Saturday, May 27, 2017

Random Roadside, Etc.

This one is kind of all over the place. Literally! I'm using up some old scans, but I think that you will enjoy the offerings.

Let's start with this view of a motel; the slide is undated and unlabeled, so the location is a mystery. I'm guessing that this is from the very early 1960's... Nanook should have a good time IDing the cars!

This next one, dated 1960, was also a mystery, but I loved the little abandoned gas station next to that hill. For some reason the scenery looked a little bit familiar....

....I'm not 100% certain, but I think that this scene (thanks, Google Street View) from Jackson Hole, Wyoming might show the same hillside, though of course the gas station is long gone. What do you think?

And speaking of Jackson Hole, I've had several scans of old slides from that location on this blog, and this next photo is yet another one. Again, love the old gas station. I tried to find this street on Google Maps, and I know I was close, but I couldn't find any scene that matched this enough to be sure if I was in the exact spot. Of course it has changed a lot.

And finally, here's an oddball photo of a camper trailer, owned by an Anglophile. "Lorelie", I'm sure that means something to somebody who wasn't raised by raccoons like me. Does the painted musical phrase have something to do with "Lorelei"? 

It doesn't look like they are anywhere very glamorous - that appears to be a man-made pond or reservoir in the background. But... it has a certain charm to it, anyway.


Nanook said...


The partially-obscured red/white vehicle 'could' be a 1960 Pontiac of some sort. To its right are: a pink-? 1960 Plymouth; then a 1956 Chevrolet; a 1957 Mercury; and finally, a 1957 Oldsmobile.

Your matching of the Jackson Hole images certainly bear a strong resemblance. They get my vote.

Thanks, Major.

Scott Lane said...

I also vote yes for Jackson Hole.

And do you mean to tell me that such a fine dining establishment as the Wagon Wheel Restaurant no longer exists? Y'see? that's part of what's wrong with the world today - too many big wheels, not enough wagon wheels.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

That's a match in my book. It looks like some of the trees even match up.

Little red and white looks like a 1963 Pontiac Tempest but I can't see the front wing window (probably behind side view mirror). Not a convertible in metallic mint green with Michelin XGV tires but still able to lay down tracks in front of the sack of suds. Reference to the movie "My Cousin Vinny" for those who think I'm rambling (more than usual).

Nice post, Thanks.

Patrick Devlin said...

Nice location hunting Major! It's a match in my book.

It looks like the trailer people also like opera with a phrase from Wagner's Die Walk├╝re up over the front window. I sure would like to putter around with a trailer to fabulous locations like the one shown.

DKoren said...

Lorelei is a German folk song, and the notes on the lower part of the trailer seem to match the melody line for that song nicely. Can't quite make out the top notes.

I love these random pictures. They're very fun and make me want to go traveling. At least take a Sunday drive.

Nanook said...

@ Alonzo P Hawk-

I think you just may have nailed that 'mystery' Pontiac. Good show.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, thanks for the car identifications!

Scott Lane, another thing that’s wrong with the world… HIPPIES.

Alonzo P Hawk, ha ha, metallic mint green sounds like my jam. Although metallic tangerine might be even MORE my jam.

Patrick Devlin, I got lucky on that one. Wagner, huh? Oh yeah, now that I look closer I see “Die Walkure” on that top part. An Anglophile who loves Wagner?

DKoren, I’ll see if I can find Lorelei on YouTube to hear the tune. I’ll bet it will be there. These photos always make me want to take a road trip, but I want to take one circa 1960.

Nanook, you did know it was a Pontiac at least.

Pegleg Pete said...

Sorry - late to check in – the image on the camper is of the stretch of the middle Rhine connected to the Lorelei tale.

walterworld said...

We had ice cream at the DQ in the third shot while returning from Yellowstone and the Tetons in 2015. The Grand-kids (and I) were quite happy to find it in the perfect place. Too bad the gas station was gone, but that's 'progress' I guess..

Thank you Major