Saturday, December 16, 2017

Ladies of Yesteryear

This one is dedicated to the ladies! 

First up comes this fun, undated photo (maybe late 1940's? Early 1950's?) featuring a whole lotta ladies (and a few gentlemen) on bleachers - for a parade? A football game? I associate hats like those with Easter, though I suppose it could have been any special occasion. Anyway, I get a kick out of the two ladies in the middle of the picture - and the lady in lavender who was caught with an unflattering expression on her face. Notice the pretty, dark-haired young lady just behind our two stars - I'll bet more than a few boys at school wanted to be her beau.

Thanks to the calendar on the cupboard, we know that this photo is from September, 1958. A quartet of women have gathered in the kitchen the one to the left is still holding her purse, so I don't think anybody is in the middle of making a big dinner or anything like that. The kitchen reminds me of the one in my Grandparent's home in Minnesota, down to the rounded corners of the entrance. One thing is for sure - they're going to be talking about their husbands!


TokyoMagic! said...

In that second pic, the lady closest to the cupboards looks like she might be washing dishes and the lady in the pink dress appears to be drying them. The lady with the purse is probably trying to skip out early without helping with the cleanup.

Nanook said...

Oh, Major-

It feels like it's been awhile since we've had an Anything-Goes Saturday featuring lots of folks - and this one's a beauty-! Clearly, the "looker" who you pointed-out in the first photo looks as if she was dropped-in from another time period. But I think out of all the folks pictured there, my fav is definitely the 'tougher-looking' gal in the red blouse with black trim, along with the black & red hat, the cool shades, earrings AND the double string of pearls-! I'm also thinking that image is from the early to mid 1940's.

Gotta love the pink-patterned laminate counter top in the kitchen - with what appears to be a one-piece curved backsplash. "And gals - you'll find cleanup's a breeze with your new curved backsplash-!" And sitting in the left corner of that 'pink' counter is some sort of stand mixer. I first thought it was a Sunbeam Mixmaster, but not with that fairly-straight vertical arm. Not to mention that strange "disconnect" where the mixer, proper, attaches to the pivoting arm. Hmmm...

Thanks, Major.

K. Martinez said...

Looks like Edith Head has lost the top of her head in the first image.

Thanks, Major.

Melissa said...

The lady in lavender is a more prim-and-proper doppelganger of my aunt's best girl friend. She was Greek, and she used to let us brush her long, black curls, and make us baklava and teach us naughty words in Greek. Every kid needs a little bit of bad influence.

Love the bored teenager behind and between the two smiley ladies. Times may change, fashions may change, but bored teenagers are forever. I wonder what she's doing instead of texting - reading a movie magazine, maybe?

Best Hat goes to the lady in the jauntily cocked red straw chapeau with black band at top right, with the shades and pearl choker. I bet you a pack of clove gum she’s got little black gloves on.

That kitchen looks just like the one in the rental house we were living in when I graduated high school. It even have the same archway. If those four ladies aren't sisters, my eyesight is worse than I thought. I think they all get their hair cut at the same place, too.

Anonymous said...

Photo 2 sure looks familiar.

From the curved wall/ceiling, plaster textures, cabinet pulls and construction style, down to the paper towel dispenser and the plastic countertop with the chrome metal edge, every detail reproduced from kitchens of my youth.

Thank you, Major.