Monday, December 18, 2017

Special Guest Post - WDW 1977

A short while ago, I was contacted by a GDB reader named Warren Nielsen. He offered to share some of his personal photos from trips to Disney parks, and I am more than happy to take him up on his generosity. All three of today's images are from a trip to Walt Disney World in 1976, and they feature Warren's wife, Kyle (aka Kai).

Here's Kai in Frontierland with Chip and Dale, whom she was especially fond of. The feeling seems to be mutual! 

Warren added: The 3 shots you have selected are all from our 1st trip to WDW in Sept. 1976. We were getting ready to have our home built and figured we should make the trip to Florida while we could. We had talked about it for awhile, and thought we should go while we could go. We weren't sure how tight $$$ would be after building, and we were thinking about maybe a family fairly soon after that too. You know the expression: Git while the gitting is good! We stayed off property, the budget dictated that, but decided that if we ever got back, the Polynesian would be the place to stay.

Now in Adventureland, Kai has encountered Doc, who has ditched his six cohorts. A guy needs break once in a while! Warren says, Every time I look at that pic of Kai and Doc, I marvel at the little girl just walking past on the other side of that wooden pillar, acting like 'Ho hum. It's just another character, so I am just going to walk away." I doubt if ANY character could walk around now like they did then without being mobbed by everyone within a 40 foot radius. It's no wonder they have people with them at all times now.

The next one is a bit dark, but we can see that Kai is on the ground floor of the Contemporary Hotel's "Grand Canyon Concourse" - with Chip and Dale again! Warren wondered, Were these guys stalking us, or was there a secret dinner date arranged?

I have more delightful photos from Warren coming up! Many thanks to him for sharing his personal photos with GDB.


K. Martinez said...

I really like the Grand Canyon Concourse pic with Kai and Chip and Dale. Thank you, Warren for sharing your family photos with us. I love 70's WDW and am looking forward to more.

Nanook said...


It's always a treat to see images from folks with a direct connection to GDB. I agree with Ken about the image of the Grand Canyon Concourse - the memories that "room" triggers are very intense.

I can't imagine just how big each "entourage" is these times, accompanying each costume character. If the truth be told, costume characters have always had a 'handler'. Now, I imagine their former inconspicuous presence has long since vanished.

Thanks, Warren, for sharing these fun images.

TokyoMagic! said...

These are all such great shots! Yes, thank you Warren, for sharing with us! I love the "old school" costumes with the larger heads and bodies. Now I'm wondering how many more times during that same trip that Chip and Dale "just happened to be around"? I'm picturing the Twilight Zone episode with the same hitchhiker showing up around every corner only having it be Chip and Dale instead!

The Magic Ears Dudebro said...

Wow! You have to wonder how Doc got lost in Adventureland. I know the guy isn't the best speaker, but he's not that absent-minded. Fantasyland is in the opposite direction, buddy. It's two more lands over. LOL!

DrGoat said...

Nice pics Warren. Thanks for sharing. Chip 'n Dale are always a crowd pleaser.

Melissa said...


You know, Chippendale kept showing up on my last WDW trip, too. Once those guys catch your scent it's Katy bar the door, I guess.

These pictures are absolutely lovely; big thanks to Warren, Kai, and the Maj!

Anonymous said...

Dear Major and Warren, thanks for these pics. Kind of you to share and make our Monday.


Alonzo P Hawk said...

Thanks for sharing, these are some great family candid shots. The last time at DisneyLand my kids had to wait for quite a bit to get photos with Chip and Dale. They had a handler and if you took too many shots you got hustled off (a la Christmas Story).

Warren Nielsen said...

You are all very welcome. I'm delighted that you enjoyed them.

Disney Dudebro - Doc didn't wander over by himself, behind and to our right is Pooh Bear entertaining some little ones in strollers.

Nanook and Alonzo P Hawk - I realize that there were handlers there then, but it seems they weren't as noticeable then as they are now. My feeling is that people were much more respectful of each others space and the character's space back then as opposed to what we see now at times. A sad societal change.


Chuck said...

Warren, I'm seconding (thirding? octing?) everyone else's comments above. These are a real treat, and I really appreciate you sharing them with us. Looking forward to seeing more!