Wednesday, May 03, 2017


Sorry guys, once again I forgot to set the publishing time correctly. Scrambled brains.

I attempted a few more rescans, taking previously-seen images and reprocessing them in the hopes of improved results. Both of today's slides are from probably from 1956-ish, and both originally appeared on GDB back in 2011.

There's the "Friendly Indian Village", in a photo that looks like it was taken through a pair of aviator sunglasses. It's got that dingy yellow film that only Johnson's Wax can remove. In addition, it appears as if rain is on the way, which is going to drench our party of peaceful and industrious people while they are in the middle of making s'mores.

The rescan has more color, with nice green foliage, and less ominous gray in the sky. We might just squeak by without any precipitation. For those of you who don't know (which is not many of you), the Disneyland Railroad tracks ran right behind the village, at the base of the berm. 

It almost looks as though there are round information signs next to two of the closest teepees; but guests would have never been close enough to read them, so perhaps they are something else.

I still wouldn't mind one of those s'mores (confession: I have never eaten a s'more).

Next is the fearsome Monstro over at Storybook Land; that lady doesn't seem to be very scared, though. It's not a terrible scan, but suffers from some of the same problems as the first one.

Rescanning brightened things right up! Monstro doesn't look so bad now, maybe this is just his awkward "posing for a photo" smile? I've seen worse. I like these slightly larger-format slides, so crisp and clear!


Mark H. Besotted said...

It's weird that your rescan still shows Monstro as black, not the cerulean cetacean we all know he is. I'm pretty sure Walt himself chose that sky blue color, and your historical records must be wrong. (Perhaps one G. Lucas could better advise you on your rescan process, so as to better reflect the current reality?)

As always, Major, I adore rescan theater!

Chuck said...

Major, I think that those "information signs" are actually supposed to be some sort of totem. I guess they are information signs if you can read the pictograms...assuming they are authentic pictograms. The designs may have been complete artistic license, but in translation mean something like "horse mountain kitchen excrement."

Mark H. Besotted - Walt? Walt who?

Major Pepperidge said...

Mark H. Besotted, I am still not used to the blue Monstro of today - probably because I am looking at vintage photos so often. No surprise that I prefer the original version, but the blue guy isn't terrible. In a way he looks a bit more like the cartoon version, I guess. I'm glad you like Rescan Theater! I always sit in a comfortable armchair surrounded by antique photos and knickknacks, just like Alistair Cooke.

Chuck, you might be right about the totems, though they remind me of the round shield signs that you can see at this post (sorry, too lazy to make it a clickable link):
And Mark H. Besotted was referring to Walt Frazier of the New York Knicks.

Chuck said...

I had the same thought about the round sign-thingys in today's post. There is a definite family resemblance. It's almost like they were made by the same sign shop.

K. Martinez said...

The perfect way to start the day is with a telephone pole in view.

Wow! What a difference in Monstro from just doing a rescan. I like both versions though. Thanks, Major.

Nanook said...


Rescan Theatre (or is it Theater-?) Either way, a distinguished theme needs to accompany such a prestigious presentation, while the image transforms from 'ugly duckling' to swan.

As far as s'mores are considered, it's hardly a great tragedy, but usually considered a right-of-passage in one's childhood. If you ever do try one, though, lose the gross Hershey's Milk Chocolate - right up there among the worst chocolates in the world - and go for decent chocolate. Heck - why not be 'daring' and instead choose a darker chocolate-? Heavens-!

Thanks for more Rescan Theater.

Unknown said...

I want me a Grey Whale. Well actually, I want me a gray whale,or maybe more like charcoal. Or maybe I need to review the animation. Irrespective of color, I like me a Monstro whale, and make him a steamer!

Nice work as always and it's time for a visit to Storybook Land, clearly. Does anyone have any word or the refilling of the Rivers of America? It's time Baby!

Major Pepperidge said...

Chuck, the little round shields make sense when there’s information printed on them, but I sure can figure out what purpose they would serve otherwise.

K. Martinez, I was wondering if you would comment on the telephone pole!

Nanook, I think that “Theatre” is way more impressive and snooty. And yes, poor old Hershey; I loved anything they made when I was a kid, but then again, I didn’t know what good chocolate tasted like. The only thing is… Hershey is traditional.

Patrick Devlin, I do like the fact that they went to the trouble to have Monstro spout. It sure would have been easier to NOT do that. Plus you sometimes see photos in which his shiny exterior is covered with water scale (or something), and he doesn’t look his best. As for the Rivers of America, I’ve seen photos in which they’ve removed the cloth barriers and you can now see the rock work along the north perimeter of Frontierland. It was a little hard to get one’s bearings, but it definitely feels like they must be making significant progress.