Thursday, December 22, 2016

Unrejected Rejects, 1960

Once again, I've delved into the large box of rejected slides, hoping to make a few of them presentable. The results were fairly satisfactory!

You know it, you love it, the Mark Twain, soon to be Boba Fett's Galactic River Prison. The slide doesn't even have the common decency to be sepia toned. That pink! Those yellowish whites! Ugh.

But it looks pretty good after some fiddling. The sky is blue again, etcetera. Look at the straw hat on the guy standing at the bow. Best dressed. Meanwhile, even though this slide is hand-dated "1960", shouldn't Cascade Peak be at some stage of construction? Unless this is very early in the year, which it very well could be.

There's the Columbia - from the same batch as the Twain photo. You know, I don't ordinarily have anything against pink. It's a perfectly good color. Just ask Barbie. But when it comes to photos, I get all agitated!

Ahhhh, much better. The color isn't perfect, but I can live with it. Say, look at the Columbia, it's packed! They were probably giving away a complimentary Walt Disney autograph to every guest.


Nanook said...


It's hard to believe those are the same slides. That's a mighty fine paintbox you have at your disposal-! What a straw hat-! My word.

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...'s magic! Incredible job on the color restoration, Major!

And we can see Lillian's petrified tree in that first pic!

TokyoMagic! said...

Maybe I should have said the "tip" of Lillian's petrified tree!

Scott Lane said...


Steve DeGaetano said...

Well I for one refuse to believe they're the same slides. I think Major went to the Park and just took photos from the same locations. Photoshop in a few period dressed people and take out some trees, and voila! You couldn't tell the new from the old!

DrGoat said...

Wonderful job Major. Quite a transformation. It does look like everyone in the park decided to sail on the Columbia at the same time.

Unknown said...

Lovely work, Major. It is a puzzlement looking at dates on slide and sussing out their authenticity. And as I mentioned repeatedly, these are my favorite type of slide from Frontierland, or the park in general.

Anonymous said...

Major, you are a wizard.

I can't wait for Boba Fett to take over the river. Will the Sarlak Pit be in Big Thunder Mountain?


K. Martinez said...

JG, As long as there's a real Sarlacc Pit I'm good.

Excellent job as always! Thanks, Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, that straw hat has a sort of “Big Daddy Roth” thing going on. I kind of like it!

TokyoMagic!, yep, there’s the tree that Lillian didn’t want. I read that Walt paid $1,650 for it in 1956, that’s the equivalent of almost $15,000 today. At least Walt can’t be accused of being cheap - in this case, anyway.

Scott Lane, thanks!

Steve DeGaetano, now you’ve revealed my secret, and I must leave this planet that I have called “home” for the last decade.

DrGoat, in 1960 (assuming that date is correct) the Columbia was still pretty new; maybe the novelty was still fresh for guests. It’s kind of nice to see how popular it was.

Patrick Devlin, I sometimes wonder if those hand-written dates weren’t added by the eBay seller from which they were purchased. It wouldn’t surprise me. I like this kind of photo too!

JG, the Sarlak pit will be an underground snack bar on Tom Sawyer Island.

Nanook said...

So, Major-

Is it back to the planet Zardar for you?? (And I do mean the planet...). I always denied the rumor indicating CIA records for your 'existence' on planet Earth can only be verified-back a mere 10 years, but evidently you've let your guard down just a tad. This finally puts to rest how a 'mere mortal' can single-handedly churn-out a daily blog post - with images, for the better part of 10 years-! I should have known better-!

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, that does seem like a lot to pay for a rock. But maybe not, when considering that it's prehistoric and all. Wasn't it supposedly an anniversary gift for Lillian? I would think it was more of an anniversary gift for himself! I can just picture her saying, "Gee, thanks...I know just where to stick it!"

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, do you mean ZarDOZ? If so, I am packing my red monokini as we speak! Posting almost every day is a snap when one can travel through time.

TokyoMagic!, the whole story about the petrified tree is supposedly just that - a story. Read all about it HERE:

TokyoMagic! said...

Thanks for that link, Major! I guess that puts the story to rest for good!