Sunday, October 09, 2016

So-so Sunday, 1957

Here are a pair of "blah" photos, as befitting a sleepy Sunday.

I've always wondered about this stuffed bison on display over in the Indian Village; maybe someone figured that the average person had never seen a real buffalo before, and they would be thrilled to be this close to one? The person to the right (mostly out of frame) is a kid, and he seems to tower above the bison, so was it a stuffed juvenile? If so... weird.

This isn't really a terrible photo, though the humans insisted on moving, which resulted in blurriness. Maybe they were moving at supersonic speeds! Just beyond that fence was the corral for miniature horses, which as far as I know were only there for display. Perhaps they marched in some parades.


TokyoMagic! said...

Why are there colored feathers sticking out of the Bison's head? Poor thing. Dead, stuffed and out on display for the amusement of others, just like Elmer McCurdy.

Nanook said...


Actually, back in 1957, Disneyland had a policy of not allowing 'stuffed juveniles' into the Park - although in later years, those juveniles were allowed-in using Junior ticket books.

In the second image, the dude on the right almost looks like a jockey - with his striped hat, white collar, red shirt and diminutive size. Perhaps he's heading into the miniature horse corral...

Thanks, Major.

Nanook said...

A TM!-

An Elmer McCurdy reference-! Where else but here, I ask you-??!! (Well, perhaps a blog about The Pike in Long Beach).

TokyoMagic! said...

Nanook, or maybe a Six Million Dollar Man blog?

Chuck said...

I love you guys!

Alonzo P Hawk said...

I thinks it may be a forced perspective kinda thing (kid standing in front of bison,camera is 2D). Take a quick peak at this page on Daveland:

Several shots of our taxidermy tatonka show it from the same and different angles. In pic 83 the little girl to the right makes him look like a shetland ponyish buffalo. But 153-155 show adults standing alongside and he looks much larger.

Could have been hydrolics, like one of those bouncy Chevy Impalas, and they adjusted his airbags as needed.

Disclaimer: Any disparaging remarks toward Native Americans, North American Bison, Taxidermy Professionals, Shetland Ponies (or any horses of small stature), and jumping show cars originally built by General Motors was purely unintentional.

Nanook said...

@ TM!-

And to think what could have been The Six Million Dollar Man's greatest moment (although it wouldn't take much), was never shared with viewers. What a tragedy.

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, you might not know that Elmer had feathers sticking out of him as well.

Nanook, I’m pretty sure that’s a kid in photo #2! But he might be a jockey too. Gotta start sometime.

Nanook II, he’s come up before - it IS a great story. If it wasn’t true, nobody would believe it. Or something.

TokyoMagic!, I think YOU need to start a Flintstones/Six Million Dollar Man blog!!

Chuck, !!!

Alonozo, oh sure, I could have done actual research. I COULD have spent time looking for other examples, in order to compare and contrast them to my own photo. But I didn’t. Know why? Because I’m LAZY!

Nanook, are you saying that Steve Austin’s greatest moment wasn’t lifting a pickup truck as if it was on hinges?

Alonzo P Hawk said...

I don't think your lazy Major. You don't get promoted to the rank of Major without hard work. Except for Major Frank Burns. Now that shiftless no good is lazy.

Dean Finder said...

Elmer McCurdy?
Major Frank Burns?
It's Sunday, people, stop making me look things up.

Anonymous said...

What Dean said.