of photos to share from the Mysterious Benefactor.


Nanook said...


For varying reasons, all three images are beauties-! (It is a bit odd it seems everyone in the canoe - except the two CM's - are staring right at the photographer). Say Cheese-!

And... a dual [see-through, style] babushka sighting right there in front of the Frontierland Shooting Gallery-!

Thanks to the Mysterious Benefactor, and you: The Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

In that second pic, I think I can see Kurt Russell messing with the clock that shows when the next Dance Circle performance will be.

Since the Riverbelle Terrace (Aunt Jemima's?) is behind the Columbia, I wonder if that photo could have been taken from the rooftop of the Haunted Mansion?

K. Martinez said...

All three of today's Frontierland pics are winners! I still miss those Keel Boats. The Columbia sure looks beautiful here in this elevated view.

This is definitely an extra special batch of photos you've got here. Thanks, Mysterious Benefactor and Major.

Stu29573 said...

The roof of the Haunted Mansion? Does that mean Mysterious Benefactor is a G-G-G-G-GHOST??????
"Mysterious" indeed!

Stefano said...

Many thanks Major, and MB, for providing photos we couldn't see anywhere else. Views from the Haunted Mansion rooftop are a first here, joining that beautiful picture of the nighttime Snow White Grotto you posted some time back. On my wish list of obscure sights is the above- water interior of the Submarine caverns; some Disneyland insider must have taken some contraband pix of that.

JC Shannon said...

Fantastic photos from the Mysterious Benefactor. I especially like the Columbia photo, so much going on. The ROA scan is very unusual, and I love it.
Of course the Shooting Gallery with the burl trunks is very cool and who doesn't love a see-through babushka? And check out the other hats on the right. Must haves for the fashion conscience park attendee. Thanks to Major and the MB for todays very excellent scans.

Anonymous said...

@Stuart Powley, the MB might be a ghost, but he's not invisible, or the folks in the canoe wouldn't be staring at him... or maybe Shiny Boy's dog is growling at his apparition.

I fondly recall those burled logs, a forgotten detail until seen again. The Haunted Mansion roof pic is amazing, good call @tokyo for unraveling that.

@Stefano, bootleg CM pictures of this submarine backstage area do exist, I've seen them online. Try a google search, which should pick it up with proper search terms. Also you can find photos of the Matterhorn basketball court this way. The submarine show building interior photo is remarkably depressing since everything looks really messy and decayed, probably from constant humidity. Like most hospitality venues, Disneyland doesn't waste any money on back-of-house finishes where the customers can't see them. I'd search now but I should be working.


Tom said...

Hurray for unusual angles! Amazing how different the park looks from a new perspective.

The telephoto used in the second shot compresses the depth of the image, and lends a dreamy haze to the scene. I love it!

Thanks again for sharing these rare gems with us.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I’m sure the people in the canoe were wondering what that 1967 person was doing standing among the Indians of the Old West. One doesn’t often see dual babushkas!

TokyoMagic!, messing with the clock in the Indian Village is the first step to a life of crime. And yes, I left my “late addition” at about the same time you left your comment. I realized that there were other slides in the lot that were also taken from that same vantage point.

K. Martinez, I went through all 12 (!) folders from MB, and even though we start moving into the 70’s and 80’s fairly soon, there are still lots of great pictures to enjoy. I’ll be sharing these for a long time!

Stuart Powley, I will neither confirm nor deny that the Mysterious Benefactor is a ghost.

Stefano, I forget if I mentioned this before, but all of these photos were taken by a photographer hired by Disney, so he had access to areas that regular guests would never see - which makes for some pretty unique shots. I’m glad you remember the Snow White Grotto photo, taken by Chip’s dad! I have seen one or two photos of the Sub caverns while dry, but never above water - there might not be much to see.

Jonathan, it’s a good thing you like photos of the Columbia, because at some point there are dozens and dozens of pictures of that ship. A lot of them are too dark to use though - you’d think a professional photographer would know to NOT have the sun behind a subject. Glad you liked these!

JG, I have seen the MB talking to Bob Gurr, so he is well-connected, whoever he may be. I’m sure I have saved some of those photos of the interior of the Submarine caverns somewhere on my computer, but there are just too many images to go through. I met a photographer who said he was allowed to walk the dry Sub track and take photos - I begged him to let me see those pictures, but he said he was not allowed!!

Tom, the thing that’s killing me is that the Mysterious Benefactor had boxes of slides for ALL of the lands - probably thousands and thousands of images - but he only got around to scanning the Frontierland slides before the project ended. I can only imagine what gems were from Tomorrowland!

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Babushka's to the left, bucket hats to the right...stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight!!! These are some gems today Major, Thanks.
Btw at the height of the "punk rock" movement the "Warty Logs" were my fav band.

I like how the Bertha Mae is hot on the heels of that canoe looking to create such a wake it's soggy time for those paddlers. Good Times.

Anonymous said...

I can feel those ricochets zipping by me as I walk along the shooting gallery. This from real experience too! KS

Major Pepperidge said...

Alonzo, I can’t help hearing Bugs Bunny’s voice for that chant! As for punk bands, there were plenty of worse names then “Warty Logs”. BTW, look at how low in the water that canoe is… there are mere inches before that thing is swamped.

KS, I am surprised that the led pellets had enough “zing” to ricochet that much, but I believe you! Amazing that they had something like that in Disneyland. The current version, using infra-red or whatever, is not satisfying at ALL.

Melissa said...

Babushka AND twins, right out of the date! (I assume the same-size babies in the double stroller are twins, although they could be cousins or even non-related kids who happen to be the same size.)