Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Some nice rescans!

I'm still out of town, kind of unexpectedly, but I hope you will enjoy today's beautiful rescans!

I'm on my third scanner since starting GDB, and have learned a lot about both scanning and color correction. Today's rescans turned out especially good!

Let's start with this image from August, 1958 (originally posted in 2008). The whole thing has a sort of greenish-gray cast, as if it was taken through a pair of Foster Grants.

Here's the 2017 version - lighter, brighter, sharper, richer colors - all in all I am very happy with the way this one turned out. It's stroller-iffic! 

Next is this scan from an August, 1955 slide, originally posted in 2007. My super computer (with lots of spinning tape reels and blinky lights) calculates that 2007 was 10 years ago. Thanks, Uniblab™! Anyway, it's neat to see a photo from just after the park debuted, but it is strangely cyan in places, reddish in others, and grainy too.

That's much better! The colors are cleaner, there's less grain, and everything is generally crisper and crunchier. You can see that the Disneyland Band is performing in the Gazebo, which is (I believe) roughly where the Carnation Plaza Gardens would eventually go.


Nanook said...


What can I say-? Once again the 'spirits of color correction' have waved their collective magic wands and created bright and shiny images. Love the gazebo in its original location, near Sleeping Beauty Castle, prior to the opening of the Carnation Plaza Gardens.

Thanks, Major.

K. Martinez said...

Bright and shiny! That's what they are. I can definitely tell the difference with the first comparison. The red-and-white ice cream stand and yellow Surrey wheel especially stand out. I love Disneyland pics with new plantings. I wonder if those trees in the second pic have made it through today and are still standing somewhere on the property. Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

The Alice In Wonderland banner shows up better in the rescan of that first pic. And is that a giant ViewMaster reel in the window of the Emporium? An umbrella? Neither? As long as I'm looking at small details, why is that one bench under the yellow umbrella (in the second rescan) facing AWAY from the bandstand? That's kind of odd.

Very nice rescans today, Major!

Tom said...

Every time I see a really old pic like the gazebo shot, I am compelled to figure out what's there now. According to my aligned multi-year aerial overlays, the gazebo was located smack dab in the Royal Hall of Fantasy Faire.

I guess it wasn't there for long; I see it in 1955 but not in 1957 - there's just a bunch of umbrellas within what looks like the old semi-circular concession building.

Anonymous said...

Major, these shots really document your increasing skill as well as the improved equipment. Pic 01 has the "you are there" feeling of the best images.

The picture of the gazebo really shows how sparse the park was in the beginning. No wonder there were serious doubts of it's success in the early years. Love the funny little wire fencing like Mom had around our flower beds, and the umbrella fringe.

Thank you!


Nanook said...

@ Tom-

You answered your own question about the gazebo. When the Carnation Plaza Gardens was built, opening on August 18 ,1956, the gazebo moved to Magnolia Park, kinda where the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse ended up being constructed. And as you may know, the gazebo has resided at Roger's Garden in Corona del Mar since the mid-1970's.

Tom said...

@Nanook - yes I knew the gazebo is in Carona del Mar, I just didn't realize it was removed from DL so soon. The big tent didn't show up right away when Carnation Plaza Gardens opened up so I wasn't sure if the gazebo had been taken out yet.

Anonymous said...

I can't get enough of these strollers. They're so minimalist your child has to stay alert and do karate moves to deflect passing objects.

Anonymous said...

On a recent visit to Roger's Gardens, I was surprised to see how the Gazebo has been repurposed and integrated into the new restaurant. Not sure whether there is any mention of its history anymore. KS