Tuesday, December 27, 2016

In the Plaza, June 1963

Here's a pair taken in the general Plaza area, circa 1963.

You can't hardly visit Disneyland without taking at least one photo of Sleeping Beauty Castle. There's not much to say except that it looks very pretty with the nice landscaping. There's the wire for Tinker Bell used to "fly" over Fantasyland during the fireworks. What a view those ladies had!

I like the nice family, so neatly dressed for their park visit!

Looking eastward, we get this nice view of the Matterhorn - as usual, the beautiful trees and plants make all the difference. Look at that waterfall - no feeble drizzle, that's for sure. 


Nanook said...


Ahhhh - another view of the "less-is-more" Sleeping Beauty Castle - and the Matterhorn. 'Simplicity' at its finest.

Thanks, Major.

Scott Lane said...

More pictures you just want to step into. Thanks, Maj.

K. Martinez said...

This is Disneyland perfection! The Matterhorn never looked more beautiful and majestic. If the header date is correct then this is how Disneyland looked when I first set foot inside The Happiest Place on Earth in June of 1963.

Two wonderful gems today! Thanks, Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

Hello, GDB readers - I'm finally home after a very nice Christmas. Sorry I was not better about responding to comments while I was gone; there were technical issues that were beyond my control!

Nanook, I agree with you, though my guess is that many of today's Disneyland visitors adhere to the "more is not enough" philosophy!

Scott Lane, you're not kidding, I wish I could walk around in those scenes, even if it was for five minutes each.

K. Martinez, the date stamp says "June 1963", but we all know how reliable those can be. Still, I'd imagine that the park must have looked pretty much like this for your first visit. As much as I love finding a rare, unusual view of Disneyland, I definitely appreciate how lovely the park was even on an ordinary day.

Unknown said...

That aspect of the Matterhorn is still one of my favorite views in the Park. I take pictures, from time to time, of the mighty peak framed by all the lush, tall trees framing that look up the extension path. And here's to heavy flowing waterfalls. Mm, good!

Snow White Archive said...

The photos really do capture the simple beauty of the park, with the tress playing an essential element in the design. Very nice.